No Sweat High School Life


When I was in high school I wasn’t the smartest student in school. I’m just like other happy-go-lucky students. I get up in the morning and goes to school to study everyday, play volleyball, sing for with the choir and goes back home. I also accumulated a lot of absences because I couldn’t get up early in the morning after reading a book till late nights. But no matter how busy, lazy or boring school days get, there’s one thing in my mind, to graduate high school without a failing grade, because my tuition fee is an investment.

Get out of your bed! This is never easy! Unless you’re one of those early bird type of people with natural skills in pulling their self out of bed every morning, especially when your age craves for late night chit-chat with friends. Here’s what you can do to get your lazy body up from bed. Set your alarm in 3 different time so when you unconsciously put it on snooze the first time, after few minutes the alarm goes on again to wake you up. Then play your favorite up beat music and volume up the speakers. Lie down for 5 minutes or finish 1 to 2 songs in your playlist. I believe that will set you a better morning mood to rise and shine.

Don’t skip your breakfast! I know as a late sleeper you tend to sleep your breakfast time. But let’s get real, you end up getting hungry the moment you arrive in school, then the bell rings and you don’t have enough time to eat because class is about to start. If someone is preparing your breakfast for you, be grateful and eat at home. If no one is preparing your morning meal, it’s either you wake up early to prepare breakfast or you wrap sandwiches the night before you go to school. This way you can just grab your sandwich, run out of the door and eat while you’re on your way to school. Just don’t forget to take whatever breakfast you prepared for yourself with you before you head out of the house!

Your locker is not a jail for your prisoner books. Don’t abandon your books inside your locker just because it’s heavy to carry it around the school campus and you’re lazy to bring it home with you to study. If you don’t want to take it home with you at least bring it to class and use it when your teacher is discussing. Some teachers give higher grades on recitation and class participation than written activities, because it makes them feel that you’re in class and they are not teaching ghost students. If you paid for your textbooks, it’s an investment that you made, so use it for your own advantage. I remember one of my teacher who always remind us of this, “If you’re going to let your books sleep inside your lockers, your grades will also be sleeping together with your brain.”

Join extra curricular activities that your school is offering. Try joining even if this idea doesn’t give a ring to your mind. Be it sports, choir, fund-raising or school event organizers, just try. This way, you’ll find out more about your capabilities, how you interact with the situation on hand and you’ll get to know more students from higher or lower batch than yours. This will somehow make going to school everyday more exciting because you can do something else in school after staying in the four corners of your classroom with the same people the whole day. If you don’t want to be in any extra curricular activities because you can’t find your best fit, create your own group. Schedule your own events. Talk to the principal if you can create a club inside the school, provided that you have a willing club moderator.

Submit what your teacher asked you to submit. Your grades don’t only come from your quizzes, final exams and recitation, but also from assignments and projects. If your teacher asked you to take home and finish something, do it because you have more time and resources to answer it. If you can’t get a perfect score on quizzes and exams, take advantage of the take home paper works that you’re given because you have a higher chance in getting the highest score possible. I believe you’ll get more accurate answers because you’re not on time pressure compared to answering a timed examination.

You don’t have to go all organized. Not everybody does well in keeping their things altogether. You just need to have clear book with binders or accordion filing envelope where you can slip the papers you receive from your teachers. Then arrange the papers according to their subject one a week. This way you don’t have papers scattered and folded inside your school bag. It’s more relaxing to open a school bag without getting papers all over the place. Trust me.

Don’t let your bad grades define your talent, skills and capabilities. It doesn’t mean that you have bad grades you’ll fail in everything that you do in life. People are just naturally not good at everything, but we can be good at one or two things that we do. Try to improve your grades by giving more time to the subject you least excel. Don’t push yourself to learn fast, take your time and make a habit out of it. I believe you will improve, because you’re doing something to make your grades better. While you focus on getting better grades, don’t forget to enhance your own skills and talents, you’ll be needing that when you go to college.

You’re in school for most of the time in your day, you’re already tired seeing your textbooks and the idea of advance study is killing your brain already. But if you’re going to study like you’re not studying at all I think that will somehow help you to learn a little something. When you get home some of the first things you do is to change your clothes, eat snacks or rest. Another thing that you do while doing all the relaxation is to go online on your social media accounts right? Here’s the thing, you don’t need to actually grab your book and read it. All you have to do is to have a written note of the topics that will be discussed the next day and type it in google. That way you’re only holding your mobile phone or your tablet or whatever gadget you’re using to update your social media accounts, at the same time you can switch from tabs to tabs while reading something about the topic for tomorrow’s class without the burden of studying. Learning few things about the topic that your teacher will discuss will make you feel more awake in class and will make you understand the lesson easier. You also get to ask questions and participate in class better.

Visit the disciplinary office. I believe that one of the people you should be getting advice from when you’re in school is your school’s disciplinarian. There’s this notion that when you’re in the disciplinary office you screwed up something in school, but that’s not the only purpose of the disciplinary office. Those disciplinarian took up psychology for them to understand student behavior. You can talk to them if something is bothering you and you’re looking for an honest advice. They may not be your parents, relative or your best friend, but I believe they took that job because they care for the young generation like you. They are monsters in disguise to maintain proper behavior in school, but if you didn’t do anything against the school rules and you just want to ask advice from them, I think you’ll be talking to guardian angels. So don’t be afraid to reach out and seek advice from them. You might just find another best friend with the wisdom that you need.

You don’t need to be popular in high school like all the popular student in your campus because when you enter college, everything will change and you will all experience half of the reality of the world where you need to learn to get along with other people and handle judgmental peers in your university. So don’t waste your youth trying to be famous in high school and trying to get all the boys or girls to like you, because it’s just going to be temporary. The attention you receive while you’re in high school will be different from college. There will be more cruel critiques in college. Spend more time on figuring out what you are good at while you’re in high school so that you don’t go shifting from one course to another when you enter college, because college life is also an investment.


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