STI Diaries 00: Where My College Journey Begins

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Major in Digital Arts, STI College Munoz – EDSA branch enrollment checked!  Now I’m a certified STI student! The wait is finally over! I am so excited for my college journey! So I’m opening a new blog category called, STI Diaries where you can join my college life and be involved in my struggles! Just kidding with the join me on my struggle part!

You’ll be able to meet my professors, my schoolmates, friends and school administrators in my STI Diaries. You’ll see my activities inside/outside the school and I will also be having a section where I will share the lessons we had in class and maybe post the assignments (without answers) for my classmate’s reference just in case they were busy while the paper works are being announced.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned my schedule yet, it’s because I won’t be posting my class schedule for my safety. I know I don’t have stalkers, but let’s just keep my class schedule hidden. You get me, right? Yeah, I know you understand that! *High Five*

Before I forget, I got a 10% early enrollment discount because I enrolled in the first week of April, I also applied for a scholarship program, but they don’t have the exam schedule yet and I will visit the Quezon City Hall next week to ask for a 20% discount recommendation letter from Councilor Victor V. Ferrer Jr, this discount is only applicable for the STI College Munoz – EDSA branch.

You can only choose one between STI’s scholarship offer or the discount from the Quezon City Hall. I’ve also heard that Dean’s List and early enrollment discount can be combined. I hope you find this helpful.

If you happen to be an STI College Munoz – EDSA branch student, please do let me know below the comment section so we can hang out! You may also follow me on my social media accounts.

I’m a new student, show me around the campus?

Thanks in advance! See you on the first day of class!


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