Blogopolis4D Experience

It was an amazing experience to be part of the country’s biggest blog and social media conference organized by Nuffnang Philippines – The World’s Leading Blog and Advertising Community!


SPOT ME | Image from Nuffnang Philippines

I’ve been following fashion blogger’s Camille Co, Lauren Uy and David Guison on Instagram, and I’ve never seen them in person, so it was an amazing experience to have seen them at the event! It was also the first time that I saw AJ Dee in person and one of the highest paid hosts, Sam Oh. Congresswoman Leni Robredo also graced the event and I listened to her out of respect, although I don’t really support her. Ramon Bautista was also one of the speakers and he didn’t fail to make the audience laugh the moment he stepped on stage! Richie Zamora’s notes on photo and video editing his food vlogs also amazed me and got me thinking how delicious his life is as a blogger.

The different speakers were assigned to different categories to talk about the 4D which are Dialogue, Diversity, Device and Direction that will help bloggers build their blogging career and I learned a lot from their presentations. Each one of them really prepared something for budding bloggers like me and I appreciate their effort together with the Nuffnang Philippines team. But if you’re going to ask me which speaker impressed me, it’s Googly Gooeys because of their creativity in showing life through digital characters to entertain people similar to cartoons and animations. I am an aspiring digital art designer, so I was really empowered when they started showing several slides of their work.

I also kept in mind what Peach Natividad said about breaking the internet.

  1. The internet has a short memory. Not everything that “Breaks the Internet” lasts for a long time.

  2. Two things turn fads into icons – a brand identity and the ability to reinterpret that through time.

  3. In reinterpreting your brand, constantly assess and reassess your audience and their behavior.

I loved the crowd of bloggers who were present at Blogopolis 4D yesterday because unlike other events that I attended  these bloggers were kind, wasn’t snob and very humble. They smile even if they don’t know who you are. A lot of them were also well-dressed for the event so my eyes were really having fun looking at them. Some of them looked stunningly beautiful and the gentlemen were also fashionable.




The organizers were very thoughtful to set up an area where we can grab our snack and drinks, so we were eating while listening to the presentations. Leslie Corporation, the manufacturer of my all time favorite snack Clover Chips also handed us a loot bag filled with their snacks so we really didn’t get hungry, but sadly Clover Chips cannot be found inside the bag. There were also several booths with activities and freebies, but it wasn’t the highlight of the event because we all went there to listen to the speakers and throw questions to the panelists.

I wasn’t able to stay for the cocktail party and to watch the fashion show by Aeropostale because it was getting dark outside and I was going home alone. My fellow bloggers whom I came in with wasn’t also going to stay to finish the whole event, so we decided to go home altogether. Anyway, it wasn’t the last time that all of us will be together because there are still upcoming events for bloggers scheduled this year where we can meet and have fun again.

Congratulations to the bloggers who received awards for creating valuable content for us, although I honestly don’t really know a few of them.

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