Ice Cream House: Beyond The Flavors Banawe Branch

13Because summer is just few sleeps away, we (Princess and I) tried Beyond The Flavors Ice Cream House at their branch in Banawe, Quezon City.

7This is the counter but you don’t necessarily have to stand and give your order because the waitress will approach your table and take your order.

8I am so in love with their wall decor! I want one in my room!

4You will see this really cute wall on the right side the moment you enter the store.

6The couches are comfortably perfect for long talks and gossips while digging in the dessert.

5More seats on the left side, but not upstairs because it’s their stock room. Wonder how many refrigerators filled with ice cream are there…


2I ordered Frozen Silvanas with 1 scoop of strawberry ice cream for Php 85.00.

3Princess ordered Coffee Jelly with 1 scoop of coffee ice cream Php 85.00 also.

11They also have meals and snacks so we ordered Chicken Nuggets with Fries, for the love of french fries!

Before I forget, all of their ice cream supply came from Big Scoop so no doubt that it’s yummy!

Before I end the tour, let me show you their complete menu!

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All images are taken by yours truly.