The Best Blogapalooza 2016 Experience


It’s my third time to attend Blogapalooza and I’d say that this is one of the best they have organized! It was held at Novotel Manila Araneta Center on November 05, 2016 – Saturday, from 10am – 8pm. I thought it wasn’t going to be fun because the exact area where the program was held was at the 6th floor Versailles Garden which was an open area but with several tents to shelter us from the sun. This is also the hotel where the iconic 90s female R&B group – SWV (Sisters with Voices) stayed before visiting Pinoy Big Brother’s House. I actually saw them in person wearing the same attire when they went live on PBB House, but didn’t get the chance to snap a picture with them because I felt like they were in a rush.

There aren’t as many brands and booths this time compared to the past, but me and my fellow bloggers did enjoy the activities with the different brands who were present that day, because we felt that they seriously prepared for it. It wasn’t just an exchange of contact information, but we got to interact with them through games. Krispy Kreme, San Mig Food Ave, Taisho Ramen & Teppanyaki House, VitaminBoost and other food and beverage brands were also very generous to serve us with food and drinks for the day.


Click to visit their blogs: Marj | Erin | Me | Peng

I noticed that the sponsors’ booths weren’t as crowded as they were, maybe because the booths and the conference was held in two separate area, unlike having both packed in one place before. Now everyone who are finished visiting the booths in the garden can now sit and listen to the speakers inside the conference hall. It’s like a system that everyone can easily understand…


Then, it got me thinking why the event was promoting to use the #UnitePh beside the usual hash tags, then I realized, it was because of the bloggers coming from the rural areas of the Philippines! Blogapalooza gathered as many groups from different parts of the country such as those coming from North Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao! Yeah, you got that right! Blogger society from Metro Manila got to meet and greet their co-bloggers from the province! I am seriously surprised that they even existed and that they have been in the blogging world since 2007! Thanks to Blogapalooza, we are now well informed of their presence! I can’t say anything on their efforts just to make it to the event with us!


Let’s be real, talks get a little bit boring sometimes when you’ve been siting and listening from one speaker to another for hours. You then start to just focus on your social media accounts and talk about a different topic with your friends. But the 30 minutes comedy segment with The 4th Player Improv got me laughing till my jaws started hurting! I noticed that after their stage, the audience were more lively and active throughout the end of the program.

ATC Health Care Corporation who once sponsored me to write about them was also present, and boy, they are heavily armed with activities, prizes, giveaways and freebies. I also noticed that their marketing campaign is competitive this year. I often see bloggers posting about them here and there…


Correct me if I’m wrong but Chemworld Fragrance Factory never missed out a Blogapalooza event and they are very consistent with their booth’s activity for 3 consecutive event. This time, I received a full size perfume instead of vials, so yeah, it was worth it to play Pick-Up-Sticks and remember my childhood days.



Ruby Caberte of CDO Bloggers Society

Vanj Padilla of Pangasinan Bloggers Society

Sinjin Pineda of Cebu Bloggers Society

Ria Jose of Davao Bloggers Society

The last segment of the program where the panelist for the discussion were the founders of the blogger groups from Davao, CDO, Pangasinan and Cebu was I think one of the best decision that Blogapalooza team has ever made for this year’s event. I felt the truth, sincerity and wisdom from their answers even when they are thrown with an intimidating question from the audience. Compared to the past discussion panelist, these people weren’t sugar coating their answers and weren’t playing safe. You will see it from the way they look and the way they choose their words. I felt the struggles that they’ve surpassed and how they really deserve where they are right now.

“Let people be what they want to be.” – Ria Jose of Davao Bloggers Society

“Blogging is a passion, you cannot micro manage it.” Vanj Padilla of Pangasinan Bloggers

“Give bloggers a good and worth blogging experience.” – Ria Jose

“We don’t ask. We also don’t refuse.” – Vanj Padilla

“Your passion for blogging will answer your own question.” – Ria Jose

“Blogging is a personal enterprise.” – Ria Jose

Now that all the blogging society has been united, and the program was about to end, it was the perfect timing for the big revelation that had everyone been waiting for!


Blogapalooza heard us, so they created a platform where bloggers and businesses can easily collaborate with each other. BUZZIN, a new and trusted marketing partner, where bloggers can join as many campaigns as they want, provided that brands still gets to select which bloggers they will be hiring. The best part here is, we get paid for collaborating with them! We don’t need to worry on how to reach brands anymore, and we get paid. Let’s Buzzin!

