Urbanista Launching Soon In The Philippines


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Urbanista is a company with Scandinavian roots and based in Stockholm, Sweden. They aim to provide motion for music to Urbanistas globally. If you will notice most of their product are named after several busy and active destinations since they are one of the inspiration behind Urbanista. Their collection is not only stylish, colorful and comfortable to wear, but also built to last. Their designs suit everyone who are sports active and always on the go. They ship in any part of the world and currently preparing to launch in the Philippines very soon.

Their most recent activity is the Urbanista University Roadshow where they visit several universities to introduce Urnbanista to one of the most active people in the country, the students. They have already visited ADU, TIP and CSB. Will your alma mater be their next stop?


What does their customer say about their products base on my own research?

  • Flat wire prevents tangling.
  • Velcro attached to the wire for organizing.
  • In accidental water drip water-resistant ability prevents short-circuit.
  • Ear buds are crafted from soft material and the finishing does not leave any fingerprint on it.
  • Sound quality is crisp, clear and has a loud volume, despite the size of the ear buds
  • Colorful design suits fashionable outfits.
  • Reasonable bass sound.
  • Ear buds does not fall off easily.
  • Play and Pause button enables you to answer calls.
  • Ear jack is gold plated for tighter connection.
  • Over-all design attracts attention.
  • Compatible for all gadgets even iPhone.
  • Hands free microphone volume control.
  • Microphone enables.
  • You cannot hear any outside noise when your earphone or headphone is on.

Are you planning to replace your old, used and weary earphones and headphones? If you are, will you try Urbanista’s collection? Which of the Urbanista designs will you go for and why? Answer the question and help them best serve the Urbanistas in the Philippines.

Check out their website and like them on Facebook for more updates!

Images sent from Urbanista and layout created by yours truly.


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