STI Diaries 03: First Month of College Life and The Impact of K-12 on Students

STI Diaries 003

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy,

not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

– Socrates –

The memorandum released by the Commission on Higher Education states that students who graduated high school before the implementation of K-12 are given a chance to ONLY enroll in college within the year 2016 – 2017 and 2017 – 2018, failure to enroll from then on for all future enrollees will automatically be in Senior High School. (Click here for the complete Memorandum.)

Freshmen college enrollees who graduated high school before K-12 are extremely diverse. The majority had work experiences, many continued to be working students, some already have children and others gave way to their younger siblings to study first before them. Everyone has their own interesting stories to tell.

If we are going to base on the old tertiary curriculum, the standard age of freshmen college students would be around 16-years old, but the memorandum from the Commission on Higher Education forced everyone to enroll in college, pulling all high school graduates over a decade to complete their undergraduate degrees because of the restriction given to them.

You might be wondering how old the freshmen students I’m with right now… Well, most of them are in their 20s, ranging from 23 – 27 years old, only a few are in their teenage years because the last batch of 4th year high school students is now attending Grade 11. I also have a classmate in his 30s and another in her 40s if I’m not mistaken. This is just an estimate in the course I’ve taken, what more in other courses.

Everyone came in different walks of life that doesn’t only carry high school experiences with them, but also got deeply involved with the outside world. They know the meaning of hustle, pressure and had the taste of what life really means when you’re not carrying the title of a student. How life is when you don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree and how companies evaluate you as a person including your salary range.

I then had this observation and understanding that the meaning, importance, eagerness and seriousness of education depend on a person’s life experience. How much they value education comes from their lifestyle, the people around them, their environment, the hardship they went through in life and how much they want to make a change.

I am not saying that people who doesn’t suffer in life treat education with insignificance, I am only pointing out that the extent of willingness to learn, absorb knowledge and value of the tuition fee is quite far from people who ventured early in life with a rough road and are forced to be in situations that they aren’t supposed to be in base on what I have observed.

So what’s the catch between the students who thinks that they should be in college (Senior High School) and the batch of freshmen college of school year 2016 -2017 (High School graduates before K-12) together with on-going college students?

SHS students are not aware that the latest batch of Freshmen College is not within their age bracket, and has a different perception and set of experiences in life and education. Both sides need to understand and respect each other to completely avoid clashes that are happening recently.

The only way to instill harmony is if secondary levels respect the seniority of tertiary students, like how we respect the authority of our professors even if our age is not very far from them, and also, if tertiary students will respect the innocence, curiosity, intelligence and playfulness of the youngsters. Focus on the good side of everyone, stop dwelling on their negative side, because each group gave a positive advantage to each other. We just have to look deeper.

There is a high chance that what is happening in my school as of this curriculum transition moment is also happening in almost all college campuses nationwide that opened for senior high school. Keep in mind that you’re in the same school, roaming around the same campus, seeing the same faces every day and will be carrying the school’s name in your transcripts in the future.

Unless you understand and cooperate with one another, waking up, going to school and being excited to learn won’t be easy for you. The school will always be a strange place for you and it will have a negative effect on the way you learn. Start by appreciating the strength of everyone around you that can help you achieve your aspirations.

My final thoughts, if you think that the world is cruel to you or your parents because of the expenses and debts you had in years of studying, think about how life is to people who didn’t receive the proper education. If you’re having a problem with school expenses right now, don’t stop struggling, because you are suffering for a good amount of your future.

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4 thoughts on “STI Diaries 03: First Month of College Life and The Impact of K-12 on Students

  1. I actually envy students who are going through K-12 now. I am trying to get into a school in Japan but they are really strict in the no. of school years attended by the applicant. Since the previous curriculum lacks 2 years, I was rejected. Now they are requiring me to finish a 2-year master course (which is quite unfair because we lack 2 years of high school level, not graduate level). I’m still doing it, though. I need to get into that school. 😐

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    • Thank you for noticing my blog and I’ll post more about my college life in STI if I’m not busy with other stuffs and if I’m not occupied in studying. May I know where can I email the links of my college blogs? Once again, thank you!


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