Thank You for Understanding Me Even If It’s Hurting You To Do So


I’m not one who’s very easy to love, but you didn’t leave me.

I know that sometimes I can be such a pain in the ass, or should I say most of the time, but you still manage to get a hold of every bad situation that comes between us. Sometimes I don’t even know what’s keeping you beside me, but I seriously don’t want to imagine life without you. So let’s just wave that thought.

You’ve always been there when my anxiety and depression attacks me, when I was moving on from something unbelievably crazy, when I play those random drama tantrums, when I am such a headache even if I’m already terribly sick and all the problems that I’ve been through. You took all those bullets, didn’t flinch, remained standing and never left my side. I didn’t know that there was a lost soldier in you and I could give you the Best Boyfriend Award for helping me in taking good care of our relationship if it existed.

I admit that loving a person like me is very challenging for you. We have common grounds that we totally enjoy and personalities that sometimes collide and devastate everything we’ve built. But here’s what I want you to always remember… Every inch of me will love you and try to work this relationship until our plans are successful. We will continue talking things out together no matter how painful it gets, because that’s what’s keeping us together up until now.

God is indeed a very good writer and I couldn’t be more grateful because he manages to write my story with a guy that will splash happiness to my entire being. He gave you a very special role in my life and I couldn’t feel more blessed to accept it. Now I’m sure that I can smile at every catastrophe that arises. Because you’re there.

Thank you for understanding me, all my stupidity and most of all, thank you for understanding me even if it’s hurting you to do so. Thank you for believing in me when it was the most impossible thing that I can do for myself. I’m sorry for my mistakes and I assure you that I will continue making more mistakes and I cannot promise not to hurt you, but I will always try to prevent it and make it up to you, like I always do. Come to think of it, I appreciate that you’re making it a profession in tolerating a girlfriend like me. Seriously.

Every monthsary you always ask me what I want to do, this month, this is my answer… Time flies, especially in our age, but let’s enjoy it and at the same time achieve our individual goals. I wish that when you look at me every day, you see your future with me…

I love you and cheers for more challenging yet awesome years together!


2 thoughts on “Thank You for Understanding Me Even If It’s Hurting You To Do So

  1. Very, Very nice. Your boyfriend must have been delighted when he saw this. It’s nice to log things like this, when you’re in relationships it always helps as a reminder when things get tough.

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