#LetInTheGoodness with Arla & Fly to Denmark!


Indulging in Natural Goodness is made easy and tasty with Arla

With more and more Filipinos now leaning towards food choices that are safe, natural, and reliable, it’s understandable that we’re all getting increasingly conscious of our gastronomic choices. This mission towards a better lifestyle is precisely what Arla Foods, the world’s largest multinational farmer-owned organic dairy company, aims to support by offering a wide array of natural dairy options.

With its diverse range of offerings made from 100% real milk and minimal ingredients, Arla takes pride in bringing the natural goodness from Denmark to the Filipino household. What began as small-scale dairy farmers cooperative in Europe during the 1880s is now known as the world’s number one farmer- owned organic dairy company, with a passion for harnessing the many benefits of milk and a heart for ensuring that its dairy products are made with care, sustainability, and highest standards.

In less than a year, Arla has already won over countless fans that include celebrities across a wide range of advocates. From family-oriented celebrities such as Rica Peralejo–Bonifacio and Danica Sotto- Pingris, to the biggest names in the local culinary scene like chefs China Cojuangco–Gonzalez and Gino Gonzalez, and the most dedicated wellness enthusiasts Chris Everingham and Tonette Nicolas, Arla is able to enrich and complement their multi-faceted lifestyles with the natural goodness of its products.


#LetInTheGoodness Easy with All-natural Dairy

Since the launch of the Natural Goodness range, it has become easy for Filipinos to make the best choices when it comes to their dairy needs. Made from 100% natural milk straight from the happy and healthy cows cared for by Arla farmers, these products are free from stabilizers, preservatives, additives, colorants, or any artificial flavours.

Aside from the whole Full Cream UHT Milk 3.5%, Low Fat UHT Milk 1.5%, and Skimmed UHT Milk 0.3%, there’s also the Organic Full Cream UHT Milk 3.5%,the first organic full cream cow’s milk to be introduced in the country. Also available is the Lactose Free Full Cream UHT Milk 3.5%, Arla’s answerto lactose intolerance that keeps Filipinos from enjoying true lactose-free dairy.


Arla Natural Cheese Slices are also becoming a hit in the Filipino kitchen since the variants– Gouda, Mozzarella, Havarti, and Emmental – make it easy for everyone to add a touch of gourmet natural goodness to their favorite cheesy dishes and sandwiches.Perfect for healthy meals, snacks, and cheesy treats for any occasion!

Then, there’s also Arla’s Natural Cream Cheese line for foodies who want to be more adventurous with their creamy and cheesy favorites: Natural Cream Cheese, Herbs and Spices Cream Cheese, Natural Light Cream Cheese, Pineapple Cream Cheese, and Lacto-Free Cream Cheese. Whatever the dish, sandwich, or dessert, there’s an Arla Natural Cream Cheese fit for it!

Get Real with Arla Cheesy Spread

The latest to join Arla’s roster of dairy goodness is Arla Cheesy Spread, a genuine cheese spread that finally lets us indulge in the real goodness of milk.

Launched for the first time in Asia through the Philippines just last April, Arla Cheesy Spread now lets us enjoy the deliciously rich, mild, and creamy flavour of cheese, while also imparting Vitamins and Minerals in each serving thanks to the almost 90% cow’s milk in each bottle.

From first glance, the purity and authenticity of Arla Cheesy Spread is apparent. Its delicately salty taste and untainted white color shows the lack of coloring agents and artificial flavourings that are usually the norm in most cheese spreads. Nutritious, easy-to-use, and versatile, Arla Cheesy Spread helps Filipinos #GetReal anywhere and anytime.


Fly to Denmark with Arla and see where the goodness begins

Because Arla is all about transparency and sticking true to their Danish roots, Arla will be taking two lucky customers to experience first-hand how its dairy farmers harness the goodness of dairy.

Keeping the mechanics as simple as the ingredients in each Arla product, joining the contest only requires three easy steps.

1) Purchase Php 500 worth of Arla, Apetina, Castello, and/or Lurpak products. That means a wide range of cheese, milk, cream, and butter to choose from! Each Php 500 worth is equivalent to one entry.

2) Take a photo of your receipt—make sure it’s clear!

3) Send it in a private message to the official Facebook page of Arla Philippines. Include your name, address, telephone/mobile number, and e-mail address.

