Althea Birthday Celebration Experience

Althea Turns 1Hey there everyone! It’s been a while since I last blogged, because as you know from my previous blog, I am quite busy in college and other agendas. My pimples are actually saying hello to me because I’ve been sleeping late for several consecutive weeks now.

Last month, Althea Philippines celebrated their 1st birthday that started on July 20, 2016 and extended to August 15, 2016. Contests, discounts and giveaways were carried out for all the fabulous Altheans. I got my gift package within just 5 days from Korea.

Here is the list of products that they sent me to be able to join the pink celebration:


I will be making a blog about these Korean products as I have already used some of them since the day I got them. Yeah, I was way too excited!

So how was the celebration if you’re going to ask? Crazy! I get to celebrate online with other bloggers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and here in the Philippines! That’s not all! Althea held a contest on Instagram and everyone went all in by posting their best photos using the birthday kits included in their pink boxes! I myself had fun not by sharing my photos, but by seeing different pink photo compositions of hundreds of women on Instagram. You can check out how the celebration went by using the hashtag #AltheaTurns1 when searching on your social media accounts.

This is the reason why I love Althea, they organize successful online events where their community can participate and feel as if they are an actual store inviting and hosting events. As you can see, they really want to show how active they are to have bonding moments with their online community and loyal consumers. This is something that may not always see from the  other Korean online shop. I also appreciate how much they value their group of bloggers by giving us all this huge privilege.

Before I forget, one of my future blog posts will be about the latest updates from Althea, what were the changes and improvements for their curious first time clients, so please follow me on my social media accounts to get instant updates when I post a new blog.

Thank you very much to Althea and to my readers, may your eyebrows always look dashing! Oh, don’t forget to leave your comments! See you on my next blog!


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