My 2018 New Year’s Resolution


Since I hit 12 out of 15 in my 2017 list, I’d like to challenge myself for another year. So, I’m here sharing the things that I‘d like to achieve this year. Honestly speaking, I don’t really take this resolution seriously, I don’t really go back to my list from time to time. I only check my list when December arrives, then I evaluate myself. Now let me introduce you to the challenges I choose to conquer this year…

First, I will try to achieve financial stability. I am still not satisfied with the money that I earn from my 8 hour job. Actually, I am aiming to open new opportunities for myself, maybe another job or part time job on the side. The monotonous office hour every day drains the life out of me and I believe it’s not just me who feels this way. I know that not all offices are the same, but the boundaries are killing my creativity and lively vibe. The only thing that makes me want to go to work is how I see myself getting things done. I love the idea of how I manage my time and how I get the job done, other than that, I don’t really see a lot of self-growth, which I badly want.

Next, I will try to continue growing my passion for the arts. Last year, a friend of mine sparked my passion for arts and it made me feel really good about myself. Who wouldn’t be happy to be doing something they like right? So this year, I want to just really drown myself with that passion. Apart from that, I also want to continue blogging. I merely blogged last year and I somehow missed writing and sharing contents. To kick off the year, I have been planning my blog posts when I have free time. I’m also into photography lately and I’m slowly learning how to be the person behind the camera. My passion might not earn me any income right now, but sooner or later I will definitely learn how to monetize it, since I won’t feel like its work because I’m enjoying it.

Lastly, I will try to reinvent myself again. If I did it last year, I can do it again this year. There’s something exhilarating in discovering new things about yourself. It’s scary and fun to go out of your comfort zone all at the same time, and I love that. There’s something satisfying with the whole idea of reinventing one’s self. It excites me to find out what else can I do at my age and with the life that I have right now. I’d go for adventures as much as I can, may that be travel or just learning something new. I don’t want to be tied up with my job, my physical, mental and emotional health is as important as earning a living. I don’t want to end up paying hospital bills just because I worked like there’s no tomorrow.

This is the 3 main goals that I want to achieve this 2018 and hopefully I’d be writing a good reflection about this by the end of the year. If you have your own targets for the opening of the year, please do share your blogs with us down below in the comment section! Until my next blog!


Evaluating the Things That I Promised To 2017


I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions since I believe I won’t be able to follow them, but I can’t believe that I managed to achieve 12 out of 15 things in my 2017 list, which is also the first time that I actually created a list. I evaluated my list in all honesty and only 3 things remained unchecked. I’m not going into detail for all the things that I have accomplished in the list, but I’ll tell you the reasons for why I wasn’t able to complete the list.

First, I can’t be deeply, madly and crazily in love because I am not in a relationship and wasn’t able to be in a relationship even though I have been hanging out with people. Second, because of being open I wasn’t really able to really filter thoroughly what I share with other people. Lastly, I wasn’t able to keep my life together because I was busy exploring myself.

This 2018, I intend to complete whatever list I am going to make but I won’t be including a very personal matter like relationship into my New Year’s resolution. I think that is something that I should be aiming for but something I just have to let go and develop on its own. But nevertheless, I’m still happy for how my 2017 evolved and ended.

If you guy’s have blogged your New Year’s resolutions for the year 2018 please do leave your links down below!

Miniso Pearl Hydrating Brightening Facial Mask Review

If you’ve been reading my blogs before, you may notice how much I whine about my skin getting dry from time to time. So here’s another face mask that my step mother gave me to try. This mask comes in a box with 3 packs of mask inside. Oh, don’t ask me about the price because it was just given to me and my step mom can’t remember how much it cost when I asked her. But I believe you can still find it in Miniso.

You may also grab the pictures below and show it to the sales ladies inside the store and see if they could get you one. Miniso’s beauty products has been quite in demand so sometimes the items goes out of stock. You may have to wait until the next batch arrives. I suggest you leave them your number so you get notified. Now let’s move in to my review.

Miniso Pearl Hydrating Brightening Facial Mask claims to use a highly concentrated formulation of natural materials, helps unbalanced skin become healthier by making it resistant to stress and restoring skin balance.

What I love about the product:

First, it smells heavenly good and the packing looks neat. The scent matters for me because the mask will be sitting on my face for 15 to 20 minutes, so the smell must obviously be something that I can stand. Another thing that I love about the mask is that it really did the job of hydrating my skin after emptying 3 packs that I used in alternate nights for a week. Last but not the least, the manufacturer was very generous with the essence in it. So instead of just getting to use the mask for 3 times, I did a little hack so that I could use it for another round.