The winner of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, will receive a five days/four nights all-expense paid trip for two (2) from August 20-24, during which they will get the chance to meet the dairy farmers and pampered cows behind Arla Foods. The highlight is a visit to the headquarters in Viby, and touring the Arla factory to see how Arla Cheesy Spread and the Natural Goodness range is produced. They will also have one free day to see the sights around Denmark.

Behind the Natural Goodness

What’s the secret to Arla’s natural goodness?

It’s the belief that quality begins with world-class, hormone-free milk, reinforced by the brand’s quality assurance method called Arlagaarden (pronounced as Arla-Gon, with gaarden meaning ―farm‖). Through this program, Arla farmers make sure that their milk stays fresh and has a perfectly balanced composition.

Also, with food safety in mind, production involves the highest possible level of hygiene and quality standards. Knowing that great milk comes from happy and healthy cows, they are also committed to improving animal welfare and housing their cows in animal-friendly conditions. With its commitment to caring for the environment, Arla has also taken on a cow to consumer perspective that focuses on a number of environmental aspects such as sustainable farming.

With Arla’s wide range of all-natural dairy products now available in major groceries and supermarkets across the Philippines, it’s now easy to take charge of our nutrition and enrich it with the natural goodness of milk.

What about you, how are you going to #LetInTheGoodness and #GetReal today?


Announcing the 2016 WebGeek DevCup Hackathon

For the fifth consecutive year, WebGeek will host its annual hackathon, DevCup, on August 20-21, 2016 at the Meralco Multi-purpose Hall in Ortigas.
DevCup aims to bring together amazing developers, designers, and technology professionals to create innovative apps and showcase the Philippine developer talent. Participants are provided with a theme in which they must develop their app and they are given two days to complete their app to be presented to the judges.
Last 2015, 70 teams battled it out for the DevCup championship title. Out of the 70 registered teams, 60 apps were presented at the end of the event for the judges to select. The winning team of Jose Marco Padillo, Giovanni Angelo Balaguer and Micah Andrew Bule of Cynder,  presented their app First Response which provides crowdsourced notifications for information dissemination during a disaster or calamity . On second place are Jezer Crespo, Marc Levinson B. Suarez, Reynaldo Del Rosario Jr  of Xudoer with Xonar and CodeBuddy was third place with Connectify, with members Patrick Ofilada and Rommel David.
Early bird registration opens on July 18 until the 20. You can sign up as an individual, or up to a maximum of three as a team. Last year, tickets were sold out in just 2 days. Better to register early, as the event only have limited slots.
This year’s DevCup is expected to be as exciting as the previous years’ hackathons with the participation and support of Philippine developers as well as its esteemed sponsors. With your support we can make it a collaborative and fun experience for everyone.
For those who are interested to sponsor, shoot them an email at events@webgeek.ph.
For registration details and updates, you may follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and visit http://devcup.net.

Be Empowered With Affordable Computing

Mustard Seed brings affordable computing to the Philippines

Information technology infrastructure is one of the major problems encountered by many businesses in terms of complexity and affordability. How can you make computing and IT affordable in the Philippines.

Mustard Seed Systems Corporation continues to expand its business solutions in the Philippines in order to help businesses grow. NComputing is one of the company’s most popular products and had been initially deployed in public schools in the country.  It provided affordable computer labs in public schools decreasing the need for actual desktops while increasing the student-computer ratio.


NComputing this year launched its latest innovation, vSpace Server 8.3 and L350 Thin Client.  The latest innovation has increased the already powerful and robust capacity of the patented and award winning vSpace Server that changes the economics of desktop virtualization.


How does NComputing provide affordable computing?

Let us visualize it. A company with 100 employees who are technology based usually needs 100 workstations as well.  Each workstation needs a CPU, a monitor, keyboard and desktop among others.This means 100 desktops with at least 300 watts power consumption and needs repair at least once every quarter.


NComputing reduces the number of desktops needed. For the same setup above you just need 10 desktops which will act as server and 100 Ncomputing kit. Each kit consumes only a maximum of 5 watts and does not go obsolete nor does it need the usual desktop maintenance.

By the example above, you can clearly see that affordability comes by reducing your power consumption cost, maintenance cost and hardware cost while retaining the computing capability that is required from the usual company setup.

