#LetInTheGoodness with Arla & Fly to Denmark!


Indulging in Natural Goodness is made easy and tasty with Arla

With more and more Filipinos now leaning towards food choices that are safe, natural, and reliable, it’s understandable that we’re all getting increasingly conscious of our gastronomic choices. This mission towards a better lifestyle is precisely what Arla Foods, the world’s largest multinational farmer-owned organic dairy company, aims to support by offering a wide array of natural dairy options.

With its diverse range of offerings made from 100% real milk and minimal ingredients, Arla takes pride in bringing the natural goodness from Denmark to the Filipino household. What began as small-scale dairy farmers cooperative in Europe during the 1880s is now known as the world’s number one farmer- owned organic dairy company, with a passion for harnessing the many benefits of milk and a heart for ensuring that its dairy products are made with care, sustainability, and highest standards.

In less than a year, Arla has already won over countless fans that include celebrities across a wide range of advocates. From family-oriented celebrities such as Rica Peralejo–Bonifacio and Danica Sotto- Pingris, to the biggest names in the local culinary scene like chefs China Cojuangco–Gonzalez and Gino Gonzalez, and the most dedicated wellness enthusiasts Chris Everingham and Tonette Nicolas, Arla is able to enrich and complement their multi-faceted lifestyles with the natural goodness of its products.


#LetInTheGoodness Easy with All-natural Dairy

Since the launch of the Natural Goodness range, it has become easy for Filipinos to make the best choices when it comes to their dairy needs. Made from 100% natural milk straight from the happy and healthy cows cared for by Arla farmers, these products are free from stabilizers, preservatives, additives, colorants, or any artificial flavours.

Aside from the whole Full Cream UHT Milk 3.5%, Low Fat UHT Milk 1.5%, and Skimmed UHT Milk 0.3%, there’s also the Organic Full Cream UHT Milk 3.5%,the first organic full cream cow’s milk to be introduced in the country. Also available is the Lactose Free Full Cream UHT Milk 3.5%, Arla’s answerto lactose intolerance that keeps Filipinos from enjoying true lactose-free dairy.


Arla Natural Cheese Slices are also becoming a hit in the Filipino kitchen since the variants– Gouda, Mozzarella, Havarti, and Emmental – make it easy for everyone to add a touch of gourmet natural goodness to their favorite cheesy dishes and sandwiches.Perfect for healthy meals, snacks, and cheesy treats for any occasion!

Then, there’s also Arla’s Natural Cream Cheese line for foodies who want to be more adventurous with their creamy and cheesy favorites: Natural Cream Cheese, Herbs and Spices Cream Cheese, Natural Light Cream Cheese, Pineapple Cream Cheese, and Lacto-Free Cream Cheese. Whatever the dish, sandwich, or dessert, there’s an Arla Natural Cream Cheese fit for it!

Get Real with Arla Cheesy Spread

The latest to join Arla’s roster of dairy goodness is Arla Cheesy Spread, a genuine cheese spread that finally lets us indulge in the real goodness of milk.

Launched for the first time in Asia through the Philippines just last April, Arla Cheesy Spread now lets us enjoy the deliciously rich, mild, and creamy flavour of cheese, while also imparting Vitamins and Minerals in each serving thanks to the almost 90% cow’s milk in each bottle.

From first glance, the purity and authenticity of Arla Cheesy Spread is apparent. Its delicately salty taste and untainted white color shows the lack of coloring agents and artificial flavourings that are usually the norm in most cheese spreads. Nutritious, easy-to-use, and versatile, Arla Cheesy Spread helps Filipinos #GetReal anywhere and anytime.


Fly to Denmark with Arla and see where the goodness begins

Because Arla is all about transparency and sticking true to their Danish roots, Arla will be taking two lucky customers to experience first-hand how its dairy farmers harness the goodness of dairy.

Keeping the mechanics as simple as the ingredients in each Arla product, joining the contest only requires three easy steps.

1) Purchase Php 500 worth of Arla, Apetina, Castello, and/or Lurpak products. That means a wide range of cheese, milk, cream, and butter to choose from! Each Php 500 worth is equivalent to one entry.

2) Take a photo of your receipt—make sure it’s clear!

3) Send it in a private message to the official Facebook page of Arla Philippines. Include your name, address, telephone/mobile number, and e-mail address.

The winner of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, will receive a five days/four nights all-expense paid trip for two (2) from August 20-24, during which they will get the chance to meet the dairy farmers and pampered cows behind Arla Foods. The highlight is a visit to the headquarters in Viby, and touring the Arla factory to see how Arla Cheesy Spread and the Natural Goodness range is produced. They will also have one free day to see the sights around Denmark.

Behind the Natural Goodness

What’s the secret to Arla’s natural goodness?

It’s the belief that quality begins with world-class, hormone-free milk, reinforced by the brand’s quality assurance method called Arlagaarden (pronounced as Arla-Gon, with gaarden meaning ―farm‖). Through this program, Arla farmers make sure that their milk stays fresh and has a perfectly balanced composition.

Also, with food safety in mind, production involves the highest possible level of hygiene and quality standards. Knowing that great milk comes from happy and healthy cows, they are also committed to improving animal welfare and housing their cows in animal-friendly conditions. With its commitment to caring for the environment, Arla has also taken on a cow to consumer perspective that focuses on a number of environmental aspects such as sustainable farming.

With Arla’s wide range of all-natural dairy products now available in major groceries and supermarkets across the Philippines, it’s now easy to take charge of our nutrition and enrich it with the natural goodness of milk.

What about you, how are you going to #LetInTheGoodness and #GetReal today?


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