My 2018 New Year’s Resolution


Since I hit 12 out of 15 in my 2017 list, I’d like to challenge myself for another year. So, I’m here sharing the things that I‘d like to achieve this year. Honestly speaking, I don’t really take this resolution seriously, I don’t really go back to my list from time to time. I only check my list when December arrives, then I evaluate myself. Now let me introduce you to the challenges I choose to conquer this year…

First, I will try to achieve financial stability. I am still not satisfied with the money that I earn from my 8 hour job. Actually, I am aiming to open new opportunities for myself, maybe another job or part time job on the side. The monotonous office hour every day drains the life out of me and I believe it’s not just me who feels this way. I know that not all offices are the same, but the boundaries are killing my creativity and lively vibe. The only thing that makes me want to go to work is how I see myself getting things done. I love the idea of how I manage my time and how I get the job done, other than that, I don’t really see a lot of self-growth, which I badly want.

Next, I will try to continue growing my passion for the arts. Last year, a friend of mine sparked my passion for arts and it made me feel really good about myself. Who wouldn’t be happy to be doing something they like right? So this year, I want to just really drown myself with that passion. Apart from that, I also want to continue blogging. I merely blogged last year and I somehow missed writing and sharing contents. To kick off the year, I have been planning my blog posts when I have free time. I’m also into photography lately and I’m slowly learning how to be the person behind the camera. My passion might not earn me any income right now, but sooner or later I will definitely learn how to monetize it, since I won’t feel like its work because I’m enjoying it.

Lastly, I will try to reinvent myself again. If I did it last year, I can do it again this year. There’s something exhilarating in discovering new things about yourself. It’s scary and fun to go out of your comfort zone all at the same time, and I love that. There’s something satisfying with the whole idea of reinventing one’s self. It excites me to find out what else can I do at my age and with the life that I have right now. I’d go for adventures as much as I can, may that be travel or just learning something new. I don’t want to be tied up with my job, my physical, mental and emotional health is as important as earning a living. I don’t want to end up paying hospital bills just because I worked like there’s no tomorrow.

This is the 3 main goals that I want to achieve this 2018 and hopefully I’d be writing a good reflection about this by the end of the year. If you have your own targets for the opening of the year, please do share your blogs with us down below in the comment section! Until my next blog!


Evaluating the Things That I Promised To 2017


I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions since I believe I won’t be able to follow them, but I can’t believe that I managed to achieve 12 out of 15 things in my 2017 list, which is also the first time that I actually created a list. I evaluated my list in all honesty and only 3 things remained unchecked. I’m not going into detail for all the things that I have accomplished in the list, but I’ll tell you the reasons for why I wasn’t able to complete the list.

First, I can’t be deeply, madly and crazily in love because I am not in a relationship and wasn’t able to be in a relationship even though I have been hanging out with people. Second, because of being open I wasn’t really able to really filter thoroughly what I share with other people. Lastly, I wasn’t able to keep my life together because I was busy exploring myself.

This 2018, I intend to complete whatever list I am going to make but I won’t be including a very personal matter like relationship into my New Year’s resolution. I think that is something that I should be aiming for but something I just have to let go and develop on its own. But nevertheless, I’m still happy for how my 2017 evolved and ended.

If you guy’s have blogged your New Year’s resolutions for the year 2018 please do leave your links down below!

Things I Promise To 2017 Onwards


I promise to make amazing mistakes. I won’t let the fear of negative consequences intimidate me from doing things. This time I will let myself fail and discover.

I promise to be me. I won’t let anyone dictate how I should be, what I’m capable and incapable of doing. I won’t allow people to decide on my source of strength and happiness. Most of all, nobody has the right to define my limits.

I promise to be deeply, madly and crazy in love. Why should I suppress it when I know I’ve got so much love to give and when I’ve found the person I’ve been looking for. How did I know that I’m with the right person? The world will slap it in your face to a point where you’d feel that the person you’re with is someone you shouldn’t let go no matter what.

I promise to stop being afraid of being judged. I then realized that people don’t really give a damn about you and you’re going to be judged either way around, so just do it to avoid future regrets.

I promise to share my blessings. My aunt once told me, “If you do nice things to others, your conscience is healthy and life will make its own way to return the good things to you.”

I promise to continue being as stubborn as hell, because something has got to be wrong if I stop being like this. You know, I always try to make my way around things that I want to achieve.

I promise to do things that scare me. I love the adrenaline, it makes me feel so alive may it be leisure or just a situation in my life.

I promise to stay bold and wild. No matter how I want to keep that goody good girl attitude, it wouldn’t fit me. I guess I was born in a fortress and not in a royal castle.

I promise to let go of things that I don’t have any control of. If I can’t get it with absolute stubbornness, it simply means I should let it go.

