Dr. Kaufmann IR Active With Sulfur & Dimethyl Phenylbutanol Saved My Skin



Product Claims:

  • Kaufmann Skin-Germ Protection Soap contains active ingredients that fight a broad range of germs that cause skin infections.
  • Stops the spread of germs and kills 99.9%.
  • For best results: Gently massage lather onto skin. Leave lather on skin for 1 to 2 minutes. Rinse well and pat dry. Use twice daily.


Here’s how the soap saved my skin:

I had skin problem for 3 weeks and I don’t know where it came from or what caused it. The front part of my upper body and my whole back got really itchy and it went all red. Only one part of my back was itching for a days and I really didn’t mind it because the itch wasn’t continuous. Then I started itching at some other parts of my upper body, I scratched and scratched because the itching stops for 3 days. The thing is the more relief I felt from scratching the itchiness worsen. I didn’t notice it until the itchiness doesn’t let me sleep properly at night. When I checked it the next morning after taking a shower, the redness became larger and my itchiness started to hurt a little bit after all the scratching that I did. Then part of my thighs was also infected.


So after 3 days I decided to buy the sulfur soap that my auntie once recommended for skin problems. I bought the soap for Php35.50 at Puregold which is 80 grams as packed. I use the soap on my whole body and face when I take a bath in the morning and in the evening before I go to sleep. So that makes it twice a day as per advice on the packaging and I don’t apply anything on my body or on my face after every bath. After 1 week of use the itchiness lessened and my skin started to peel off. The peeling off of the skin isn’t painful and it showed a better skin underneath it. Then after 2 weeks of use my skin is almost back to how it was before I was hit with this itchy skin problem. The peeling off of the skin is continuous but slighter than the 1st week, because the skin has increased its recovery level. Their claim to stop skin germs is confirmed.

I also used the soap on my face for several days because my face was starting to itch as well. I have pimples on my forehead and the soap cleared it all away. My only advice when it comes to using it on the face is to only apply it on problem areas and not on the whole face, because it will dry up your whole face even in just one use. I was forced to use it on my whole face because I have to prevent the spread. My face got dried for several days and yes it started to slightly peel off the top most layer of my skin. I stopped using the soap on my face when the itchiness subsided, then I returned to the facial wash that I was always using. My face was still paper dry so I used a generous amount of moisturizer every after facial wash. The skin of my face went back to its normal state and it was better than before! As in my whole face seemed to have renewed! Now I’m planning to use the soap on my face once or twice a week.



Base on my experience I would really recommend Dr. Kaufmann IR Active with Sulfur & Dimethyl Phenylbutanol soap for people who have pimples, acne and slight skin problem. But for precaution, consult your doctor first if you are allowed to use this kind of soap. Do not follow what I did, as you can see I didn’t mention visiting a doctor to know the condition of my skin. It is not good to self medicate especially when you’ve never experienced the symptoms before. “Prevention is better than cure.” I waited 3 days before I decided to use the soap because I was waiting if other symptoms like headache or fever may arise. I was observing my condition and I found no other symptoms, then I did my research before I actually use the soap. The good effect of the soap to other people kind of challenged me to test it. So I did and here’s my own experience about it and it didn’t cost much.

My skin haven’t fully recovered yet as you can see on the comparative image above but it doesn’t itch anymore, you cannot see any redness at all and the problem areas are starting to recover to blend with my natural skin. It’s my 3rd week and I am still using the soap on my body, my face is no longer included. I am using a second soap now, the first soap lasted me for about 2 weeks. I will continue using the soap for a month and use lotion to help remove the visible dark spots when I stop using the soap. I will update this blog post when my skin returns to its healthy state.


Manufactured by: Uniliver Philippines Inc.

Ingredients: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm, Kernelate, Sulfur, Perfume, Titanium Dioxide, Lanolin, BHT, Dimethyl Phenylbutanol, Tetrasodium EDTA.


5 thoughts on “Dr. Kaufmann IR Active With Sulfur & Dimethyl Phenylbutanol Saved My Skin

  1. I read in the internet na talagang may germs sa skin pores natin kaya kailangang ang mabuting paglilinis ng katawan…hindi kasi nakikita, kaya akala natin ay malinis na tayo after maligo…nice post…very informative…

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