If you’ve read my blog about Mumuso Compressed Mask Pack for an Easy DIY Face Mask Review you’d understand how I managed to maximize this mask for 6 times. What I did was, after opening and using the mask that was included in the packaging, I put in a compressed mask pack in replacement for the one that I already used and sealed it with a tape. I left it soaked until the time that I need to use it again.

There is an insanely huge amount of essence left so instead of just wasting it by throwing it to the trash, you can really enjoy another pampering night with it through this hack! You can even do this every time you encounter a face mask that is heavily loaded with healthy essence inside! Who doesn’t want good essences right?

What I didn’t like about the product:

I feel like the mask wasn’t tailored for Asian faces because it was quite big for the face size of most Asian women. So you really have to adjust and fold some parts of it so it sits in place. If you have a face smaller than mine, you might have to do some snipping to set the mask perfectly where you want it.

Would I recommend this product?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this mask. I loved it and I would use it again.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, until next time!

Megan Detox & Lightening Peel-Off Clay Mask with Charcoal Extract Review

Charcoal peel-off mask has been quite popular, and I thought I should try and see if I will be having a hard time peeling it off like other charcoal face mask that made a lot of people teary eyed while removing it.

What it promises:

1. Help remove impurities.

2. Lighten skin.

3. Leaving it looking fresh and glowing.

This is where you can apply the quote, “Tiis ganda!” I honestly loved the way the mask removed the impurities such as white and black heads as it sticks to the mask when you peel it off. But girl, it is quite painful when you start peeling the mask off, especially when some of your baby hair was covered with it. The trick to make the peeling less pain full is to not forcefully remove it in areas such as those near your hair line, because you can gently wash it off using warm water. Another thing, I am also not sure if you will love how it smells, because it smells like a light chemical, but it wears off while the mask is drying.

Direction for use:

1. Apply evenly to face, avoiding eye area.

2. Leave it on 15-20 minutes or until dry.

3. Gently peel off the mask from bottom toward to top.

4. Rinse with warm water.

5. For best results use 2-3 times a week.

Would I recommend that you try this? Yes.

Price: 25.00 / 10g pack

See you on my next blog!

Mumuso Snail Moisturizing Hydrogel Review

One of the best sellers in Mumuso is their moisturizing hydrogels. You’ll see one of their shelves filled with these products in different kinds. So, what does hydrogel mean? It is a gel in which the liquid component is water. Now let’s move on to the function of a tiny snail in this product. The slime of a snail has a lot of benefit, such as firming, soothing, brightening, as well as moisturizing, but it depends on what kind of snail. It has been used in Ancient Greek to treat burns and because of these benefits snail filtrate has been widely used in cosmetic and beauty industry. It is popular in Korean beauty products and spas in Thailand. Now, it got a curious person like me into trying it. Mumuso Snail Moisturizing Hydrogel is not advisable to be used under your makeup so if you are outside the whole day, your only chance of applying it is at night. So, after washing my face and toning at night, I apply this moisturizer before I go to sleep and rinse it off when I take a bath in the morning. I love this moisturizer because it happened to save my skin from completely drying up. I went through a really rough month of August with an extremely dry skin especially in the eye area, and because I use makeup every day, the dryness worsen. The skin on my cheeks and eye area went paper dry and started to burn. I had so much difficulty in getting the moisture back even if I applied petroleum jelly every night for a week. Then I passed by Mumuso and saw this moisturizer, hoping that it will help save my skin. The price, size and benefit got me interested to bring it to the counter. On the first night of application I noticed that my skin is still dry the next morning after washing it off, but the burning feeling somehow subsided because of the snail filtrate soothing effect. Then after a week of religiously applying it every night, my skin went from paper dry to moisturized. I really felt that my skin is breathing and hydrated again after battling a month of dryness. I have also observed that makeup application glided better on my skin in just few weeks. I would definitely recommend that you guys try it, because my face feels slimy while writing this, a proof that the product is worth it. Kidding aside, it is a good moisturizer and wallet friendly. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and let me know your thoughts on the comment down below or message me! See you on my next blog!

Product name: Mumuso Snail Moisturizing Hydrogel

Price: Php 99.00

Net weight: 300 grams

Purchased from: Mumuso in Fishermall Branch

Maybelline Fit Me Stick Foundation Review

Maybelline Fit Me Stick Foundation is a gel foundation with anti-shine powder core that promises to give you a smooth and natural matte finish. This foundation goes from creamy to powdery matte and is terminologically tested suitable for sensitive skin.

