Foot Wear Wish List 2016

Foot Wear Wish List

It’s New Year and it means new foot wears that will accompany you in your daily activities for the rest of the year! So Stephen and I thought of blogging about our individual and couple foot wear goals for this year… We thought that blogging about it would somehow motivate us to materialize the wish list. We know it’s quite expensive but it’s worth the investment to wear the shoes that we love, besides, we don’t buy new ones unless the old ones scream to be replaced. But it’s unlikely that our shoes will be harassed because we know how to care for them.

Foot Wear Wish List 1My foot wear wish list will consist of black and white colors because I can throw any outfit and still match them with my shoes on my lazy days. But I have my picks for different activities so the other shoes can rest in the rack.


Nike Air Zoom Oddysey

I would take this out for a jog every morning and play sports with this baby!


Nike Air Huarache Light

Modern and classic all in one pair of shoes which will fit any clothing style that I wear and still show my personality wherever I go on a day to day basis.

Adidas SuperStar

Adidas Super Star

This is absolutely perfect for my jeans and skirts! Even with a casual dress!

Foot Wear Wish List 2

When it comes to basketball players I am a huge fan of Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry! My favorite color, as you can see, is blue. Anything with the shade of blue will always grab my attention when it comes to picking basketball shoes. So, don’t be surprised to see blue shoes in this wish list!


Nike Kevin Durant 7

A basketball shoes that won’t leave my feet for having strings and straps!


Nike Kevin Durant 4

Strong and modern. Blues on the right spots. My kind of style. 

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UnderArmour Curry 1

Under Armour Curry 1

This looks breathable to wear on my feet and eye catching when walking outside.

Foot Wear Wish List 3

We don’t just want the same coffee mugs, accessories, phones, pajamas or couple shirts, we also want matching shoes more than ever!


Isn’t this stylish?

Looks cozy and cute.


Now this is a match!


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