100 Fun and Romantic Relationship Questions for Couples to Ask Their Partner Everyday


2Did you ever think of tickling your lover’s mind while you’re not together? Do you want to get more involved on your partner’s life in a fun way every day? Call or message them with these questions at random time of day!

My boyfriend and I listed some of the things we randomly ask and some of the things we thought of asking to each other every day. If you’ve already asked this entire question, don’t worry, you can ask it again some other day! Your partner will give you a different answer for sure! Trust us we’ve over used some of these questions. My favorite question is, “Why do you love me today than yesterday?” and his favorite questions is, “What made you smile today?” We always have a different answer every time we ask each other and it also reminds us of a certain moment of our day as well.

Even when you’re not together or you didn’t see your partner for a day, their answer to some of these questions will prompt them to search where you appeared in their day. They will always find an affectionate answer that will lead or connect to you along the conversation. We had fun making this list and we hope that this would somehow make your relationship conversations a little bit more fun than before.

  1. What made you smile today?
  2. Did you see or hear something that caught your interest today?
  3. Who told a joke that made you laugh out loud hours ago?
  4. How many times did I pass by your mind today? If you still remember…
  5. Did you ever think of wanting to kiss me in a specific time of your day?
  6. Did you realize something in your life today?
  7. Was there a moment where you just sat down and think of me until you had to resume what you were doing?
  8. Did you do something fun and crazy today? If yes, what is it and why did you do it?
  9. What were your thoughts while you were on your way to work?
  10. What were you thinking this morning while you were taking a bath?
  11. Did you forget to bring something with you awhile ago?
  12. What did you learn today?
  13. How do you picture me in your mind right now?
  14. Did you notice someone handsome/beautiful outside?
  15. What were you contemplating about the whole day?
  16. Why do you love me more today than yesterday?
  17. Did our future plans slip in your mind today?
  18. What were you thinking on your way home awhile ago?
  19. Did you thought about a new recreational activity for us next week?
  20. What song were you singing while you were taking a bath this morning?
  21. Why do you feel that you’re the luckiest boyfriend/girlfriend in the world today?
  22. Is there a place that you really wanted to visit with me today if you weren’t stuck doing that?
  23. What situations tested your patience to stay calm the whole day?
  24. Besides your officemates to whom did you got in touch with today?
  25. What food were you craving for the whole day?
  26. Did you have any moment where you went metal blocked today?
  27. Did you try something new today?
  28. Why do you love me today?
  29. How will you describe your day in one word?
  30. How did I make you happy today?
  31. We’re you thinking of asking me to cook something for you?
  32. Did you have any fantasy out of nowhere in your resting hours?
  33. What were you excited about today?
  34. What are you going to do to me the moment you see me later?
  35. What was the happiest part of your day?
  36. Did you bump or saw someone you’ve never talked to for a long time?
  37. Is there a topic change on what you and your friends are talking about?
  38. How did you motivate yourself to get up from bed this morning?
  39. What are you planning to do after dinner?
  40. Did you think of adding a new picture frame of us on your table when you glanced on the old one?
  41. Did you eat one of your comfort food today? Why?
  42. While reading/hearing my message/voice what do you feel?
  43. What did you shop for awhile ago?
  44. What’s the “Word of the Day” for you today?
  45. How many curses/bad words did you say today and why?
  46. Did you take a bath this morning even if you were in a rush?
  47. Were you thinking something naughty while I was in your mind?
  48. What do you consider as your achievement today?
  49. What are you going to do to me when you see me tomorrow?
  50. Do you have something to add to our bucket list?


  1. What did you found sweet or cute about me today?
  2. Did your feelings for me become stronger today? Why?
  3. Whom did you make fun of today?
  4. How do you rate our relationship status right now?
  5. How many times did you change your outfit before you went out of the house?
  6. Who’s ass do you want kick tomorrow?
  7. Did you have an embarrassing moment today?
  8. Did you look at someone else’s specific body part today? If yes, which part and why?
  9. Do you believe that I love you more today than yesterday?
  10. Was your day very exhausting?
  11. Did our future marriage cross your mind today?
  12. Who would you consider the nicest person today?
  13. What was your activity the whole day?
  14. Did your Last Song Syndrome attack you today?
  15. What do you think did you really accomplish today while I’m not around playing jokes on you?
  16. How many times did you snooze your alarm this morning or should I guess?
  17. If you have teleportation powers today where would you take me?
  18. Did you reach your goals today?
  19. What were your random thoughts today?
  20. What was the first word, phrase or sentence that you said the moment you woke up this morning?
  21. Did you take a nap this afternoon while on a break?
  22. What are you most thankful for today?
  23. Why do you feel blessed today?
  24. What food do you want me to bring for you tomorrow?
  25. Who would you consider a bad person today?
  26. What do you think of yourself today?
  27. What were your thoughts that don’t concern any of your activity today?
  28. Were you confronted of a difficult decision making today?
  29. Were you in a situation that you needed to stand up for yourself today?
  30. If you were given a chance to see my face right now, which part would you touch first and why?
  31. At what time of day did you fart and how many times?
  32. Did you sing or hum a line of a song today? Which song?
  33. If someone told you that they saw me with someone today and you don’t know it, how would you react?
  34. If you have 3 wishes today what would it be?
  35. If you can be a superhero for today what will you do?
  36. Who do you miss the most today?
  37. Did you saw something inspiring within your day?
  38. Did you experience body pain today? If yes, which specific part?
  39. If you will turn someone into a cockroach today who would it be?
  40. Did you feel like your day passed by so fast or slow?
  41. What was the most difficult situation of your day?
  42. What is the status of your heart today?
  43. Did you manage to say a little prayer today?
  44. What would you complain about your day?
  45. What else would you like to do before the day ends?
  46. If you can change something today, what would it be and why?
  47. Would you prefer a rainy or sunny weather today?
  48. If you would punch someone several times inside your mind today who would it be?
  49. How long did it take you to find something to wear for today?
  50. What is your goal today?



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