10 Ways on Where to Get Blogging Ideas and Inspirations


1 Read Other’s Blog Post

You’re not reading works from other bloggers because you’re going to steal it from them, nor plagiarize it. You read their works to get new blog ideas and inspirations, not copy it. Other bloggers have the same goals with you, to create valuable content for their readers without losing their personality. Your favorite bloggers also have their own set of favorite bloggers who inspire them.

2. Listen to Music

The lyrics of a song have deeper meanings and if you are swayed by the energy of the song, it means that you’ve been reminded of something. From your thoughts and feelings create a blog post worth sharing and where people can relate. This kind of engagement will make your readers come back for more.

3. Watch Movies

Movies may be more of a fiction than reality, but it is filled with meaningful thoughts, lessons and wisdom. When I’m writing a blog post about love and relationship, I watch movie to get inspired by the scenes. It might take time but it does work on getting the imagination working non-stop until you finish your new blog post.

4. Notice Your Surrounding

Nature looks still, but if you are going to find the beauty and strength in it you’ll be able to blog something about it. Even a simple person walking outside can motivate you to write if you saw something worth bragging about the person. Find the benefits from amazing things you see outside.

5. Check the News

Being on top of the news about the categories that you write about will get you to writing more blog post because you learn something new, and then you create a topic about it in your own point of view. A blog post should always be timely as much as possible.

6. Look at Artworks

There are many different kinds of artworks being done by artists. The idea on where they built the artworks from may also be a source of your idea to create a blog post. You might not see written words on most artworks, but the visuals will help you understand the unspoken words.

7. Magazines

Have a break and flip the pages of your favorite magazine. The monthly magazine issues are summary of writers’ hard work. Magazine companies compete for more readers every time they release a new magazine. They try to introduce new trends and personalities. Get the niche of the month’s issue and blog about it.

8. Read Random Articles

Gain more knowledge, because the more you know the more you are able to write. There are pieces of random thoughts in those paragraphs that will inspire your new blog topic. You can also find ideas on Pinterest and Instagram.

9. Gossips and Rumors

Might it be a celebrity, new product or new restaurant, try to check it out and see why it is the talk of the town. It came from word of mouth endorsement meaning to say, it can pitch you a new blog post and more readers who’s researching about what they heard. This might be seasonal depending on what the rumors are about. It changes over time and you’re able to create more blog posts as it changes.

10. Ask Your Readers

You try to brain storm on blog ideas without noticing that you can have it from your readers. Ask your readers to tell you what they want to see on your blog. Ask them what they want you to try or write about. In this way you also get to know them even better and you open more engagement. Try ending with an open blog post for your audience to get involved with.


The list above is just several of the many things on where you can get ideas and inspiration on what to write. These ideas will help spark the sleeping thoughts inside your mind. All you have to do is to push your imagination, be creative and think outside the box. Don’t look only at the outside form of things around you take a few seconds to observe how it works wonders, then you can write more blog posts. If new inventions came from nothing, you can make something, out of nothing.

If you’re a person who generates numerous ideas and have many inspirations, would you please share some of your advice to us? I would love to know where other people get their creativity and what factors excite their imaginations to go beyond their own expectations.


5 thoughts on “10 Ways on Where to Get Blogging Ideas and Inspirations

  1. It’s really exciting to create and share something new yet interesting. Sometimes I read online mags and articles to create an idea of what to publish next since I am not always equipped with fresh ideas. I guess observing other people’s shared thoughts creates learning. And learning is great!

    This is so helpful, Diane! Will definitely try #4 and #10. 🙂

    Cheryle | thedailywhim.com

    Liked by 1 person

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