Bloggers don’t forget to Buzzin!!! See you guys on the next Blogapalooza!!!


Blogapalooza 2016: Tips for First Timers

The Philippines Biggest B2B: Business to Blogger Networking and Marketing Event 2016 is happening 27 days from today!

I just received a confirmation email from the Blogapalooza Team!

Again, I will be coming to the event with my fellow bloggers so see you guys!

For first timers, I shared some tips below to prepare you for the event!

Blogapalooza 2016

Blogapalooza Tips:

Bring a big Eco bag. You will receive a lot of freebies to the point that your hands won’t be able to carry it alone, so you need the help of Eco bags where you can put your freebies! Avoid bringing a big personal bag so you don’t easily get tired carrying everything.

Be internet ready. Most brands will ask you to like and share something or post something on your social media accounts in exchange for your participation you will receive a freebies, so you must be 100% internet ready for the whole day!

Prepare calling cards. Brands will ask you to sign up at their booths, but some just require you to drop your calling cards. This is their way to contact you for events, product reviews, promotion and collaboration so be sure to bring your calling cards.

Dress for your comfort. Blogapalooza doesn’t really have a dress code, you can wear anything you want, but I suggest that you dress in your most comfortable outfit where you can move easily for different activities that the brands will require.

Bring water and snacks. Although you will find food in the event place, I also advise that you bring bottled water in case you feel thirsty while going from booth to booth. And to avoid spending time on thinking what to eat, you can just grab your chosen snack inside your bag.

Bring a face towel. You will surely sweat even if the place is air conditioned because of the activities. You may also want to bring an extra shirt to change after the event. You may also want to bring a fan for extra cooling effect.

Be nice with co-bloggers. We all want to finish going through all the booths, but we have to keep in mind that there are also other people at the event. Be humble if you want to befriend other bloggers.

Have a starting and end point. Start at the entrance, then circle around going from booth to booth and end where you started so you don’t miss out anything.

Remember your purpose. Keep in mind what you want to achieve when you attend the event as a blogger besides the freebies that you will receive.

Bring your own ball pen. Although the booths have their ball pens that you can use to sign up, I myself find it easier to  bring my own ball pen, because sometimes there are several registration sheets but only one or two ball pens on the desk.

Take as many pictures as you can. You can use the pictures to tag and show the brands that you took the event seriously and that you welcome opportunities with them.

Enjoy and relax. Don’t stress yourself while waiting for your turn in every booth. Just relax, breathe and enjoy your surrounding especially for first timers.

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Shell Eco Marathon #SEM2016


Shell Eco Marathon is a unique competition that challenges students around the world to design, build and drive the most energy-efficient car. With three annual events in Asia, Americas and Europe, student teams take to the track to see who goes further on the least amount of fuel.

The competition is split into two classes or categories. The Prototype class focuses on maximum efficiency, while passenger comfort takes a back seat. The Urban Concept class encourages more practical designs. Cars are also divided by energy type:

  • Internal combustion engine fuels include petrol, diesel, liquid fuel made from natural gas and ethanol.

  • In the electric mobility category, vehicles are powered by hydrogen fuel cells and lithium-based batteries.

This year, more than 1,000 students from 19 countries will compete to win the record-breaking 1,572 km per liter energy efficient distance! The pressure is on! The event ran from March 3-6 at Rizal Park, Manila. The race track started at Quirino Grandstand and circle around Katigbak Drive, Roxas Boulevard ending at South Drive. Entrance is free.

7 Zones at Shell Eco Marathon :

  1. Entrance
  2. Technical Inspection
  3. Fan Zone
  4. Energy Zone
  5. Track Start
  6. Track Finish
  7. Partners

It’s my first time to attend Shell Eco Marathon and luckily it is also their last year to organize the annual event here in the Philippines that started on 2013. We didn’t get to attend the first day opening ceremony, but we made it to on their second day because Stephen was very persistent. I seriously thought I was going to get bored when we got there, not because the event was a guy thing, but because I was imagining a common car show. But when prototypes and urban concepts started showing up one by one, my mind was set from boring to amaze! Stephen on the other hand enjoyed the activities while I enjoy taking pictures of him.

I merely know stuff, about automotive or mechanical engineering, but thanks to my knowledgeable boyfriend I had the gasp of what was happening inside the tent. I had tons of questions and Stephen was feeling like a wizard while lecturing me. For a first timer like me the very highlight of the event wasn’t the activities, but the satisfaction you get from seeing the teams from different countries preparing for their technical inspection and track challenge. It’s so fascinating how innovative these students are.

