MaXfactor Pan Stik and Maybelline White Super Fresh Powder Foundation Review



I have been using MaXfactor Pan Stik in True Beige and Maybelline White Super Fresh Two-Way Cake Foundation in Nude Beige ever since I started college. The Pan Stick was recommended to me by my auntie who loved it for years before she could afford MAC cosmetics. So, because I wanted to try a new foundation, I went on and listened to her advice to try MaXfactor Pan Stik. Then I tried Maybelline White Super Fresh after seeing beauty gurus/youtuber Saytioco Artillero and Anne Clutz make a review about the product and how much it prevents oiliness the whole day.

You know what I love about the pan stik? It gives you full coverage and you won’t even need a concealer to hide your blemishes. It doesn’t feel that heavy on my face, but it doesn’t do the work on covering up dark circles. So you need an eye concealer dedicated to dark under eye circles if you really want that bright and fresh look. But I’m not that kind of woman who likes hiding her dark circles when she’s just in school, because girl, it is seriously way too dark to conceal after sleepless nights just to study. Let’s be proud of the bags than hide it!

The Pan Stik was created in 1948 and was only used by Hollywood makeup artists and was only dedicated for celebrities. It was then innovated to suit the everyday makeup need of women and has been in the market for decades. Even my auntie was surprised that it was still selling. But it wasn’t a surprise to me because it does the job on me just like how it did on Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth and many other beautiful celebrity years ago.

Before I forget, the pan stik is cream base and it suit all skin types. I use True Beige because it matches my skin and hides imperfections effortlessly. I just use sponge applicator after dabbing some product on my face and doubling it on parts that I want to conceal. I also love that it’s very handy and because it is full coverage, it’s thrifty to use. Mine last for about 3 months and I use it on a daily basis.

Let’s move on to White Super Fresh Powder Foundation… I received so many positive comments from other people both men and women about this product. They would say how fresh I look even if it’s sunny and women would ask what I am using. I think I only really do a serious retouch twice a day since I started using this powder foundation. I recommended this to my classmates and they loved it as well. But keep in mind that oil control foundation doesn’t look absolutely gorgeous on camera shots. I remember Pony (Korean makeup guru) saying that on one of her Youtube makeup video tutorial and had experienced it myself just last day in a group picture. I look fine but my face obviously doesn’t have any natural highlights. This product lasted me longer than the pan stik for about a week or two.

Now, I am on my second MaXfactor Pan Stik and refilled my Maybelline White Super Fresh Powder Foundation to get me ready for my second semester in college. You can purchase both brand in Watsons and inside SM Department Stores.



MaXfactor Pan Stik at Php 475.00 (has 9 shades)

Maybelline White Super Fresh at Php 249.00 (was on sale)

White Super Fresh Refill at Php 169.00 (was on sale)


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