Ninjacks Wish List: BlueHost Hosting + Own Domain + StudioPress Theme for WordPress



An aspiring blogger like me who just started to join the blogging world this year would appreciate if I receive my blogging wish list before welcoming the new year. It’s going to be one of the best gifts that I will ever receive on Christmas day because it will be the foundation of my blogging journey and a memorable one. Who won’t get motivated when you’re perfectly packed in your journey right?

So the first one on my list is the Wintersong Pro Theme that caught my eyes while I was browsing over StudioPress’s album. Wondering why I love the theme? It’s because of the simplicity that it offers and if you will notice my blog doesn’t miss an image in every post, which makes me feel that the theme is a purified canvas waiting for my images to dive in. I love editing and sharing images, so in my opinion the black and white color combination that Wintersong has will make any images I incorporate in it pop without over powering my written words. I am not entirely satisfied with my current theme because there are parts of the layout where I want to do some tweaking, but I am not allowed to do so which is reasonable because WordPress is offering premium themes while I am using their free themes.



Wintersong theme does appear like a winter season while the text in it seems to be inspired by musical notes. Together they create a relaxing place on the screen of your gadgets. I haven’t been to any country that has four seasons to celebrate winter, but the Wintersong Pro Theme made me imagine a scene from a movie where people are pushing their sled and having fun ice skating just after viewing the full theme demo. You know how the road can seem so serene when it’s overflowing with snow? That’s how at ease the reader’s eyes will be when you sport this theme in your blog. Plus, the layout makes it easier for my visitors to navigate from page to page.

What’s more interesting is that you receive Genesis Framework that makes theme development less stressful for beginners with unlimited support and updates included in the theme. Isn’t that all great for a one-time purchase fee? I’m may not be a website developer, but I’ve tried some free website creators with drag and drop functionality that offers limited tools, with pop up ads lying everywhere your work area and what’s worst is when you can’t find what you placed on the canvas. If you’ve also gone through the same experience as I am, you surely know what I mean. So for me this is one of the impressive deals out there.

Another thing that I am aiming to have is my own blog domain name. Why is it very important to me? Because with a free domain I am limited in maximizing my blogging capability and opportunities. Furthermore, most of the serious brand campaign partnership out there require your own domain name if you want to take blogging to the next level. And there I am seeing many people use BlueHost for hosting and registering their own domain names which brought me to my last wish of having them as one of my blogging foundation. Wouldn’t it be nice to look a little professional even if you’re a newbie through owning a personalized domain name? Of course, yes! Might I forget the SEO plugins that will give me the traffic from unreachable places.

To wrap this wish list up, even a year equipped with the essential tools necessary to be noticeable and searchable in the internet world including the blogging industry will surely bring a huge difference in my life. In addition, this pays me time to fill up my curiosity and confusions. It will also enable me to further understand how contents are circulating within the web. So here we go! Sending my blogging wish list!

Alright, message successfully sent!



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