If you are interested to know more about how you can reduce your computing and information technology cost, then visit their website at www.mseedsystems.com and contact them. They will help you tap into the power of affordable computing.

You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – Mustard Seed Systems Corporation @mseedsys.


You may also contact:


Digital Marketing Officer, Mustard Seed Systems Corporation

marketing@mseedsystems.com | 0926-330-7436

Shout Out to New Concept Store Shopping Seekers

Shout Out to New Concept Store Shopping Seekers

HollerMall, Parañaque City – a new concept store that aims to house the trendiest brands in the Philippines and currently houses 44 famous online-based brands in the country will be launching their grand opening on November 28, 2015, from 2pm to 9:30pm and everyone is invited!


“I have huge hopes for the grand opening, and our team is working very hard to ensure that you will be able to enjoy the activities when you drop by!” says Chesca de Mesa, the HollerMall Marketing Head.

They worked hard for it and they are proud to offer you the best product and services that they can give! How can you turn your back from efforts like this!

Shout Out to New Concept Store Shopping Seekers

Come  join the fun and you will surely find your favorite and famous online brands all in one roof such as Shy Shop, Backdoor Studios, Caia the Label, Maven Manila, Zach and Ross, Jukaykay atbp, Cliff, Sela, Cherry Paper, Maven Manila and more!

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HollerMall has it all! From affordable fashion, beauty products, craft materials, stylish accessories, to fragrance. Immerse yourself with a wide range of labels and never bore your wardrobe ever again! Be on top of the latest fashion trend in the Philippines! Find your style and mix your personality with it then walk outside with confidence and brave the world with a smile!

Shout Out to New Concept Store Shopping Seekers

Besides the open store, raffles are to commence every hour and tons of freebies will be given away. A meet-and-greet with more than 20 popular bloggers and social media personalities will also be present at the event to announce the winners of the shopping buddy contest! You can start purchasing your GCs for the raffle starting November 25 until the grand opening day at 4:30PM. Winners to be announced at 5PM. Don’t miss the opportunity to talk and take selfies with them at the event!

HollerMall shows promise to further establish partnered brands through providing them retail space, marketing, deliver handling and also in helping them to increase sales by growing popularity with effective services and perks.

The grand opening is co-presented by Craft Box PH and Englicom with their official media partners When in Manila and Clozette.


HollerMall is located at 32 Aguirre Avenue, Barangay BF Homes, Parañaque City.

Regular mall hours are 11am – 9:30pm daily.

Facebook | Instagram #hollermallgrandopening #hollermall

Urbanista Launching Soon In The Philippines


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Urbanista is a company with Scandinavian roots and based in Stockholm, Sweden. They aim to provide motion for music to Urbanistas globally. If you will notice most of their product are named after several busy and active destinations since they are one of the inspiration behind Urbanista. Their collection is not only stylish, colorful and comfortable to wear, but also built to last. Their designs suit everyone who are sports active and always on the go. They ship in any part of the world and currently preparing to launch in the Philippines very soon.

Their most recent activity is the Urbanista University Roadshow where they visit several universities to introduce Urnbanista to one of the most active people in the country, the students. They have already visited ADU, TIP and CSB. Will your alma mater be their next stop?


What does their customer say about their products base on my own research?

  • Flat wire prevents tangling.
  • Velcro attached to the wire for organizing.
  • In accidental water drip water-resistant ability prevents short-circuit.
  • Ear buds are crafted from soft material and the finishing does not leave any fingerprint on it.
  • Sound quality is crisp, clear and has a loud volume, despite the size of the ear buds
  • Colorful design suits fashionable outfits.
  • Reasonable bass sound.
  • Ear buds does not fall off easily.
  • Play and Pause button enables you to answer calls.
  • Ear jack is gold plated for tighter connection.
  • Over-all design attracts attention.
  • Compatible for all gadgets even iPhone.
  • Hands free microphone volume control.
  • Microphone enables.
  • You cannot hear any outside noise when your earphone or headphone is on.

Are you planning to replace your old, used and weary earphones and headphones? If you are, will you try Urbanista’s collection? Which of the Urbanista designs will you go for and why? Answer the question and help them best serve the Urbanistas in the Philippines.

Check out their website and like them on Facebook for more updates!

Images sent from Urbanista and layout created by yours truly.