Relationship Starts with Finding a Potential Partner, Not Just Dating Someone Available

Relationship Starts with Finding a Potential Partner, Not Just Dating Someone Available

You must have experienced dating too many people but never got the chance to date the same person twice or more… Because the person you once dated already placed a boundary that ends there. No more return calls, emails or text messages, meaning to say, they are simply not interested in you.

Yeah, we’ve all been there, but some of us are not taking the effect seriously… Then they end up thinking that they are hopeless romantics even though there is still hope to change the scenario.

Now, let’s start getting to know you and your potential partner.

You should know what you want and don’t want from a partner. This is about all your preferences, what’s negotiable and what’s not. When dating someone, try to do some background check before you jump into asking someone to date you or before accepting an invitation, especially when you don’t have a common friend.

Don’t just date someone because they are available and you’re on a hunt. Date someone because you found something seriously interesting about the person besides the physical attributes and the common kindness that everyone has. Be reasonable.

Weight the personality of the person you’re interested in. We all have kindness, strength, weakness, cruelty and other traits, but in different percentages. What traits are you looking for that dominated other traits of your ideal partner?

Answering this question will prevent you from dating random people who will just end up in your dating history and add up to the burden of your failed attempts.

Do you have common grounds that you can build together? See if you have the same hobby or has a common interest in something such as food, places, movies, music, etc… From there, try to make the next date as an invitation to enjoy your hobbies together.

If you will use your common ground to date someone again, there is a higher chance that you will get that next date and the return calls. Because you both have absolutely something to talk about.

Don’t let circumstances beat the interest you have for your potential partner. People who are steadily dating someone, although not officially in a relationship may experience misunderstandings. But you shouldn’t let this be the reason to lose your potential partner, instead use the bad situation to know the person better.

Furthermore, don’t join the bandwagon of people who decides whether to stick into dating a person or not, just because something negative arose or from hearsay, then they became all emotional at the moment to jump into conclusions. Because you will surely risk losing your potential partner forever.

Is this the person you want to give everything without necessarily receiving anything? Love is more on voluntarily doing things for someone than receiving something for yourself.

If you find yourself feeling this to someone, maybe you’ve found your potential partner!

It’s about the potential connection that you can build with someone that will lead you both into a serious relationship. If you and the other person’s preferences somehow match or is workable, then you guys might have perfectly found each other!!!

Don’t waste time and effort on counting how many people you’ve dated. Because in the end, those numbers won’t matter. Try to find your potential partner, not just someone who’s available. Change the course of your love life.

Any advice from you reader???


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