I promise to continue being straight forward. Sometimes all a person needs to hear is what you want and what you don’t want, what you can and cannot give, to make things easy, fast and clear. I’m not a fan of sugar coating and lame conversations, in addition to that, I believe that if you want to avoid misinterpretation, speak a language that can be understood by the person you’re talking to.

I promise to choose the people I get naked with. When you’re opening up to a person, it feels like you’re downright stripping off all the guard and boundaries of yourself. So to avoid being in the headlines and creating a problem of my own, I’d filter people around me with those who are responsible with their tongues.

I promise to choose the people who have power over me. I tried doing this before 2016 ends and I found out that it worked well for me. Like no matter how much I hate a person I only feel psychologically pissed off but not emotionally affected. If I continue the practice, I believe I’d get full control of what I should consider stressful and not. If you’ve watched The Fault in Our Stars you’ll realize that Augustus Waters was right when he said, “You get to choose who hurt you.”

I promise to break and defy as many rules as I can. I’m not planning to do anything illegal. I’m just not good at following rules when I know I’m capable of bending it.

I promise to keep my feet on the ground. Apologize if I’m wrong and show appreciation even with the little things that people do for me out of kindness.

I promise to get a hold of my life.

Why I Wasn’t Able To Blog


I missed a lot of blogging and social media updates because I was busy preparing myself for college life and up until now I am still adjusting my time. Hopefully, I’ll get the hang of it and manage it better the soonest because I want to seriously accomplish many things besides school works…

Gosh, I’ve been missing out emails, events and notifications plus my online shop. I wasn’t feeling well for several random days and had a high fever just last weekend. I need to wait until my body learns to work harmoniously with the time and the different environments that I’m going to be encountering from now on.

To my readers, I’d like to apologize because I wasn’t able to post any blog for quite a while… I hope that you guys understand that I was in a middle of life transition. I also have this goal of getting a high grade this semester, so I have to focus and work my ass to earn it. I’m sure that after another month, I’ll be able to fully adjust to this kind of setup.

I missed posting, sharing, commenting and liking on all my social media accounts! I wasn’t active because I was bad at prioritizing stuffs in my life ever since school started. And it feels incredibly great to have been posting again! Here’s the funny part, I really felt the, “What in the world happened to her?” thoughts from some of the people I know. Yeah, I know, I always disappear in action, but with ultimate reason guys…

If you’re wondering why I didn’t go into details regarding my first few weeks in college is because I’m saving it for another blog post under my STI Diaries. So please wait for that because as much as it excites you, I need time to organize my thoughts about it.

I hope you have a great week and watch out for a new Althea Philippines blog post coming soon! This excites me the most!!! I aim to post more beauty related blogs so please do follow my blog as a sign of support!!! Cheers to girl power!!!

April Fools’ Day: Wedding Announcement

Playing a prank with people all day revitalizes my inner devil!!! Come to think of it, there should be a once a month celebration of this, because it changes the atmosphere of many households, school and work environment even just for a day. Everyone goes aphrodisiac which is totally good for the health, just control laughing so you don’t go having a heart attack!!!

So here’s what Stephen and I did to celebrate April Fools’ Day 2016!!!

I was planning on pulling out a prank on him, but I thought that we would enjoy it better if we plan and laugh together after fooling everyone!!!!

The April Fools’ Day Plan:

  • Find a convincing image of couple hands with wedding rings.
  • Stephen will post a status letting everyone know how happy he is because Diane accepted his proposal:



Prank 3

  • Diane will post the image on Facebook with this caption following Stephen’s status post:

You asked me, “Will you…?”

So I said, “I do…”

Prank 1

  • Then let April Fools’ Day do the work!!!
  • Stephen and Diane will reveal the truth in the evening before the celebration starts so everyone will have time to prepare and celebrate the next day.

Diane Stephen 2

Fools’ Reactions:

We received massive CONGRATULATIONS and nobody even noticed that it was just a prank, even those people that we thought would figure it all out!!!

Prank 4Prank 5Prank 6

Thank you for celebrating with us!!! Start staging your own pranks now and enjoy the month of April!!! I hope we made you smile when you realized that it was just a prank!!!

So what did you do to celebrate April Fools’ Day??? What was your last memory of being hit by a prank??? Or what is the last prank you played to someone else? Let us know down below so we can try it next year!!!

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I Haven’t Forgiven Myself Even After 6 Years


There’s something I’ve been carrying around with me even after so many years… a painful story that I never forgot because I couldn’t forgive myself.


That night I was also drowning in my own problems when you rang the doorbell.  I was also self-destructing that night. I’m sorry if I raised my voice and slammed the gate shut before you when you needed me the most. I know I’ve caused you so much pain, I know that I brought this to myself and I’m feeling so guilty up until now. If only I remembered to be the person that you needed that night, maybe we’re still as close as we once are up until now. Maybe I wouldn’t be missing you…

I never knew that I would feel this way. It didn’t dawn on me that I wouldn’t move on after so many years. I don’t know if I just couldn’t forgive myself or I just couldn’t let go of what we had. But I’m sure that I’m afraid because I couldn’t stand the fact of reality slapping me in the face. Maybe I’m still hallucinating that when you see me today, you will still care like before, that you will still give me the same smile.


