Carlo Reyes Salon: My New Hair Color

After months of trying hard to decide on what to do with my long hair, finally, I got new hair color and new hairstyle today! So there I am heading over to Carlo Reyes salon at their main branch and head office at Banawe, Quezon City where I’ve been doing my pampering days for several years now.

Before After

Here’s the before and after of my hair. Please forgive the uneven distribution of hair color because of the camera and the source of light. I also forgot to ask the color of my hair! But it turned out beautiful!


I was contemplating whether or not to cut my long hair! But my hair stylist cut a portion of the lower part before I could really react. I would say that she did a good job on cutting it before I can think about backing out.


Meet my beautiful hair stylist Ms. Leya Lamboson who took good care of my dry hair and washed off hair color! She’s very kind and tells the truth when it comes to the customer’s hair condition. She doesn’t just cut your hair, she cares for your hair! So when she says do this than that, I suggest you follow because she’s been holding different types of hair for almost 12 years. Her hair advice was brilliant!

Thank you very much Carlo Reyes Salon for my hair!!!


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