STI Diaries 01: How I Landed On My Course

We all agree that choosing a course in college is one of the hardest decisions to make in a person’s life, especially when you’re still trying to find your voice and your passion.

There are factors that affect your decision in choosing your major such as parents request, what job will be in demand for the coming years, which companies will surely absorb you once you graduate, what most of your friends are pursuing, what the news on your TV screen is saying and more… I bet you’ve experienced at least one of these.

I myself also had a very difficult time figuring out which course to pick while I was still in high school. I’ve been thinking about it since freshmen years until I graduated high school. That’s 4 years in the making following the old curriculum. Call me a late bloomer, but I still wasn’t sure up until I started working before entering college.

My choices were Interior Designing, Fine Arts, Multi Media Arts and Fashion Designing. But guess what, I dreamed of becoming a soldier when I was a little girl! Kidding aside… As you can see my choices were all related to making designs, decorating and drawing, because I inherited my father’s eye for the arts. That explains my passion for arts, but you haven’t heard about the struggles of how I choose my major and the factors that influenced my decision before I finalizing it.

I won’t name this person who was very dear to me to the point that she became one of the reasons I had to struggle in solidifying my passion for visual arts. She told me that I won’t succeed in being a graphic designer because it won’t pay the bills when I graduate. I was a vulnerable teenager in those years, so I was very affected about what she said. Her influence was very strong, so I started letting go of my coloring materials, one by one.

The person I look up to for support was also the person who told me to be practical and get a job that will pay my bills when I’m older, because visual arts will get me nowhere in this generation. As time goes by, I succeeded in losing interest in making visual arts, the only down side was, I don’t have a back up passion to replace the old one. I was completely lost.

So here’s my stand. Go to college not because your parents, relatives, friends, culture or the society said so. If you’re being forced into doing something you don’t want and you choose to abide, it’s not discipline, it’s called upsetting yourself in the long run especially when it comes to decisions related to your career. Worse, you start blaming other people for how you ended up.

This is what I’ve learned… Go to college because you want to enhance your hidden skills, talents, knowledge for you and your future family. Your college background will help you build the backbone of your dream career so enjoy and learn at the same time. Don’t go to college just because you don’t want to disappoint your parents or anybody. Always remember that as a student and as a person, you’re the gun in this life, and your bullets are the knowledge you accumulated throughout the years.

I already did my part of sharing. Now, please comment down below the history of how you ended up with your course, the struggles and confusion you went through before finalizing your decision.


9 thoughts on “STI Diaries 01: How I Landed On My Course

  1. I’m like you. I’m also considering the job opportunities and whether it’ll require me to move elsewhere. I really don’t know. Have to take my time and carefully analyse my career path

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  2. STI-er here! Ang weird kasi BSIT rin dapat kukunin ko, pero nung papila na ako sa cashier nagpalit ako ng ABCOMM! But my dream course was AB History or PolScie. Ang layo di ba ☺ well, fate bring me here. And masaya ako sa field na tinatahak ko ngayon 🙂

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  3. Sheesh. I hit send agad. Anyways. Computer Science originally ang major ko kasi I was into coding before I graduated HS cause of our computer subject. But then, I shifted to Multimedia major and more on graphics. And just like you I was thinking to get Fine Arts noon pero ended up IT. Pero again like you said, almost same visual arts related naman. 🙂

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