Things I Promise To 2017 Onwards


I promise to make amazing mistakes. I won’t let the fear of negative consequences intimidate me from doing things. This time I will let myself fail and discover.

I promise to be me. I won’t let anyone dictate how I should be, what I’m capable and incapable of doing. I won’t allow people to decide on my source of strength and happiness. Most of all, nobody has the right to define my limits.

I promise to be deeply, madly and crazy in love. Why should I suppress it when I know I’ve got so much love to give and when I’ve found the person I’ve been looking for. How did I know that I’m with the right person? The world will slap it in your face to a point where you’d feel that the person you’re with is someone you shouldn’t let go no matter what.

I promise to stop being afraid of being judged. I then realized that people don’t really give a damn about you and you’re going to be judged either way around, so just do it to avoid future regrets.

I promise to share my blessings. My aunt once told me, “If you do nice things to others, your conscience is healthy and life will make its own way to return the good things to you.”

I promise to continue being as stubborn as hell, because something has got to be wrong if I stop being like this. You know, I always try to make my way around things that I want to achieve.

I promise to do things that scare me. I love the adrenaline, it makes me feel so alive may it be leisure or just a situation in my life.

I promise to stay bold and wild. No matter how I want to keep that goody good girl attitude, it wouldn’t fit me. I guess I was born in a fortress and not in a royal castle.

I promise to let go of things that I don’t have any control of. If I can’t get it with absolute stubbornness, it simply means I should let it go.

I promise to continue being straight forward. Sometimes all a person needs to hear is what you want and what you don’t want, what you can and cannot give, to make things easy, fast and clear. I’m not a fan of sugar coating and lame conversations, in addition to that, I believe that if you want to avoid misinterpretation, speak a language that can be understood by the person you’re talking to.

I promise to choose the people I get naked with. When you’re opening up to a person, it feels like you’re downright stripping off all the guard and boundaries of yourself. So to avoid being in the headlines and creating a problem of my own, I’d filter people around me with those who are responsible with their tongues.

I promise to choose the people who have power over me. I tried doing this before 2016 ends and I found out that it worked well for me. Like no matter how much I hate a person I only feel psychologically pissed off but not emotionally affected. If I continue the practice, I believe I’d get full control of what I should consider stressful and not. If you’ve watched The Fault in Our Stars you’ll realize that Augustus Waters was right when he said, “You get to choose who hurt you.”

I promise to break and defy as many rules as I can. I’m not planning to do anything illegal. I’m just not good at following rules when I know I’m capable of bending it.

I promise to keep my feet on the ground. Apologize if I’m wrong and show appreciation even with the little things that people do for me out of kindness.

I promise to get a hold of my life.


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