First, this foundation is not full coverage so please don’t keep your expectations really high, but it is very light weight on the face because of the powdery core that blends together with the gel texture. It gives you this feeling that you have no makeup on. I must say that it only gives you a light to medium coverage as I retouch after 2 to 3 hours because it kind of rubs off a little. It blends really well but it doesn’t cover dark spots, just those uneven skin tone, so you may need to apply concealer or a top it off with your favorite powder. This foundation isn’t long lasting and it honestly doesn’t control oil build-ups.

It is portable because it comes as a roll-on. The price is reasonable for every day on the go use especially when you caught it on sale, but not for me. I am quite obsessed on looking fresh the whole day because the weather is so moody and the humidity affects the feel of my skin. If I’m going to compare it to a full coverage foundation that I have been using with the same amount of product, Maybelline Fit Me Stick Foundation will only last me for a month compared to the other foundation that lasts me for like around 2 months and 3 weeks provided with daily use and without the help of a concealer.


Shade: 120

(Shades differ depending on your country.)

Content: 9 grams

Price: Php 399.00

Where: SM North EDSA Department Store

I enjoyed using this foundation because it didn’t somehow fail me to be the first foundation that I’ve tried with a powdery core, but maybe after emptying this one that I have I wouldn’t be purchasing another one. I got used to a full coverage foundation so I am only amazed on how light weight this foundation feels but hiding spots can be difficult if you will just use the product alone. Money-wise, if you’re going to purchase this foundation and get a separate spot concealer, it’s a little bit pricey compared to just grabbing a full coverage one that has it all.

I think this foundation is good for those women who have quite a great skin already as this may appear as full coverage for them. My skin needs a different set of requirements so I can’t settle for this one, but I really did enjoy using it because it delivers what it says about being so light weight and it’s not sticky.

Until my next blog! See you!



Mumuso Compressed Mask Pack for an Easy DIY Face Mask Review

Mumuso Compressed Mask Pack

I recently went strolling inside Mumuso and found a candy like item that got my attention. I saw a Compressed Mask Pack with a packaging that resembles a sweet candy. I have recently been paying a lot of attention to my skin so face mask has been in my weekly routine. So I decided to try if this mask will be an effective tool in helping me achieve a healthier skin.


Here are the steps in preparing the mask:

  1. Prepare a small empty container to soak the face mask.
  2. Place the compressed mask inside the empty container.
  3. Choose any of your favorite facial essence, toner or squeeze the juice out of a lemon onto the mask. You may combine different essences.
  4. Let it sit for a minute to absorb the essence.
  5. Spread the mask open, apply it to your face and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes.
  6. Wash your face or wipe it clean depending on the ingredients that you used to make the mask.

There’s nothing on the compressed mask, it’s basically just a plain sheet of mask and won’t do any work on your skin. For short, it is just a tool because unlike the usual ready-made face mask, these compressed masks don’t have any beautifying essences that comes with it. The thing that will do the work on your face is the things that you put on the compressed mask. So if you want to whiten up your skin, pour in a whitening essence. If you want your skin to look firm, pour in a firming essence. Let the mask absorb what your skin needs.

The only reason I love using this kind of mask compared to the ones I usually buy is because I get to customize it. I can combine ingredients that my skin needs. Another reason is that the essence sits longer on my face because it will have to wait until the mask dries up. The process of simply applying those essences directly to the skin using your finger or cotton balls is different from using it together through a face mask. Basically, your skin gets more time in enjoying the benefits of the essence when it is used as a mask. So for those who are having a difficult time in choosing a face mask, this has been so satisfying for me and it is a little bit cheaper compared to buying masks that I will be using for a month.

WARNING: Before I forget, keep this product away from children as they may mistake it as candies. Swallowing this may cause the mask to expand inside their body, especially in the throat area that may lead to complications or even death.


A pack of Mumuso Compressed Mask Pack (35 pieces) for PHP 99.00 only. The mask is cloth-like and doesn’t tear up easily, unlike some of the ready-made masks out there that tears half while you’re trying to spread it onto your face. The packaging is also great because it’s a zip lock, so you don’t need to worry where you will be storing it ones it’s opened and I love the idea of portability because a mask is just a size of a candy.

Maybe one tip that I will give you, especially when you are travelling and want to apply face mask, but doesn’t want to bring all your beauty regimens, is to prepare the mask before you travel. You do this by soaking the mask in a small sealed portable container together with your chosen essences, but make sure that you soak it really well as if it drowning in the essences. The idea here is to avoid it from drying up while you are travelling.

I hope you picked up something from this blog and if you have any questions or suggestions, please do comment it down below! Don’t forget to like and share! Thank you! Until my next blog! See you!