Kath-Queen Chic Collection Nail Polish in Empress


It’s not light blue, it’s grey in color. The light was reflecting on my nails that’s why it turned out looking light blue, but it’s actually grey.


This is what I will be wearing on the Blogapalooza 2016 event on Saturday and I’m sure it will match my outfit. I’m sure gonna be looking like an Empress.


The only stupid thing that I did was I went swimming the next 2 days after painting my nails that’s why it chipped easily off. So, I highly recommend not to go swimming if you nail polish ain’t no gel type girl. Because you’ll be disappointed.

For the record, I received a lot of compliment wearing this on my nails. One girl even went to pamper her nails and literally asked the manicurist to apply the same color that I have after I posted the picture on my Instagram account.

I just got inspired by those nails I saw on Pinterest and while doing my grocery, I suddenly saw this nail polish and I instantly throw it in my basket!

It’s only PHP 30.00 and I got it from PureGold. I think you will also be able to purchase this at SM Malls.

It’s the first time I tried using this kind of color and I loved it.


6 thoughts on “Kath-Queen Chic Collection Nail Polish in Empress

  1. That’s the exact nail polish that I have been on the hunt for. Geez, I couldn’t find any from watson’s and even puregold near my place. But I did find some new nude shades from the same brand and they’re really pretty in my eyes. But before all that, I need me some of that grey first. ✌️

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