Dear Special Someone


Dear Special Someone,

You’ve been there in all of my relationships. Every time there’s a storm on the way, you never left my side. You never missed a heart break and you stayed up all night with me together with all my dramas. You hold the phone on your ears even if your arms are getting tired of listening to my endless cries. What’s funny is that you agree with all the rant that I made even if sometimes I’m just being exaggerated. You laugh at my stupidity and stands for me when you know that a trouble is waiting for me. You alert me when you sense danger and made it sure that I clearly know.

You love me like we came out of the same womb. You know me as if you’re my other half. You empower me like you empower the people closest to your heart like your family. You support me like I am a woman who can conquer the world if I wish to. You’re very straight forward so I don’t have problems when it comes to asking your opinion and you’re honest about what you feel and never lied to me, besides the truth about our time, which I also admit.

You give me time when I need it. You take my side in every situation. You never complained about anything besides the fact that I am always gorgeously late in our scheduled dates. But as you know I am trying to change that, but if it does change, I believe you’d go looking for the real me! By the way, I know that you’re smiling while you’re reading this and I hope your smile reaches your eyes! I know you!

The connection that we have is so great and we protected it like a vulnerable glass because that’s where we get our strength to protect each other. I don’t need words to explain what’s happening to me because all it takes is one eye to eye contact or a nod for you to understand me. People who wish to ruin what we have never thought that we only believe the things that come directly from each other and not from hearsay.

We grow together along with the changes of the world, but the friendship that we have never changed. Yeah I know, and our lack of height! We never left our high school days, we still talk about it every time a situation reminds us of the fun young adult life that we had. Next year we’re going to encounter a new stage in our lives, but I know we will always be as fabulous as we are right now. I will make sure that you’re always at your prettiest as you age, although that would be your future boyfriend’s responsibility.

Here’s a small reminder of what friendship means to you. You said this to me and it says a lot about my role in your life…

“For me friendship is a strong bond of two people. It takes up the mutual understanding, trust and honesty. Friendship is like a tree it also grow and you will see from the roots how many challenges they surpassed and how strong is their friendship. True friendship makes me understand the real life and it makes me a better person. A friendship that will last longer makes me contented with my life. God gave me a good person that completes my own definition of friendship. She’s a blessing in my everyday life and she knew me well like the back of her hand. True friendship is a gift that I treasure every day.”

Now, here’s a promise that I can keep until I can no longer avoid having freckles and wrinkles on my face. I will always be there for you, like you’ve been there for me all these years. I will definitely go to the salon with you to get our white hairs dyed and styled, or better yet get a home service. I would still go shopping with you even if we’re in wheelchairs pushed by nurses. I would sit with you while we look after our grandchildren on a rocking chair. You’re one of the people in my life that I never regret meeting and having until we grow old and I’d like to keep it that way…

I will always look forward to the many coffee dates, the gossips that we will share, the clothes that we will buy, and the books that we will have in the future. Thank you very much for being my best friend… Thank you for putting up with all my mood swings and red alert days! Thank you for being a blessing in my life! I will always love you… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! God bless!!!

Cheers to 7 years of crazy friendship and more!!!

P.S. Save your tears for our next meeting soon… I will save my talkativeness on this love letter so I don’t spoil everything! Because I have more to say!


Your Best Friend,

Diane Cheng


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