A Book Review: #GirlBoss By Sophia Amoruso


I would recommend this book to every woman out there who wants to nail their dreams and are currently struggling. This book is also helpful for newly graduated students who are preparing and on the hunt for their first job, because Sophia gave her pointers on how to leave a good impression to an employer.

Also, if you are a business startup, especially in the field of online business industry, you have to read this girl, because you’re going to get a lot of value from Sophia. I am a startup online business myself so I assure you that I learned so much by reading her book.

For those employed working girls out there,  our #GirlBss CEO Sophia says that it is not enough to just show up at work, it is a must that you put your heart and best effort when you’re at work. Because in a company, your mistake can make a bad chain reaction that will cause the company a huge trouble. And when your mistakes occur religiously, the message might get up to the head of the chain and you’ll find yourself being eaten up alive when it happens.

Lastly, if you’re someone who’s finding your way in life and has been feeling like hell is always upon you in whatever you’re doing, girl, read this because Sophia did and experienced a lot of unbelievable things which got her into tons of troubles but came out successful in life. You wouldn’t actually believe that a she has the #GirlBoss characteristic in her early life.

Overall the biggest impact of #GirlBoss of Sophia Amoruso to me is optimism in the little things I do to be successful. No matter how small it is that you think you’re doing, there is a greater value that you are building for your future goal.

Furthermore, I learned that knowing yourself and your own voice will lock you down with your passion and dreams, that even outside voices will find it difficult to penetrate your thoughts to manipulate you to negativity.

If you want something lady, work for it, before you say you deserve it and finally own it.



  • Learn to create your own opportunities.
  • You don’t get taken seriously by asking someone to take you seriously. You’ve got to show up and own it.
  • Success lies in knowing your weaknesses and playing to your strengths.
  • Take pride in what you do. Don’t do sloppy work. Be the best. Have something original and special to offer that makes people’s lives better.
  • Another big no-no is increasing your spending as soon as your income increases.
  • When your time spent making money is significantly greater than your time spending money, you will be amazed at how much you can save without really thinking about it.
  • You can’t expect the world to read your mind. You have to put it out there, and sometimes putting it out there is as simple as saying as, “Hey, can I have that?”
  • The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, and it’s true.
  • You have to kick people out of your head as forcefully as you’d kick someone out of your house if you don’t want them to be there.
  • Chances are it will take twenty of those good ideas before one sticks and has a chance to become real, but a good idea is only good if there is a well-thought-out plan to make it a reality.
  • Learn how to take care of yourself so that the man you marry is the man you choose to be with and not just the man who will take care of you.
  • What’s the first rule about holes? When you’re in it, stop digging.
  • When you want to do things because you want to do them, you can accomplish a lot.
  • Overwhelmingly busy is a much better state to be in than overwhelmingly bored.
  • When you don’t dress like everyone else, you won’t think like everyone else.
  • Confidence is more attractive than anything you could put on your body.
  • Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.
  • When life hits you with something unexpected, you have to hit right back and leave your own smear in the process.

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A Book Review: The Son of Nepal by J.J Sylvester


The Sons of Thunder | soburinmuhandae@gmail.com | Read

First of all, I love how this book talks a lot about the supernatural being and heaven. I don’t really feel like this is a fantasy book, but more of a biblical with a twist of romance, because I somehow saw Moses through Johannan when he became a Judge, and I saw Adam and Eve on Johannan and Ayushi’s destiny.

You know what, there are actually a lot of things that you will see in this first book, yeah, there is a second book which I am hoping to read as well. Then book three is in the making. I truly believe that the Muhandae in this story is God while Soburin is Jesus Christs, and Johannan is one of his disciples. This is what I think, but do let me know what you think when you read the book. But the only person who can truly answer the question of the inspiration behind the characters is the writer J.J Sylvester.


So now let’s move on to my favorite character Johannan and his journey to find a cure for his beloved Ayushi’s blindness which proves that love can move mountains. The mountains didn’t literally move, but Johannan did move from mountain to mountain just to find the Great Spirit that will cure Ayushi’s blindness.

I think now I understand why many people made it a career to climb mountains, it’s because of the physical, mental and emotional achievement that one feels after reaching every summit. Johannan proved that no matter how difficult it is, as long as you have a strong and clear vision of what you want to achieve in life, you will achieve it, but it seriously needs time, a touch of sacrifice and huge amount of effort.

