Send Free Local and International SMS


Some of us want to reach people overseas and some just need to inform them of an urgent matter. But how will you do that if you run out or do not have any mobile load/credit to send SMS from your mobile phone to theirs?

A friend of mine asked me yesterday about the website that I use to send free SMS because she run out of load/credit to send her important message. So it occurred to me, why not share what I use when my mobile phone is unable to send SMS and I have an internet connection.

Here are 3 websites ranked on top of Google search to send free SMS to any country. These are not mobile apps like WeChat, Viber, and Skype etc.… So you don’t need to download anything, you just need an internet connection, go to your browser and type in the website to send SMS.



I learned this website from my younger brother who constantly send SMS to his friends. To me it’s not surprising how he was able to know that there are websites that offer free SMS. This is what I always use to send SMS to my mother working in Saudi Arabia and to my local contacts, but please be reminded that when sending messages from this website different mobile numbers are being used to send your SMS, meaning to say, it’s not your number being received by the person you messaged. Always keep in mind to include your name and a short message that says, “Reply to my number” because even the receivers won’t be able to reply to the number used by AFREESMS.

You can send unlimited international or local messages through AFREESMS but only 160 characters are allowed per message. If your message is lengthy you have to send the other half as a new SMS. They also support different language so you don’t have to worry if your characters are in Chinese, Han Gul and Arabic etc.



Here are 2 other options to send free SMS if AFREESMS doesn’t work for you, but I honestly haven’t tried these websites. These 2 were ranked next to AFREESMS on Google search so I also thought of sharing it.







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