Gift Ideas for Women


Christmas is just around the corner and you stumbled upon my blog post because you are searching gift ideas for a woman in your life. Well, it’s tough to think about what present will delight ladies as soon as they unwrap the box that is hiding your hand-picked item for them, being a lady of my own I know. Let’s be real girls, we receive gifts but we still examine the items inside the packages the moment our hands got in touch with it. Then we gossip about it with our girl friends, not to brag about it but mostly to ask their opinion on where they might find it useful for you as you may already have the same item in your room. We do know that it’s the thought that counts, but seconds after revealing the present we think thoroughly on where we can actually use whatever we receive. I myself am also having difficult time thinking on what gift I should wrap for the gorgeous women that I know in my life, which brings me on writing gift ideas that I pulled out from my mind and from research.

My idea is categorized on what the person values the most, so you must think thoroughly on what your receiver would likely expect you to give them. Women still prioritizes at least one thing in her life even if we generally love a bouquet full of roses. You might already be familiar with some of these ideas, but I did try my best to come up with something distinct. The cost of the products depend on where you’re going to shop, but I suggest you try to be more creative than quantitative, because we have quite a long list of women that deserves something from you. They say it’s difficult to find gifts for men, but actually it’s more like the women.


The Dessert Queen

A great gift for a girl who loves to eat sweets would be something that will satisfy her sweet tooth. If you know someone who would eat less main course just to save a bigger room in her tummy for dessert, gather different types of sweets, from chocolate, ice creams, candies and more in different variations. Buy confections that you know she haven’t tried but do not forget to include few of her favorite. There are candies that are sweet and sour in flavor, chocolates are coated in different flavors and there exist a wasabi ice cream. Put all of these in whatever size of basket you want and decorate it. For the fun part, slip in a toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss and mouth wash with a note, “Don’t forget to brush your teeth before you go to sleep. A healthy tooth munches more sweets.” She will absolutely smile after being hit by the humor on why in the world was there a mouth hygiene kit in your gift basket. She would probably remember you every time she sees those things.


The Sparkle Princess

What else would you give a girl who wears sparkly accessories whether she’s in or outside the house and forgets it inside the bathroom than more accessories to wear! Buy accessories and holders for her. The idea here is to put one accessory in each holder, meaning to say if you’re buying a cute stacked up drawer it has to have at least one pair of earring, a necklace or whatever sparkling thing you want in each drawer. The wrapping up decoration would only consist of a big ribbon. You don’t need to use elaborate gift wrapping techniques, because the jewelry holders itself is already concealing your main gift for her.


The Glam Me Up Fairy

The artistic girl who uses her face as a canvas for her artworks would love to have a stock of her favorite cosmetics especially foundations. Everyone hates running out of daily makeup products and has to settle for whatever is available in her vanity until everything has been refilled. This gal would appreciate to find an extra while going through her makeup collections. In fact you’re going to be her life saver on that day. Ask the shade of the products she’s using in a way that she won’t notice what you’re up to. Do not risk buying cosmetics unless you know the shade that the person is using. Do include skin care regimen that she hasn’t tried and also an instant makeup brush cleaning spray for the lazy maids. Where do you put all these beauty products? Arrange it in a glittering gold or silver tray with measurements that will match the products, wrap it with a transparent plastic and close the top part with a black ribbon for that luxurious color combination effect.


The Fashionista Baby

Scared that she might criticize the outfit that you will choose for her? Worry no more, grab the basics, you’ll never go wrong with it. Just remember to interrogate her closet pieces and her body size when topics about fashion arise in your casual conversation. This will prevent you from buying the same clothing style, cut and color because the last thing you want to do is for her to have twin pieces that she will eventually think of giving away to someone else. If you really want to stay on the safe side you can buy loose tops or sweaters instead of buying jeans or dresses that may not fit perfectly as they need to be tried on. A glittering paper bag would do the job on making these items stand out.


The Spa Empress

Women gets physically exhausted easier than men that’s why you may know a friend that always have a weekly spa session to reason out for not being in few occasions. Don’t be upset with her for not making it to parties because she just value her health and maybe her muscles are really in bad shape after a stressful week at work. If she happens to have a bathtub at home I suggest you get her moisturizing bath bombs. If she only has a shower head available you can buy nourishing body scrubs. Bring relaxing scented candles before you checkout the counter for extra mood. The fact that she often goes to spa means she buys less products that she can use at home to save a little money. Wrap these in a cotton towel and add an exaggerated size of ribbon around it. She may think that you just got her a new towel, but it will surprise her when she finds out that there is more inside.


The Coffee Superstar

Signs that she’s the center of attraction in a coffee shop would be because of the number of times she orders a cup in your whole catching up date. A coffee lover myself, I would love to receive coffees in an easy open sachet from different stores available in the local market that also offers international brands. A month with various hot coffees in a mug to try everyday will definitely make a change to a stubborn woman who refuses to smile unless she drinks her coffee. Insert the coffee sachets in a jar, seal it with a cute ribbon and stick a label that says, “30 Days Coffee Journey That Will Brighten Up Your Month.” You don’t need to get her a new mug if that’s what you’re thinking, I’m sure she won’t replace her current companion.


The Scrapbook Doll

Everything cute, stackable, sticky and patterned will make this lady very happy. Her collections consist of scrapbooking materials such as washi-tapes, colored papers, sticky notes, colorful markers and more. Grab any item from a DIY store that you find useful for her. These materials will absolutely light up her eyes and there will surely be ideas building inside her mind on where she will be using these. A paper bag large enough to hold all of these items will do, just choose something reusable because creative people are known to be very resourceful. They can always turn something dull into something lively and useful.


The Shoe Goddess

Good shoes take you to good places so this girl happens to have more shoes in her wardrobe than clothing. But does she have enough racks to hold all her delicate shoes like knee-high booths that is prone to bending and cracks if not stored properly? I’m sure she doesn’t have booth standup holders for all her booths and other shoes, so a good gift idea for her would be several shoe holders with adjustable height. You can also buy stackable boxes built exclusively for shoes to breathe when stored in plastic section of a department store. Another idea would be the cushions and strips that will protect her feet from having bruises when wearing high heels throughout the day. Last but not the least, foot spa kit where she can soak her feet at the comfort of her home. A cute box would be reasonably good in housing these items.


The Book Deity

There will always be book in her activity area and she surely brings a larger bag to insert one in. When she’s at the shopping mall she never miss the opportunity to walk by the bookstore. A foldable book stand that she can take with her wherever she goes would be the perfect gift for this bookworm. The book stand will enable her to read in the most comfortable way, in a proper posture and will prevent her from slouching. It would also make her happier if you include the latest book that she’s been eyeing on. If she prefers Ebooks instead of holding an actual book, compile files in a usb with the book category that she loves. Just do a background check on the Ebooks that she already has so you don’t waste your time and avoids duplication. If you want to see her reaction the moment you hand these to her, use a transparent wrap with small designs and close it at the top with 3 bookmarks stringed in a ribbon.

Images from Google, edited by yours truly.


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