Tips When Buying a Curling Iron



A woman’s hair is a one of her prominent style statement and she is never truly dressed without flaunting a great hair. In ancient times, queens would ask their servants to comb their hair to perfection in the morning and before going to sleep in the evening. Their straight hair was groomed using combs from carved ivory, wood or horns and they wore elaborate hair ornaments to accentuate their grace. Women’s hair arrangement in those years signifies which hierarchy they belong, including their marital status. The hairstyle is a proof of power, but what if they are skin headed? Today bald women are accepted by the society but ages ago it is believed to be a sign of plague and misfortune. People were disgusted seeing bald women for they ruin the real meaning of beauty.

Exquisite curls were difficult to create because our beautiful ancestors were using a metal rod that has been heated over a fire where the temperature cannot be controlled. The hair gets fried the moment the strands touches the steaming rod. Women then complained and started to demand on owning a well manufactured hair curling tools with the right heat temperature that will make their lives easier. If today’s curling irons weren’t manufactured and innovated you would still be using the classical curling technique using rollers which takes overnight to set, prone to tangling and stresses the roots of your hair from tightly rolling it, but you avoid constantly heating your hair.

If you’re uncertain which type of curling iron to purchase, here are several tips to guide you:




  • Heat Capability

There are curling irons that enable you to control the heat level and ones that only offer fixed temperature. The heat tolerance of your hair depends on its condition. Damaged hair can only tolerate heat from 250 – 300 degrees, average hair from 300 – 350 degrees, while thick hair requires 350 – 400 degrees.





  • Barrel Shape

Straight shaped wand creates uniform curls. Cone shaped wands can make curls with smaller or voluminous edges. Pearl shaped wands give you that natural kinky look. Double and triple-barrel wands create mermaid waves.



  • Barrel Size

Keep in mind that barrels with smaller width will create tighter curls and bigger ones will give you lose curls. The width of a barrel starts from 13mm (0.50 inches) to a maximum of 32mm (1.25 inches).

  • Ease of Usage

Choose a curling iron that is easy and comfortable to grip. Where cords don’t tangle and has a reasonable length. Features automatic shut-off so you don’t panic when you left it on. Interchangeable barrels and swiveling cord are a plus.



  • Quality

Be aware of hair curlers made from harsh and high toxic metals as they are not only bad for your hair but may also endanger your health. Curling irons made from tourmaline and ceramic produces negative ion that is good for your hair compared to titanium, but this doesn’t mean that titanium will hurt your hair. It is actually a good heat conductor and spreads heat evenly along the barrel’s surface.


  • Read Reviews

Taking a little time to be knowledgeable about the curling iron that you are eyeing and comparing it with other products will pay you a good investment. You are aiming for a long term companion so it is a must that you introduce yourself to the best one for your life long use.

Images from Google, edited by yours truly.


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