If you feel exhausted after joining the activities you have an area where you can sit to rest and if you feel hungry there are several food stands scattered around the area. Visitors can also find mineral water dispensers in almost every corner when they feel thirsty. And if you’re having a trouble there are many security personnel posted and walking around the area to assist you.

The only place we didn’t get to enter was in the Energy Zone, where they will be showing a mad science show because you need to be there early to grab your ticket. Sadly, when we arrived it was already closed, loaded with participants inside, the next time slow is also full and there we were asked to come back the next day.

Stephen is proudly from Mapua Institute of Technology so we support the Team Cardinals. Here we saw them racing on the track while being filmed. They won 2nd Place overall out of 35 competitors and 1st Place in the Philippines! Congratulations!

Cheers to futuristic and high-tech car designs and for the future of mobility!

#SEM2016 #TeamCardinals #FlyAguila #AXIOS #TeamPhilippines #VivaMapua

Blogopolis4D Experience

It was an amazing experience to be part of the country’s biggest blog and social media conference organized by Nuffnang Philippines – The World’s Leading Blog and Advertising Community!


SPOT ME | Image from Nuffnang Philippines

I’ve been following fashion blogger’s Camille Co, Lauren Uy and David Guison on Instagram, and I’ve never seen them in person, so it was an amazing experience to have seen them at the event! It was also the first time that I saw AJ Dee in person and one of the highest paid hosts, Sam Oh. Congresswoman Leni Robredo also graced the event and I listened to her out of respect, although I don’t really support her. Ramon Bautista was also one of the speakers and he didn’t fail to make the audience laugh the moment he stepped on stage! Richie Zamora’s notes on photo and video editing his food vlogs also amazed me and got me thinking how delicious his life is as a blogger.

The different speakers were assigned to different categories to talk about the 4D which are Dialogue, Diversity, Device and Direction that will help bloggers build their blogging career and I learned a lot from their presentations. Each one of them really prepared something for budding bloggers like me and I appreciate their effort together with the Nuffnang Philippines team. But if you’re going to ask me which speaker impressed me, it’s Googly Gooeys because of their creativity in showing life through digital characters to entertain people similar to cartoons and animations. I am an aspiring digital art designer, so I was really empowered when they started showing several slides of their work.

I also kept in mind what Peach Natividad said about breaking the internet.

  1. The internet has a short memory. Not everything that “Breaks the Internet” lasts for a long time.

  2. Two things turn fads into icons – a brand identity and the ability to reinterpret that through time.

  3. In reinterpreting your brand, constantly assess and reassess your audience and their behavior.

I loved the crowd of bloggers who were present at Blogopolis 4D yesterday because unlike other events that I attended  these bloggers were kind, wasn’t snob and very humble. They smile even if they don’t know who you are. A lot of them were also well-dressed for the event so my eyes were really having fun looking at them. Some of them looked stunningly beautiful and the gentlemen were also fashionable.




The organizers were very thoughtful to set up an area where we can grab our snack and drinks, so we were eating while listening to the presentations. Leslie Corporation, the manufacturer of my all time favorite snack Clover Chips also handed us a loot bag filled with their snacks so we really didn’t get hungry, but sadly Clover Chips cannot be found inside the bag. There were also several booths with activities and freebies, but it wasn’t the highlight of the event because we all went there to listen to the speakers and throw questions to the panelists.

I wasn’t able to stay for the cocktail party and to watch the fashion show by Aeropostale because it was getting dark outside and I was going home alone. My fellow bloggers whom I came in with wasn’t also going to stay to finish the whole event, so we decided to go home altogether. Anyway, it wasn’t the last time that all of us will be together because there are still upcoming events for bloggers scheduled this year where we can meet and have fun again.

Congratulations to the bloggers who received awards for creating valuable content for us, although I honestly don’t really know a few of them.

Visit my Facebook Page for more images.

Thiocell Skin Whitening

Thiocell USA Skin Whitening Beauty Event

I was invited to Thiocell‘s beauty event on November 27, 2015. They introduced the #NewWayOfWhitening and the science behind the power of Thiocell in skin whitening.

Thiocell WhiteningThiocell is the first and only glutathione in lozenge form and is now being distributed by Brady Pharma Inc. in the Philippines.

Thiocell WhiteningThe ever entertaining Mr. Ramesh Tenambhat Krishnamurthy – Chief Operating Officer of Brady Pharma, who also sat at our table and had a little chat with me and Mrs.Krish Enriquez before finally saying goodbye.

