Baroness Collagen Mask Sheet Review


Product claims:

Baroness Collagen Mask Sheet highly-concentrated-essence type of mask sheet containing collagen, It moisturize, protects and keeps the skin elastic, transparent and healthy.

My experience:

I am not impressed by the claims of the Baroness Collagen Mask Sheet. Collagen was supposed to keep your skin intact, but my experience with this mask gave me the opposite of it. I applied the mask in the evening and after I removed the mask my skin felt moisturized and healthy, but when I woke up the next morning my skin felt like a dry leaf. The mask is good for all skin types and I have a normal skin, but then all the moisture of my skin was removed after I used this collagen mask, I had to apply a good amount of moisturizer before my skin went back to its normal state. I also don’t like the scent of the mask but the smell isn’t so bad, it’s just not a scent that you might consider fragrant.

After my experience on this mask, I wouldn’t recommend this to other people at all. I wish I had the sense to take a picture of how dry my skin was but then I forgot. I didn’t buy this face mask and it was given to me by a Korean friend to try and see if its good or bad. Well, here it is.

If you’ve tried to use Baroness Collagen Mask Sheet and had a good result please do let me know. I’d love to hear how your experience with this mask went on because mine was quite bad.


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