What Is Your Blog About and Why Do You Blog?



17 thoughts on “What Is Your Blog About and Why Do You Blog?

  1. When Aya Speaks blogs about my passion and perception of things that dwells in my mind.

    I blogged because I love to write. I wanted to unleash the old writer I used to be. I’m not really blogging just to please others. Most of the time, I’m doing this to ease my stress away. I’m just sharing a part of my thoughts, journey and passion in a responsible way.

    When Aya Speaks | http://www.whenayaspeaks.wordpress.com

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  2. My blog is called A Blissful Blog and it’s generally a lifestyle blog. I share random food trips and restaurant reviews, places that I have been to, events, beauty reviews, fashion and ootd, blogging tips, and freebies! Hehe. It’s hard for me to focus on one niche because I want to share everything. And of course, I can’t dine at restaurants often and even travel often. So, just a little bit of everything. Haha

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