The Future Has A Past by J. California Cooper


This book depicts what’s happening to women’s society these days. Women who will read this book will surely relate to the stories even if they didn’t experience the situations, somehow they’ve seen it from others, heard it from another women’s experience or point of view. The women in the stories expresses different personalities and abilities. Some of them may seem very coward for the readers, but it was because of the choices they made in their lives which is why they ended up that way… I got this book on a super sale last year in SM Manila where you can buy all of the books for only Php20.00 each and I only had a chance to read it this week. The writer’s soul is resting in heaven now but she makes you feel like she’s still writing a new book for you. I am passing my book to my best friend for her to see what I saw from one of J. California Copper’s book.


Here are several lines from the book which might entice you to read it:

***And time won’t wait for you to catch up and learn. You have to love your own heart and body! Love is LOVE, and LOVE protects what or who it LOVES. Believe me. If somebody is not there to HELP you, what else are they there for? Answer me, please.

***The anger in her heart was real, even though she knew she loved him, “But I have only me to than for that. You were right! But… how do I know what I would have to go through the next time you think you are right and, one time you may not be right and I will have to change something I want to do or you will step away from me again?”

***Turtle’s heart like to just burst right there. Somebody was asking him NOT to go. He took his hand from her face and out his arms around her shoulders, pulled her to him and said, “I’m comin back. I might not be able to attend my own funeral, but I sure am goin to get back here! How can I not come back to a woman like you? Just don’t go away.”

***Cool laughed in agreement, said, “You sure laid somethin on his mind! Mama’s baby, papa’s maybe. But, one thing I sure do know is my sons are mine!”



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