Why Shop at Althea Korea Philippines

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Althea listens to their customers. Remember the MAKE A WISH campaign where we  submit our wishes for products / brands that we want to see on Althea? Malaysia and Singapore had 621 and 144 wishes respectively. In the Philippines they received a total of 1,053 wishes. They want to know what other Korean beauty products do we value the most so they don’t lose us. Isn’t that one of the great ways to value your customers?13087385_1563270777299682_3574435936810542379_n

They try to open different ways to order and deliver their services. They recently announced their Cash-On-Delivery service.

1. COD processing fee of PHP50 is applied for each order
2. Maximum grand total value per order for COD is PHP2000

They offer different deals every day! You won’t get bored shopping when you know how much you can maximize your budget. When you use the code: EARN150PTS50 and check what’s on sale or in which category is on sale, you’ll see how much discount you can get before you check out!

Earn Points

Althea Points 2


They respond to emails, messages and comments all the time. I noticed how active they are in responding on their social media accounts and I myself even experienced it. So if you have issues and inquiries don’t hesitate to contact them, because they will surely reply.

They post delivery delay notices. I appreciate that they accepted the problems of an online shopping business and they are not afraid to show that they do experience reasonable service delays. If you’re not in a rush, why waste time on bragging about the delivery delay when you know for a fact that they are reasonable and they apologized.


Althea follows Korean and Philippine calendar holidays. We get to enjoy the best of both worlds. When Korea celebrates Philippines also celebrates! In fact, having these two calendars makes us feel more connected to them and their culture.

Althea knows how to hype! Everybody went crazy when they announced a contest where you and your friend can win ₱10,000.00 worth of shopping credit just by referring friends! The community had so much fun and very noisy! Oh, 2 lucky ladies already won! So let’s wait for the next hype!

They give back to their community with a twist. Have you heard of the Althea Korea Pink Box Show Off where you post your haul on your social media accounts and one winner monthly will get picked to receive ₱250.00 credit? Isn’t it nice to shop, then take pride on what you just bought and get the chance to win something back? Besides, everyone wants to share something on their social media accounts so sharing a haul is effortless right?


They know their target market. They focused solely on Korean beauty products and brands even if they can carry out other brands. Now when you need to shop for Korean skin care products, they will automatically be on your list and you know exactly where to find them. They also know how we can enjoy being in their community, because they know exactly what we want!

Engagement is important to them. They want us to enjoy scrolling on their social media accounts so they think of ways where we can react and share our thoughts. You know what’s funny? Even community members are helping Althea in answering inquiries on their social media accounts, especially on their Facebook page! We don’t just engage with Althea, we also get to engage with other Altheans because we obviously have the same interest and have something to talk about. We can even make friends with the Altheans in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia!

We get to participate and join activities. Contest and giveaway happen every now and then. Even if we don’t get to win, we enjoy being part of a little something. No wonder why the community exploded!


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