New Year 2016 is fast approaching together with renewed hope, brighter dreams, heartwarming forgiveness and powerful love.  This is also the perfect time to reflect on the year that we will be leaving behind. Many things happened to my 2015 and I want to dedicate this blog post to all the blessings I’ve received from God throughout the year. It was quite a tough year, but looking back to the months that have gone, everything actually fell down on its rightful places.

Thank You Year 2015

The challenges that God scheduled throughout my 2015 was weakening, I had moments of the day that I kept my mouth shut because it’s the best way to handle the situation even if I think I have to say something reasonable. The worst part is, I am a very good at thinking negatively when I can’t get a grip of the situation in hand. There were also moments where I felt that every hope and strength was stripped out from me, but all those challenges have something to do with the blessings that I received, then coming to my senses all of those problems are not so bad after all. I guess we will only appreciate the beauty of sufferings after breaking free from it, but first we have to truly accept how it will break us from pieces to pieces. Our only prize for surpassing the challenges is what those renewed pieces will become after. It will surely not be the same as before, but I believe God just made it better and you can see that for yourself.

Money was indeed a challenge for a not so tall girl like me (think of this as a metaphor), but it isn’t what I considered the most difficult challenge of my 2015. It was those people who were very pleased to volunteer to play as the antagonists in my year that put me into the test. They were dressed with all the kindness of the world, but used a mask to disguise the darkest plans they have for me. However, as time goes by they couldn’t stand hiding anymore, so when I found out what was really their goal, I courageously remove them as one of the actor and actresses in my life.

Now, after reminiscing what I considered to be massive destruction in my 2015 I can now rate that I received a confident 90% blessing and 10% challenge. I still considered myself one of those people who are very blessed and continued to thank god every night before I sleep no matter what my day has become. I believe God made an impressive structure of my life and it can withstand the test of time until the end. I just have to continue trusting him and never in my life dare to doubt him.

There is also a hand full of things that I learned throughout the year that starts from understanding and being more patient with my own self. Well, if you don’t know, I am an expert when it comes to being the meanest critic of me and can be awarded as the best person to put down herself. So it was a real breakthrough for me when I started giving myself more chances to achieve things. I learned to lessen my aggressiveness in rough situations as well as to calm myself down. Most of all I started going out of my comfort zone which was one of the best thing for my year.

Honestly, I’m not the richest and the prettiest specimen living on earth and I don’t have every material thing that you ask of me, but God placed wonderful people around me who never give up on supporting me and gave me everything that they can offer. They give me things even if it is not necessary and never failed to help me when I’m in need. They stood by my side and help me without asking the 5 W’s and 1 H’s in journalism. It made me feel like I can do anything I want and I still have arms to crash into that will never put the blame on me even if I’ve made terrible mistakes. They believe in me with all their heart and trust me that I can make the right decisions. This is something that I am very thankful for and I couldn’t ask for more, but to keep them in my life forever.

So how I would summarize my 2015 in one sentence? “My 2015 turned out to be the best backbone of my future dreams and 2016.” Just always remember that every situation has its own boiling point that when reached will then evaporate into thin air together with all the pain of other people and vanish forever. Clear your heart and let the time do the rest.

Merry Christmas and A Blessed New Year Everyone!!!



Dear Lord,

Thank you very much because you didn’t fail to wrap a gift for me before the year ends! Thank you for the blessing that I will receive next year!

Your Child,




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