5 Photo Editing Apps for Android Users

The apps that I’m gonna be sharing with you here are apps that I’ve actually tried using and will continue using. I’ve seen few bad reviews from some of these apps but over all these are great photo editing apps that I would recommend. Some people are complaining about the image quality of the picture when they manipulate or add effects on it using these apps. Others said that the apps create low quality photos. But in my opinion, it depends on how many pixels your camera has when you took the photo. The lower the pixel the lower the quality of your photo. Photo editing apps enhances your images but it will never be able to change the amount of pixels that your photo has.

Watch the movie Pixels where you can have insights on how pixels work.


This app is my favorite. I love the skin adjustment that they have and I often use the beautify effect number 1 to just brighten up my dull skin days a little bit. I’ve used the acne removing effect once when I had a good-looking selfie where one of my pimples is very noticeable and it seriously ruins the whole scene. You know it’s not bad to remove 1 or 2 noticeable pimples sometimes because its gonna disappear soon, well depending on how fast your skin repairs the marks. I don’t use the bigger eyes and brightening eyes effect because if you will notice, I already have big eyes. I’m gonna look like an owl from nowhere if I enlarge my eyes so I skip with that. I also don’t use the slimming face effect because it’s just a matter of camera positioning, you don’t really need to use this effect but instead find the camera angle where your face will look slimmer in photos. Another effect that I don’t use is the dark under eye remover because when you use the beautify effect it kinda does all the face enhancement.  Then there is this stretch effect that is hurting my feelings because it’s provoking me to create a taller version of me, but I never applied it to my images. I’m not that tall but this effect can elongate parts of your body that will make you appear taller. If you’re going to use it I suggest be aware of the body proportion and balance it. Last but not the least I love the photo filters that they have and I always apply it to my images.

Download BeautyPlus here: http://www.beautyplus.com/EN/index.html


Above all the text on image apps that I’ve tried this app has tons of different fonts that you can choose from. You can add different effects on the text and change its color. You can also control the size of the text and where you want to place it in your image. My tip is to match the text effect that you are going to use to the vibe of your image so it will look unified.

Download Phonto here: http://www.phon.to/


You know what’s great about Pic Collage? Your collages can be in portrait, landscape and square. This app also have tons of stickers to choose from and at the same time it also has several fun text effects. The background themes are beautiful if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like the plain black or plain white background. I use this most of the time when making a collage in combining more than 4 images. I’ve seen collage apps where you can’t zoom in or maximize the images that you place in your canvas, but unlike other apps, images that you put in your canvas can be resized in Pic Collage.

Download Pic Collage here: http://pic-collage.com/


VSCO Cam has been quite popular in the photo filter world these days because of how much you can make your image more dramatic. People who has been using it are keeping up with the #vscocam. What I love in this app is how much you are in control of the filters and adjustments that you want in your image. Maybe that’s why this app went viral.

Download VSCO Cam here: www.vsco.co


First of all, Instasize is not affiliated with Instagram even though the 4 letters of their name make it seem like they are from the same developer. InstaSize is developed by the company called Munkee which is different from Instagram because Instagram is a company itself. They also have InstaSize for Videos and TrainSmart that can track your workout time. I use this app when I instantly want to fit a whole picture into a square size image without getting the image trimmed off. I also use their collage from time to time if I want to collage images that fits perfectly to a square canvas. The app also have different image adjustments and filters but I’m really not a fan of it because I think it needs more improvement for that matter.

Download InstaSize here: http://munkee.co/

The photo editing applications listed here are my own personal choices after trying different apps out there. There will sometimes be pop up ads on your screen which annoys me but as long as I get to use these apps at its best performance I don’t mind clicking the close button on the pop up ads. My trick in these apps is I combine its uses in editing photos. I edit from one app, save it and opens it on another app and start editing again. Instead of looking for one perfect app that has everything but some features doesn’t work that well, I use different apps and find out its editing strength. You can edit as much as you want but remember this, pictures don’t lie.