How to Choose the Right Lipstick


1Lipstick has been around for a long time. Decades ago lipsticks were made from fruits and plant extracts. Many uses powdered stone and gems to add sparkle on their lips. Science of cosmetology hasn’t evolved yet so they were also unaware that they were already using poisonous substances to enhance their lipstick. The colors were limited as it depends on what ingredients they have on hand.  As a result, you will see ancient low class women wearing the same color, and only royalties wore the unique colors after classifying what can be sold to their people.

In our current generation lipsticks are manufactured to create different colors and shades that will match our skin tone, it even has vitamins. It is important to know what shades suit your complexion as it reflects our overall appearance. But this shouldn’t stop you from being bold in trying other available colors, this is just for you to have a staple look when you are in a rush and don’t have time to choose from your lipstick stand. This will save you time and still make you look good.

When you are in a makeup boutique and going through the lipsticks, you have this contemplating feeling whether or not to buy the one you are holding, (I’ve been there) why, because you are not entirely confident if it will look pretty on you. Even if you’ve swatch it on your hand (avoid applying the samples directly on your lips as it may have been used by other people) you still can’t decide until your best friend tells you that it looks good and you should buy it.

This blog post is inspired from my own experience in picking lipsticks. I have a natural to fair skin and I found that natural shade of pink and nude suits me more while bold colors like platinum scarlet darkens my face and makes my lips look as if it is has been stung by a bee. So how do you know what colors will suit you?


First, you should know your skin tone. Natural to fair skin tone (like mine) goes well with nude and light colors. Those with medium skin tone can go for a darker shade, but they can also rock the light colors. While those with deeper and darker skin tone may work with browns and plums suit them best. But if you are being adventurous and want to play with bolder lip colors, your eye shadow and blush-on must complement the lipstick that you are wearing. Because the last thing you want to do is to walk outside looking like a circus clown.

We’re not yet done because the shape of your lips also plays an important role in making your lip color pop. I believe you have experienced wearing a lipstick that made your lips look like a straight line drawn out of an anime comic book, or as if your lips pout like its swelling. And most of us try on our best friend’s lipstick that looks good on them expecting the same effect on us, but turns the opposite way after applying it. The reason why is because colors can accentuate the shape of your lips, with the power of drawing all the attention to it. This is why no matter how it suits your skin tone it still seems unsettled or sometimes overdone.


Let’s break down the shapes of the lips in 3 easy categories even though there are several more. First, the thin lips, which reminds me of my grandmother’s. Nude and light colors fit best on you and frosted lippies can add a pump that you’ve been missing. Lining just outside your normal lip using a lip liner can also help in making your lips more visible (that is why my grandmother always has a lip liner wherever she goes.)

Next, the top or bottom heavy lips. You can apply a light shade on the heavier side and a bit darker to the other side to give it a receding look, or you can use one shade and dab a white glossy eye shadow in the center to balance the shape out.

Lastly, the full lips similar to mine. Go for light, matte colors and avoid applying too much gloss. Use a lip liner inside your natural shape to make it appear less prominent. Application techniques can also create an illusion of bigger, smaller and well balanced lips so you should take that into consideration when getting your makeup done.

Minutes before applying any lipstick make sure that your lips are moisturized and hydrated to avoid chapping. Next, apply a lip primer so it holds the color and last longer, and then outline your lips with lip liner similar to your lipstick to avoid bleeding. Now grab the classic red lipstick that suit every woman and start dominating your world! Remember, it’s not about what everybody is wearing, it’s about what looks best on you.

If you’ve gone through the same situations mentioned above while in search for a lipstick like me, how did you manage to find the right lipstick that fits perfectly on you, or should I say, how did you find your favorite lipstick? Was there any clue or guide that helped you in noticing what doesn’t match you? Is there any other tips that you can give when buying a lip product? Are there application techniques that you want to share?

Images from Google, edited by yours truly.


13 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right Lipstick

  1. good thing you came out with this…marami kasing babae na gaya nang gaya sa iba, ayaw tingnan kung ano ang bagay sa kanila…maraming maganda na pumangit dahil sa kagagaya nila, hindi bumagay sa kanila ang nagaya…it turns off men na dahilan ng pagpapaganda ng mga babae…

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