My Way of Writing Blog Entries

We all have different ways on how we get our blog entries published. In this post I will be sharing what are the little things that help me in getting my blog post done. These are things that works for me and might not work for other people, because we all have different manners of getting things done. I just hope that you will find this helpful in some way.



Set the mood. I found that setting your environment is very important before doing all the writings. Other people bring their stuffs and go out to coffee shops or sit down on their balcony overlooking the city just to get their mood in writing. My environment would have a music continuously playing while I am writing or while listening to YouTube videos that I subscribe to before I get down to my entry. My day wouldn’t be complete without a cup of hot coffee in the morning, so while writing my blog I am sipping on my hot coffee every day. When you picture yourself being in a particular surrounding while writing, do not hesitate to go to that place. I believe you’ll write better when you are in a comfortable place.


Have an editorial calendar. I plan my contents as soon as possible and by doing so I create a calendar noting the days and the topics that I will be posting. I use Microsoft Excel and I change the cell’s color depending on to which I am writing for, my blog posts would be in color blue and a different color for someone else. There are topics that needs more research so I need to plan ahead of time. Then there are easy ones, you know what I mean by that right? I have days that I have many readers and days that are few. So I try to post on days that I have a higher chance of getting visitors compared to other days. The editorial calendar will also help you track down how many blogs you have already posted for a month.



Create a draft. Your draft doesn’t always need to be organized the moment you start writing it. I just write everything that comes into my mind that is related to the topic. I write phrases, words, several sentences and then I organize it. I do this mainly because I don’t want the ideas to disappear in my head. I find it easier to write more things when I expand the written ideas first. Doing this doesn’t pressure me on writing because your ideas will surely stem on a number of sentences that will create paragraphs and end up with your whole blog post.



Draft something else. I know that when writing you need to focus on the topic that you are writing, but I found that diverting into writing something else that suddenly comes into my mind and isn’t related to what I am writing about helps me to unwind and refocus on the topic with a lighter head. Sometimes an idea pops in my mind for the current topic that I am writing which came from the other one that I wrote. Have you tried reading your textbook in school because you have a report the next day and then when you’re done you feel like you want to read something else like magazine or do something that doesn’t concern your school works? That’s the relaxation that you will get by drafting something else unrelated to your current blog topic.


Take a break. It’s very easy to get caught up in writing especially when you’re very passionate about the topic. You get this feeling that you just want to write and get all the thoughts out until you get tired. Then you come to a sudden pause and feel restless. Your mind suddenly runs out of ideas and you sit still staring at your draft. These were the things that were happening to me before when I don’t take breaks. Then there was this one time that I got hungry so I had to stop what I was doing and go look for something to eat. Then I checked random photos on Instagram and my Twitter newsfeed while eating. After taking a break I had more idea when I sat back to write then I finished my blog post in an instant.


Think about the images. Almost all of the images that you are seeing on my blog entries, like the images in this post are reconstructed and all created by yours truly. I enjoyed blogging because I get to enjoy creating graphic images, taking pictures and writing altogether. When I’m already tired of working my brain with sentences and words, I divert to creating the images that I will incorporate with the entry. I just try not to get carried away in posting tons of images. If you don’t have knowledge on manipulating Photoshop software, there are many online picture editing apps or website that you can choose from.


Always take down notes. There are moments when you’re just lying on your bed or walking outside then an idea hits you, unfortunately you don’t have a note pad or something where you can jot down your idea. Then the time passed by and your idea that can be very useful has been forgotten and nowhere to be found. So I always try to make sure that I write down my idea as soon as possible before my mind gets blurry. Just make sure to write it down on a notebook, sticky note, on your phone or on floating desktop notes. This wasn’t something that I always do before but I made a habit out of it because it helps me think of possible contents to share. Sometimes you get ideas about another topic while writing your ongoing one. Don’t risk losing your ideas.


Yeah, I’ve got a lot of stuffs going on before I get my blog published. I even read it thrice before I publish it, you know, to get the confidence somehow flowing. So if you are also doing some or the exact things like me when writing your blog post, please do comment down below and let me know. If you have other ways or tips of how you get your blog posts done the easiest way, again, let me know so I can give it a try!


5 thoughts on “My Way of Writing Blog Entries

  1. Honestly, i am not that hard working! I do most of the steps except the excel sheet part! I just do what I feel like writing that day! However I do set apart a day after a post to gain inspiration and just relax! Maybe I should work on the organizing aspect when blogging!

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