Blogapalooza 2016: Tips for First Timers

The Philippines Biggest B2B: Business to Blogger Networking and Marketing Event 2016 is happening 27 days from today!

I just received a confirmation email from the Blogapalooza Team!

Again, I will be coming to the event with my fellow bloggers so see you guys!

For first timers, I shared some tips below to prepare you for the event!

Blogapalooza 2016

Blogapalooza Tips:

Bring a big Eco bag. You will receive a lot of freebies to the point that your hands won’t be able to carry it alone, so you need the help of Eco bags where you can put your freebies! Avoid bringing a big personal bag so you don’t easily get tired carrying everything.

Be internet ready. Most brands will ask you to like and share something or post something on your social media accounts in exchange for your participation you will receive a freebies, so you must be 100% internet ready for the whole day!

Prepare calling cards. Brands will ask you to sign up at their booths, but some just require you to drop your calling cards. This is their way to contact you for events, product reviews, promotion and collaboration so be sure to bring your calling cards.

Dress for your comfort. Blogapalooza doesn’t really have a dress code, you can wear anything you want, but I suggest that you dress in your most comfortable outfit where you can move easily for different activities that the brands will require.

Bring water and snacks. Although you will find food in the event place, I also advise that you bring bottled water in case you feel thirsty while going from booth to booth. And to avoid spending time on thinking what to eat, you can just grab your chosen snack inside your bag.

Bring a face towel. You will surely sweat even if the place is air conditioned because of the activities. You may also want to bring an extra shirt to change after the event. You may also want to bring a fan for extra cooling effect.

Be nice with co-bloggers. We all want to finish going through all the booths, but we have to keep in mind that there are also other people at the event. Be humble if you want to befriend other bloggers.

Have a starting and end point. Start at the entrance, then circle around going from booth to booth and end where you started so you don’t miss out anything.

Remember your purpose. Keep in mind what you want to achieve when you attend the event as a blogger besides the freebies that you will receive.

Bring your own ball pen. Although the booths have their ball pens that you can use to sign up, I myself find it easier to  bring my own ball pen, because sometimes there are several registration sheets but only one or two ball pens on the desk.

Take as many pictures as you can. You can use the pictures to tag and show the brands that you took the event seriously and that you welcome opportunities with them.

Enjoy and relax. Don’t stress yourself while waiting for your turn in every booth. Just relax, breathe and enjoy your surrounding especially for first timers.

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