The Blogapalooza 2015 Experience

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I learned a lot in Blogapalooza and met beautiful bloggers! Next year me and my fellow bloggers will prepare better for the various brands that will cater their products and services. Overall we enjoyed the event and looking forward on the next season!


My fellow bloggers!

Ms. Cheryle Ramos of The Daily Whimp

Ms. Airina Desuyo of Airina April

Ms. Erin Joan Yang of Hainrihi’s Discoveries


Another influential blogger that we met at the event, Ms. Valerie Tan.


Besides the very beautiful actress Ms. Maxene Magalona our host for the day is none other than the person behind himself Mr. Vince Golangco.


Sosro Fruit Tea the number one manufacturer of tea drink in Indonesia has reached the Philippine market via Redditmart Multi-resources’ exclusive partnership with the brand’s principals. Sosro Fruit Tea was created in 1997 by P.T. Sinar Sosro, one of the pioneers of the world’s first bottled ready-to-drink tea through the adaptation of the millennial-mantra “Choose your battles.” Tea is an antioxidant agent and when mixed with vitamin rich fruity flavors it can help decrease stress which allows us to relax and unwind for a reasonable amount of time. We can pause for awhile and plan our next move for the battle we want to take over. This is the feeling that Sosro Fruit Tea is aiming for us to achieve because of the busy and stressful society that we are living in today.

This brought them to four new invigorating flavors – Strawberry, Freeze, Apple and Guava. I’ve tried the Strawberry Fruit Tea flavor and I suggest you #ChooseYourBottle now for a new refreshing feeling. In the event their booth took photos of us and printed it out so we can take it home with us as a souvenir. They also had skilled artist to draw our caricatures. Spot Ms. Erin Joan Yang!


Flawless gave me a discount voucher as a consolation price. Ms.Cheryle Ramos got a free facial scrub. She was really good at winning the golf contest.


Chips Delight was very generous in sharing their cookies! I got Triple Chocolate Overload Cookies from them!


I Am Cardboard lets you experience virtual reality through their viewer.

They wanted me to try a horrifying virtual reality through I Am Cardboard but I was scared.

Facebook: IMCardboard Twitter: @imcardboard


Look forward on my review after using Asian Secrets Body Scrub!

(Click to read my review)


Thumbs up to Amada’s delicious leche flan! I would say its a favorite!

For more information you may contact: (0917) 714 6737


Lactium is a food supplement that lowers down your stress. It helps relax your central nervous system without any side-effects.Their goal is to make you feel good, look good and perform better while naturally relieving your stress level.

In their booth we were asked by Lactium to pop a balloon that has a drawing of the stress we are currently experiencing. The balloon has a paper inside which indicates our price. After popping a balloon we took a Stress Level Test with 35 questions and they printed it out for us. My stress level base on the test result was low which means that I have the capability to manage my stress. They also gave us Lactium food supplement samples to try.


The zombie guy wearing black on the right startled me when he was approaching!

Breakout lets you experience being a detective within 45 minutes in an interactive place full of puzzles and mysteries to solve. You are encouraged to plan, solve and escape the rooms in just 45 minutes. Your prize is the priceless experience while unraveling the problems and if you don’t win on your first try, you can always try again. They offer a membership card that allows you to get up to 50% discount on the same room in your second try.

My lucky price from Breakout is a free pass! I’m not sure if I will use it or let my boyfriend use it. I’m scared to stay in a place full of ghost and zombies chasing after you for 45 minutes! I don’t have the nerves! Thank you Breakout! Looking forward to write my own experience!


Emporia an emerging app that features various brands and allows you to shop at your own convenience. Brands are encouraged to endorse their product through the app and customers must try shopping via Emporia. Download the app on Google Play now!

Thank you for the gift voucher Emporia!

Facebook: EmporiaPH Instagram: @EmporiaPH


Fagrance Factory lets you create your own formulated perfume and assists you into earning money while being in the perfumery business. They offer Perfume Making Workshop with a minimal fee of Php 500.00. Fragrance Factory is a one stop perfume shop.


The Diff served us with delicious home-baked cookies out of generosity but their service is about customizing your own phone case.  They believe in the importance of self-expression and their goal is to empower everyone to let their true self shine. They want you to be different and be you.

  • How to customize your own case?
  1. Pick a type of case. (Matte, Gloss, Clear, etc.)
  2. Upload any image you want to put on your custom case.
  3. Pay for it. (Bank deposit or major credit cards.)
  4. Wait for your delivery.
  5. After few days you’ve got your one-of-a-kind custom case!



Breville an Australian and global brand that offers kitchen appliances such as juice and coffee makers.





13 thoughts on “The Blogapalooza 2015 Experience

  1. Yay, galing! You won a lot of prizes! I think I’m not that lucky during the event tho haha 🙂 I think I bumped into you guys but never got the chance to talk. Glad you enjoyed the event!

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