I saw you several times, but my last unforgettable memory of seeing you was when you were waiting for a jeepney in front of McDonald’s Retiro in the year 2013. You didn’t see me because I was inside and far from where you were standing, but I was in shock at seeing you again. I wanted to get up from where I was seated, but I was with someone.  I wanted to say hi to you. I wanted to apologize again. I wanted to know how you’ve been.  No, I wanted to run towards you and hug you as tight as I can. But I don’t know where to get my strength to approach you. My knees went weak and my hands are cold and trembling that time. I couldn’t hear anything else, just my heart beating so fast and wanting for that moment to just stop and rewind back to that night for me to have a chance to change everything.

But I was stuck on my chair until a jeepney stopped in front of you and then you’re gone from my sight. Yeah, I know, how stupid of me to waste my time contemplating on that chair. I could have just dragged my feet and faked the strength just to approach you and see what happens, but I didn’t. Because I was so afraid that you’ll give me the cold shoulders that I deserve. That maybe you’d greet me back, but give me the eyes of a person who just saw the worst person he met in his life.


You gave me the silent treatment in school, which I know I deserve, but I never knew how much pain I’ve caused you until one day you decided to invite me to have lunch at the China Town restaurant at Banawe to talk. At that time I wanted to say many things, but all I could remember saying was repeated sorry. Maybe it was my pride that was eating me from telling you how much I wanted us to be normal again. But I was so stupid to still be thinking about myself and how I was also in catastrophe when you came that night looking for me, while you’re seated in front of me on that dining table trying to tell me that it’s over between us. Did you know that I bit my tongue so hard to prevent myself from crying while listening to everything that you said? I told myself that I have no right to do any talking and that I should hold up until we leave the restaurant. Because I know that I deserve everything that you said.

I couldn’t remember the exact year of that painful lunch date, but I believe you were in college at that time. When our conversation was over, we left the restaurant, but I don’t know how we suddenly bumped into each other again while I was walking my way home as if faith was giving us another chance. All I could remember was when you were literally dragging my ass home because I didn’t want to go home after the conversation we had at the restaurant. The streets we passed by was filled with workers who were waiting for their salaries outside and yeah, I still remember how stunned they were to see a guy dragging a girl by the wrist. Do you still remember why we had that situation? You didn’t answer me when I asked where you were going. I wasn’t ready for any closure and you made me feel that you were going somewhere so far away where I will never see you again. Come to think of it, if you just answered me and didn’t give me that total goodbye look, you could have saved yourself from the effort of dragging me home. But I guess my last hug still wasn’t enough to heal the wounds I’ve caused you.


You still pass my mind from time to time. The memories are still fresh and I can still remember the moments when we were together, especially the moment when you cared more about my life than yours while a knife was pointed straight at us. Even when everything you own was taken away from you, you gave me the look of a guy who only saw me and cared for me at that moment. I can still remember your face while asking me if I’m okay while checking if I was stabbed or got hurt. You forgot that you lost your valuables because you were busy checking on me. By the way, I still have the scientific calculator that you gave me in replace with the old one that was in your bag when we got robbed. I can’t believe that even after our misunderstanding, you still thought about what I was going to use in my math class.

You still cared for me after what happened and I never got the chance to say thank you for everything. Now, I’m taking that chance. Thank you for spoiling me. Thank you for helping me even when I don’t ask for it. Thank you for the effort of passing by my house just so we could go to school together in the morning. Thank you for always keeping me safe when we’re outside. Thank you for listening and always understanding me. By the way, I will never forget how you bribed me with McDonald’s French fries when we have misunderstandings.


I still see you until now, I’m not stalking you but I do follow you on your social media accounts. But I didn’t turn on notification because seeing you on my Newsfeed will always remind me of how stupid I was to hurt you. To hurt that one person who didn’t ask anything else from me, but just a few moments of that night where he can crash and just gain his strength back again.

I may not know exactly who you are right now, the things you love or the things that you now value, but I’m glad that you’ve become the person I always thought you’d become. I hope that you’ve stopped depriving yourself of sleep watching some science or detective movie series while eating pizza at night. I hope your eyes are in good shape and that you don’t experience sudden unconsciousness anymore. I know that you’re a very intelligent and hard working person, but please don’t forget to take care of your health.

Please know that I’m deeply sorry for everything and that one day, when I’m stronger, I will face you again and I will make sure that you will still feel how special you are to me, that you still have a place in my world. I will pray that when that time comes you won’t turn your back to me… and that you’ve forgiven me from turning my back from you when you needed me the most.


You never left my heart…