He also proved that no matter how painful it is for you or for your lover, you will always do what you think is best for them, because that’s what love is. And Ayushi proved that if you sincerely love someone, you will always believe and support their decisions, even if you have to endure the pain, because deep in your heart you trust and believe that they will make it.

Love isn’t a business where it’s mandatory to gain the trust of everyone around you before you profit from it. Love is about getting and not losing the trust that was effortlessly given to you by the most important person in your life. Because you don’t want to go feeling like your strength has been sucked out of your life and you can’t find any way to fund it back.

I can relate to Johannan and Ayushi’s longing for each other, and I believe most people will, especially those in a long distance relationship. Missing someone is very stressful so I truly understand the couple in this story. I get lonely when I don’t get to see my guy for days, what more if you haven’t seen them for years right?

So where do we really get the strength when we couldn’t continue? Yes, from the people that we love, but most of all, from old memories and future visions with them. When you don’t see the person that you love the most, you tap into those deep sleeping memories of the time you’re with them to ease the pain you’re feeling. And frankly, it helps.

I somehow already made all my point clear about the story, but before I start sharing my favorite lines in the story because of how much it uplifts my negative feelings, I would like to give credits on how much wisdom Johannan’s mother has in this story. You’re going to want to love how your parents nag you.

My favorite lines from the book:

“Wicked people have increased in the land, and Teki will have the case he needs to chasten the lands of Asia. The good will pay for the deeds of the unjust—unless something is done.

I love this line from the book because I feel like its ageless… It applies to all aspects of life and very timely for me to have read, especially now that the Philippines will be electing a new President and government officials. Will those newly elected officials do something to prevent people from experiencing more sufferings or will they take up the same role of Teki in this story. I don’t want to put politics in this book review, but it’s where I really think this line applies.

Another one of Mama’s sayings came to mind: “The long way is tiresome and reliable, but the shortcut is filled with mishaps.”

Yeah, just like you I also feel tired about my life sometimes, but if you think of it, it is true that the long way is reliable compared to the shortcuts because you have the time to prepare and to analyze. You will experience normal endurance in the long way, but massive endurance is needed when you insist on taking the shortcut.

He dipped his chin; he had taken this for granted—he hadn’t been aware of his luck. It reminded him of something Mama used to always say: “You cannot see when you’re in the presence of love, but when it is taken from you, at that moment, your eyes begin to open.”

Wave your hands if you can relate to this! I’m waving mine! Reminds me of my grandfather who dearly loved us, but passed away… Now I’m missing life with him from time to time…

It was like one of Mama’s weird sayings: “Better to be beaten by a mother who loves you, than to be beaten by those who hate you.” It made sense now, a lot of sense.

Being beaten is not really a good thing even if it’s from a parent, but parents have their own different way of showing love to children. So it’s more acceptable to be beaten by parents who you know loves you than to seriously be beaten by those people who hates you, because they enjoy seeing you in pain.

I am not an expert on doing book reviews because I just write whatever impact the book gave me, but I seriously love reading with all my heart, so I hope somehow, you guys loved this book review.

I would recommend this to religious people, for those children who feels like their parents doesn’t love them and for those people who’s so in love right now but is undergoing a rocky relationship. If you feel like your relationship is breaking apart, read this because somehow you’ll feel that your pain is no match for what the couple in the story had experienced. This isn’t a tragic love story so please don’t get me wrong.

I seriously got attached to the story because of how much the characters put faith in the supernatural being living in heaven. I felt like my feeling of a sense of destiny was strengthened and I was more empowered to truly believe in God. I’m sure, somehow, you will feel the same way after reading this.

Until my next book review guys!


The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce

Divorce Book Review

If you’re wondering what has drawn me to purchasing this book despite my age, it’s because of my curiosity about my parent’s separation. I am just very lucky enough to have grandparents who stayed in love with each other after how many decades. My parents might not be a good role model on my future marriage but I am fortunate enough to have wonderful grandparents to look up to who stayed together until the end. Looking at their successful marriage is better than focusing on the damaged relationship that my parents had, but my parents’ separation wasn’t all bad. I got to learn stuffs in advance and appreciated it over time.

I recommend this book to people who’s undergoing a rocky marriage, to those children of separated parents like me and to those people who are in a relationship with a person from a broken family.Even mentors and life coaches will benefit in this book. You will see a lot of different kinds of marriage in this book, different family setups and surprising child behaviors towards separating parents. Philippines doesn’t have a divorce law, only annulment and legal separation, so I replaced the word divorce with separated instead. This book talks about the laws and obligations that families who divorced are encountering and the impact of the rules to a child’s life from childhood to adolescent and finally the effect of their parent’s separation in their adult life.

