Shell Eco Marathon #SEM2016


Shell Eco Marathon is a unique competition that challenges students around the world to design, build and drive the most energy-efficient car. With three annual events in Asia, Americas and Europe, student teams take to the track to see who goes further on the least amount of fuel.

The competition is split into two classes or categories. The Prototype class focuses on maximum efficiency, while passenger comfort takes a back seat. The Urban Concept class encourages more practical designs. Cars are also divided by energy type:

  • Internal combustion engine fuels include petrol, diesel, liquid fuel made from natural gas and ethanol.

  • In the electric mobility category, vehicles are powered by hydrogen fuel cells and lithium-based batteries.

This year, more than 1,000 students from 19 countries will compete to win the record-breaking 1,572 km per liter energy efficient distance! The pressure is on! The event ran from March 3-6 at Rizal Park, Manila. The race track started at Quirino Grandstand and circle around Katigbak Drive, Roxas Boulevard ending at South Drive. Entrance is free.

7 Zones at Shell Eco Marathon :

  1. Entrance
  2. Technical Inspection
  3. Fan Zone
  4. Energy Zone
  5. Track Start
  6. Track Finish
  7. Partners

It’s my first time to attend Shell Eco Marathon and luckily it is also their last year to organize the annual event here in the Philippines that started on 2013. We didn’t get to attend the first day opening ceremony, but we made it to on their second day because Stephen was very persistent. I seriously thought I was going to get bored when we got there, not because the event was a guy thing, but because I was imagining a common car show. But when prototypes and urban concepts started showing up one by one, my mind was set from boring to amaze! Stephen on the other hand enjoyed the activities while I enjoy taking pictures of him.

I merely know stuff, about automotive or mechanical engineering, but thanks to my knowledgeable boyfriend I had the gasp of what was happening inside the tent. I had tons of questions and Stephen was feeling like a wizard while lecturing me. For a first timer like me the very highlight of the event wasn’t the activities, but the satisfaction you get from seeing the teams from different countries preparing for their technical inspection and track challenge. It’s so fascinating how innovative these students are.

If you feel exhausted after joining the activities you have an area where you can sit to rest and if you feel hungry there are several food stands scattered around the area. Visitors can also find mineral water dispensers in almost every corner when they feel thirsty. And if you’re having a trouble there are many security personnel posted and walking around the area to assist you.

The only place we didn’t get to enter was in the Energy Zone, where they will be showing a mad science show because you need to be there early to grab your ticket. Sadly, when we arrived it was already closed, loaded with participants inside, the next time slow is also full and there we were asked to come back the next day.

Stephen is proudly from Mapua Institute of Technology so we support the Team Cardinals. Here we saw them racing on the track while being filmed. They won 2nd Place overall out of 35 competitors and 1st Place in the Philippines! Congratulations!

Cheers to futuristic and high-tech car designs and for the future of mobility!

#SEM2016 #TeamCardinals #FlyAguila #AXIOS #TeamPhilippines #VivaMapua


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