Thiocell WhiteningThe beautiful Dr. Kristina C. Reyes explaining the causes of aging and how Thiocell helps in fighting free radicals that damages our cells, while fellow bloggers are busy taking pictures of her.

Thiocell WhiteningShe also told us about several techniques of skin whitening that can be harmful to our health and I will elaborate that on my product review.

Thiocell WhiteningMs. Kumi Yusada who invited me (Thank you very much!) is announcing the lucky winner of #Thiocell #ootd.

Thiocell WhiteningWe had lunch at Le Jardin restaurant in BGC and the food was really delicious, but the best part, as always, is the dessert!

Thiocell WhiteningSay hello to Mrs. Krish Enriquez, the winner of the Thiocell #ootd contest, a beauty blogger herself and a certified dessert lover!

DSC06046-1The bloggers: Mrs. Sella Goden | Mrs. Krish Enriquez | Ms. Kumi Yusada |Ms. Celine Reyes had to go so we weren’t able to take pictures with her.

Thiocell Whitening1 bottle of Thiocell is priced at Php 2,600. It’s clinically proven safe and effective. It assures maximum and faster rate of absorption giving you lighter skin as early as 2 weeks! It’s now available in Lazada.

I will be posting my review as soon as I finished my bottle.

Don’t forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram!

Thank you very much Thiocell!

Images are all taken by yours truly.



Philippine Blogging Award Bloggy Gala Night 2015

Bloggys Award Hall of Fame 2015 organized by

Album Cover

1 - 1

Me at the Red Carpet.


A very inspiring blogger at 75 years old, Mr. Abe Rotor of won the Best Nature and Environmental Blog Award. Yeah, that’s Ms. Peng Desuyo of


Mr. Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet in the middle.



Some very nice and lively people behind the event.


Got to try a Barley grass juice. They also have it in capsule for those who prefer it over the juice.


Her style is on flick!


Ms. Peng received a prize from Horse Power, lucky! (Yeah, her heels are very noticeable!)



Okay, let’s spread the love everyone!

3 - 1

It’s a bit difficult to balance the head dress and I don’t know what character in Hero Channel it is that I am portraying!


This UFC belt is seriously heavy because it’s real!


This guy is hilariously miming everyone and photo bombed most of people at the red carpet.

17 - 1

Hoping that no balloon accidentally pops while I photo bomb them.

11 - 1

Chilling while listening to the host calling names to hop on the stage.



If you’re a Fashion or Lifestyle blogger you can be featured in Sauce online style magazine.


14 - 1

Congratulations to all the winners!

To the sponsors, thank you very much for all the freebies, fun activities, drinks and unforgettable experience!

Until next year everyone!

See you!



Breakout Philippines #VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries

November will never end without a Halloween party with friends and family from the team who brought us crazy concepts like Outbreak Manila and Slidefest Philippines, Breakout Philippines in partnership with FOX International Channels and Victoria Court is inviting all of us to join their special Halloween event called #VPartySeries: Midnight Mysteries!


I’m not a fan of horror movies or dark places but I wouldn’t miss out the chance to run from scare actors dressed like filthy zombies. I’m very excited to see if I can last 45 minutes inside the escape room without having to shout the safe word, “I want my mommy!” even if zombies are holding me, whispering crazy stories in my ears, sniffing my neck and hungry to bite the flesh out of me. We know that they are wearing makeup and costumes, but if you’re locked up inside a creepy room with tons of them, your imagination will eventually sit in to elevate the fear and make it seem like you’re in the Walking Dead series.



The event will be held at Victoria Court, Malate, Manila from 9am of November 07, 2015 to 3am of November 08, 2015. Before I forget, I will be attending with my fellow bloggers behind The Daily Whimp, Hainrihi’s Discoveries and Airina April who was also at the Blogapalooza 2015 event last Sunday. So if you want to meet us, be there!

Get out of your comfort zone and let’s immerse ourselves in the latest horror escape house concept in the Philippines! Look for clues, solve puzzles, test your knowledge and unleash the detective side of you! This is going to be one of the most exciting event before the year ends!


  • Thor Room
  • Batman Room
  • 007 Room
  • Candy Land Room
  • Marakkesh (Sex in the City) Room




  • The maximum team size is 6 members.
  • P700 per head for 1-2 persons
  • P500 per head for 3-6 persons
  • Ages 13-18 must be accompanied by adults.

For payment options visit #VPartySeries Mechanics.