The only advice that I can share to those people who are children of separated parents, you are not your parents. You will not have a similar faith with them because you have control over your future marriage. No matter how painful the past is, there will always be hope for comfort in the future. Don’t make unhappiness be part of your daily life forever.

I wish there was a law that obligates couples to stay together in one room, sharing only one bed, one plate, one chair, one table, one mug and one pair of spoon and fork for one month until they make their final decision if they are going to stay in the marriage or finalize the separation. Maybe in this way the probability of broken marriage will lessen, because the couples will gain something from the shared experience and understanding on the situation that they’ve gone through.

Before I forget, I got this book for only Php20.00 on a super book sale that was held at SM Manila. I can no longer remember the date though. So forgive me for that…

Curious about the content of the book? Below are several paragraphs from random pages of the book that I found very interesting to share:

“Divorce makes you grow up very fast. I resented this when I was young, but as I grew older, I realize it could be a good thing. Some kids were so angry at their parent’s divorce, all they could do was get into drugs and an unhappy lifestyle. Even now I know people who have not recovered. But I have. And I’ll tell you why. Somewhere in my twenties I stopped wanting a lost childhood. I think that’s the secret. I began to realize that it’s now, not then, that matters. And I realized that I’m me, not them. I can do what I want, not what they did. I learned to take responsibility for myself and my life.”

“Do we fit? Are we good together? Is what we have in common good enough to stay together for one night, one year, a life time? For building family?”

“By relying to his rights, he lost her. What a pity. How foolish we are to think that we can legislate or direct the human heart.”

“I was lost for so long and I could easily have just stayed high and self-destruct. There must have been something I got from my parents. I guess they loved me even though they didn’t show it. I always thought they were both selfish. But things are better now and that’s what’s important. I have a better family now than I had as a kid. I guess there’s no way not to have something left over from what’s happened to you.”

“You have to expect to take the bad things with the good,” she said, “to make the most of what life gives you and to make your own happiness.”

“All divorces are bad for kids,” he told me. “They make kids do things that they normally wouldn’t do.”

“A few days later we had a long and very useful talk in which I made it clear that she is first a wife and only second a daughter. She belongs with me just like I belong with her. Whatever care was needed we would provide each other. ”

“The secret of a good marriage is to arrive at a good enough fit so that each person feels that the relationship is uniquely satisfying, sometimes uniquely annoying, but probably irreplaceable.”

“You spend a fortune on the wedding and then when you’re broke, you divorce.”

“What’s done to children, they will do to society.” -Karl A. Menninger


The Future Has A Past by J. California Cooper


This book depicts what’s happening to women’s society these days. Women who will read this book will surely relate to the stories even if they didn’t experience the situations, somehow they’ve seen it from others, heard it from another women’s experience or point of view. The women in the stories expresses different personalities and abilities. Some of them may seem very coward for the readers, but it was because of the choices they made in their lives which is why they ended up that way… I got this book on a super sale last year in SM Manila where you can buy all of the books for only Php20.00 each and I only had a chance to read it this week. The writer’s soul is resting in heaven now but she makes you feel like she’s still writing a new book for you. I am passing my book to my best friend for her to see what I saw from one of J. California Copper’s book.


Here are several lines from the book which might entice you to read it:

***And time won’t wait for you to catch up and learn. You have to love your own heart and body! Love is LOVE, and LOVE protects what or who it LOVES. Believe me. If somebody is not there to HELP you, what else are they there for? Answer me, please.

***The anger in her heart was real, even though she knew she loved him, “But I have only me to than for that. You were right! But… how do I know what I would have to go through the next time you think you are right and, one time you may not be right and I will have to change something I want to do or you will step away from me again?”

***Turtle’s heart like to just burst right there. Somebody was asking him NOT to go. He took his hand from her face and out his arms around her shoulders, pulled her to him and said, “I’m comin back. I might not be able to attend my own funeral, but I sure am goin to get back here! How can I not come back to a woman like you? Just don’t go away.”

***Cool laughed in agreement, said, “You sure laid somethin on his mind! Mama’s baby, papa’s maybe. But, one thing I sure do know is my sons are mine!”