Why Do You Love To Blog?

Why Do You Love To Blog

What are your other reasons why you love to blog besides this list?

  • It’s a stress reliever for us.
  • It calms our heart and mind.
  • We have the freedom to say whatever we want.
  • We discover more about ourselves.
  • We get to earn money.
  • Our voice is important to our readers.
  • We get to meet people from different walks of life.
  • We enjoy the privilege of event invitation and parties.
  • We get to talk to like minded people.
  • We not only motivate ourselves, but also our readers.
  • We learn something new.
  • We get the first news before it comes out.
  • Our family and friends get updates about us.
  • We enjoy the perks given to us as a blogger.
  • We grow together with our social media accounts.
  • We know what our readers expect from us.
  • Our influence is important to brands.
  • We are lucky to be working with brands.
  • We get to collaborate with others for a certain cause.
  • We love the VIP feeling that people and brands are giving to us.
  • We get to help others in their decision making.
  • We experience the cons first before others suffer from it through product reviews.
  • We get to share the blessings that we receive.
  • We reach a vast network of people worldwide.
  • There’s no limit on what we can do.
  • We get the chance to meet government officials, celebrities and famous people.
  • We become creative after experiencing writer’s block.
  • We get to listen and give advice to people.
  • Every blog post feels like success.
  • We enjoy our blog as an open diary.
  • We learned to be immune to criticism.
  • We learn different techniques in blogging that will and will not work for us.
  • We get to explore new things and share them.
  • We all eventually learn the mutual understanding between bloggers.
  • We learn to really stand for what we write.
  • What are your other reasons why you love to blog besides this list?

Please continue writing down your inspiring reasons below!

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