Oh My Bag! How to Care For My Bags?

Oh My Bag! If you’re a bag collector who doesn’t feel bad about passing your bags to someone else like your friends, sister, cousins or a bag lover who’s very sensitive about your bag’s appearance, you’re in the right place! Because I will be sharing some tips on how to take care of your precious bags so you can pass it over and still looks as good as new!

No matter if your bag is branded or not, it deserves to be taken care to always look at their best condition and to serve you well!

Different Ways on How to Care For Your Bags:

Handle Wraps. If the handle of your bag feels like it’s all worn out due to everyday use, you can use beautifully designed handle wraps to keep the coating from completely falling off. This is also a good way to add some personality to a bag. Reminder, do not hang your bags to avoid weakening the handles.

Bag Filer. Our bags tend to mix their colors with other bags when stored compressed to each other for a very long time. A bag filer can avoid the color transfer by giving each bag a boundary to prevent them from coming in contact. This will also protect the embellishments around your bag if there’s any.

Bag Stuffer. If you want your bags to retain its shape for a long time, a bag stuffer can help your bags avoid early distortion. So make sure to put a bag stuffer when you’re not using it and before storing it.

Base Shaper. The base of most bags that are being sold outside doesn’t have a very strong base that will lay your bag flat on its bottom, so a bag shaper is a must have.

Bag Raincoat. We got used to just dragging our bags outside and into the rain just by protecting them using an umbrella. What we didn’t know that even if our bags didn’t completely got soaking wet, it already absorbed the water mists, and then it will dry up through wind and heat. This makes it look lumpy and worn out. Therefore, a bag raincoat is advisable to protect it in the rainy season.

Dust Bag. Our bags are prone to dust, so when not in use, it has to be stored in a dust bag before placing it in your cabinet. It may also be a good habit to wipe your bag clean when you get home and slid it in a dust bag every day.

Bag Dehumidifier. We put a lot of stuffs in our bags such as makeup, perfume, alcohol, hand sanitizer, wet wipes and other things that have their own smell. So to avoid the nasty odor when using and before storing your bags, you can use bag dehumidifiers.

Oh My Bag PH

Oh My Bag! I have some of these bag care products which I seriously love, instantly used and appreciate right now because it gave my bags a whole new look and the peeling of the handles were saved!

Esmeralda Red Bag Handle Wrap

The bag handle wraps were housed by cute transparent plastic boxes with their specific name. Esmeralda Red and Hillary used Satin and Imported Polyester fabrics respectively. It’s fabric so you can always wash it when it gets dirty and don’t worry if the fabric took the shape of the handle for not removing it for a long time, because again, it’s fabric so it will return to its normal state when washed.

Hillary Bag Handle Wrap

As you can see, I didn’t just use the handle wraps for my shoulder bags, but I also tried tying one on my plain red pouch which instantly added a pinch of personality to its look. You can even buy 2 different handle wraps and wrap them alternately on your sling bag. Just be creative and you’ll find ways on how to use the bag handle wraps.

8 Steps of Proper Bag Storage:

  1. Wipe the outside body of your bag.
  2. Remove the dirt inside.
  3. Place the base shaper.
  4. Slid in a bag dehumidifier.
  5. Put the bag stuffing
  6. Enclose your bag with a dust bag.
  7. Then place it inside the bag filer.
  8. Keep away from direct sunlight.

You can find all these bag care products at Oh My Bag PH and start extending your bags’ lives. Pamper your bag with different kinds and sizes of bag care items that will surely fit! Show some mercy to your wallet every time you empty it to shop for a new bag and to your current bags that has been doing a great job of helping you bring your things everywhere you go!

Website | Facebook | Instagram  | ohmybagph@gmail.com

Images are taken and edit by yours truly.


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