My Adobe Photoshop Training Course Experience At Microcadd Institute Inc.

I’ve been aspiring to be a good graphic designer so I took the basic Adobe Photoshop Training Course that Microcadd Institute Inc. was offering. They also offer vocational courses in their Cubao and Pamapanga branch. I attended my training course at their SM North EDSA branch every Sunday from January 11, 2015 – March 1, 2015 (9am to 1pm). The training is 30 hours in total which cost 3,900 pesos. They also offer installment but I pay mine in full.The only requirement for individuals who would like to attend the training course is to bring 2 pieces of 1×1 I.D picture upon registration. The picture will be used for your Microcadd student I.D that will serve as your gate pass and for their filing. When you receive your I.D keep it because it’s not only useful as a gate pass but it is also a discount card that is good for 1 year! You can avail their discount on the next course that you’re planning to take up.

You will enter the SM Annex building through the employee’s entrance if your class schedule starts before 10am because it’s not opening hours yet and you can use the main entrance of the mall if it will start at exactly 10am onward. I used the employee’s entrance because my class starts at 9am. You will use your official receipts to the guards before they allow you to enter the establishment for the meantime while your Microcadd I.D is being processed. The elevator is at the left side of the standing guards when you enter. You will use the elevator to go up to 4th floor where Microcadd’s training center is located because the escalators inside the mall won’t operate until the opening hour. By the way, the only comfort room that is open before 10am in the morning is in the ground floor. So I suggest, especially for the ladies, before going up to the 4th floor where the available comfort rooms are still closed, head over to the ground floor first. Remember that if you don’t want to experience what I had gone through when I urgently needed to use the comfort room and I was already in the 4th floor of the building where the elevator stops at every floor and escalators aren’t functioning yet.

The book is 165 pages and we use it every time we have a class. It’s already included in your tuition fee so you don’t have to worry if you’re gonna pay for it separately and they will hand it over to you on the first day of your class. There are no activities in the book because its sole purpose is to instruct you on what to do step by step. My only comment on the book is its in black and white and not colored. It’s difficult to differentiate what changes occurred in the image while you’re comparing it to the one you’re working on in your desktop monitor, but the was a good help though. I actually still go back and browse on it when I forgot how to create a certain image effect . We used Adobe Photoshop CS4 and here are the hands-on topics that we studied.

The classroom was air-conditioned, nice and clean and we have our own set of computer and comfortable seats. Our instructor was Mr.James Michael D. Patayan who was a graphic designer. He was very nice and has a lot of patient on teaching us how the software functioned. Sometimes the whole class end up laughing so loud on his random jokes while we’re doing the hands-on. He also encourages questions after every topic and dismiss the class on time.

Most of the people who are enrolled in the same class schedule with me are mostly working individuals like tattoo artist, company secretary and business owners, but there are also few college students who are studying Interior Design and few students in Architecture. Some enrolled for fun. Not everybody have a background on Adobe Photoshop but few like me have a little knowledge on how to manipulate it. Over all everyone was so kind and its great to meet, interact and make friends with new people. I even had wonderful lunch dates with them too…

They will distribute the certificates after you’ve completed your course. I received mine on the last day of my training enclosed in a brown envelope. If you were absent on a specific day, they will reschedule the topics that you missed at the end of the training schedule. I strongly suggest that you make yourself present until the end of your training as much as possible, because if its impossible for them to get you a seat in the next season at the training center where you enrolled, you will be advised to attend the class you missed out in a different branch. So be enthusiastic in attending your training!

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