The Chateau Royale Hotel Resort and Spa in Batangas Review: 4 Days 3 Nights Vacation 2018


Chateau Royale Hotel Resort and Spa, the place where I stayed for 4 days and 3 nights last Holy Week. I didn’t get the chance to post a blog because I was way too busy juggling things around after the Holiday season. I drafted but I wasn’t able to finish and put it up on time, but I hope this will somehow help you in deciding whether to pay a vacation in this resort or not.

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The resort claims to be the biggest resort in Batangas, and I must agree. You’ll be needing a map to roam around the place. A jeepney service picks up the guests to bring them from one location to another inside the resort without charging them for the ride. Now you tell me if that’s not big enough! You’re going to learn to embrace the patience of walking in this resort.


The Room:

The interior and exterior design of the room looks cozy, fully air-conditioned and has enough window to let the sunlight in. There’s a cabinet and two side tables with drawers that you can use if the cabinet isn’t enough for your things. The ceilings are high enough to look spacious and you also get a sofa and a center table.

When grooming yourself the only mirror that you can use is the one above the bathroom sink. Bring enough clothes because they don’t have a laundry service even if they claim to give one on their website, because I personally asked if they offer that service and they said no.

There’s a cabled television when you just want to relax and stay in bed all day. The water might sometimes be challenging although there was never a moment that the water supply stopped. The room that we got has a veranda with chairs and a table when you want to have a hot cup of coffee outside while inhaling the morning scent of nature.

What the room lack is a comforter, a vanity area and a refrigerator. You can visit the gallery in their website to have a clear visual of how the different rooms look like. See pictures below for the room where we stayed in.


Internet Connection:

They offer free wifi within the club house but once you go out of range, your connection gets weaker and weaker. I’m using my globe mobile data when I’m staying at the room, but the internet connection is still weak. Even the smart pocket wifi didn’t stand a chance. So do not expect a strong internet connection in the resort. The only advantage of not having a good internet source is you get to focus on relaxing and enjoying the area the whole day. You eat, sleep, go for an activity and repeat the next day!


The Room Service Menu:

Khani Salad                                         Php 123.00

Miso Soup                                           Php 70.00

Yasai Itami Vegetables                     Php 123.00

Korean Chapchey Noodles              Php 90.00

Chicken Teriyaki                               Php 242.00

Steamed Fish with Soy Sauce         Php 324.00

Beef Bulgogi                                       Php 180.00

Plain Rice                                             Php 40.00

Chahan Rice                                        Php 69.00

Mango Chawan Mushi                      Php 60.00


The Parking Area:

When it comes to parking, there is no parking space allotted solely for you, so ones you drive out, don’t expect to park your car on the same space when you arrive, because it will surely be taken by other guests, especially in peak season. Although they offer a spacious parking spaces, you’ll have to ninja your way when it’s holiday season.

The Sports & Recreational Activity Rates:

Billiards                                 Php 200 / hour

Board Games                       Php 200 / hour

Kaiyak                                   Php 300 / hour

Darts                                      Php 200 / hour

Frisbee                                  Php 200 / hour

Trekking                               Php 150 / hour

Table Tennis                        Php 200 / hour

Rock Climbing                     Php 150 / head

Zipline                                   Php 199 / head

Rock Climb + Zipline          Php 299 / head

Aviary                                    Php 50 / head

Single Archer                       Php 100 / head

Group Archer                       Php 80 / head

Horse-Back Riding              Php 150 / head

Go Cart:

Php 100 / 15 mins

Php 150 / 30 mins

Php 250 / hour

Court Rental:

Badminton                          Php 400 / hour

Basketball                           Php 500 / hour

Soccer                                  Php 500 / hour

Volleyball                            Php 500 / hour


I rented a bike to tour around the place and wasn’t able to see all the activity area because I stop and film when I get a chance. But if I wasn’t taking video clips an hour bike ride inside the resort is enough to see what they have to offer. That day was the only time that I was in the mood to take clips but if only I had the enthusiasm earlier, I might have plenty of time and more things to show you.

See the short video: click here

The Swimming Pools:

They have a wave pool with a big slide, a man-made sand, cottages and offers a street food buffet. Souvenir shop is also within the wave pool area. The other pool can be found in their clubhouse near the lobby area where a restaurant and a coffee shop is situated. You can also enjoy a relaxing day in their spa center. The use of inflatables is not for free, you have to rent it for a specific time. The resort isn’t located near the beach so do not expect a beach and real sand. We drove to Canyon Cove to swim in the beach that’s why I have a beach clip included in the video. Do not forget to bring your own towel or the towel included in your room because they do not offer a separate one in the pool areas. Bathrooms smell nice and clean for the record.


Inflatable Rates:

Slide                                      Php 400 / hour

Big floaters                         Php 300 / hour

Speed Boat                         Php 200 / 30 mins

Floater                                  Php 200 / hour

Bed Floater                         Php 200 / hour

Wave Pool Food Outlet:

Halo-Halo                            Php 99.00

Street Food Buffet             Php 299.00

Chicken Intestines            (Isaw)

Chicken Feet                      (Adidas)

Chicken Head                    (Helmet)

Dugo                                    (Betamax)

Tenga ng Baboy                 (Walkman)

Quial Eggs                          (Kwek-Kwek)

Fish ball

Squid ball

Pork Barbeque

Grilled Hotdogs

*All served with Rice and a Gulaman drink.


The Food and Restaurant:

There are 4 restaurant choices and a wave pool outlet and a sports bar inside the resort that served different dishes and has different ambiances. You have other restaurant options outside but we chose to eat inside the resort because it was peak season and we don’t want to be stuck in a traffic. I took a picture of the menu from 2 restaurants, forgot the other one and wasn’t able to dine in their cafe.

I’m not very picky when it comes to food so I’d say that the food taste satisfying for me. It was also my first time to try Shabulalo offered by the One Fishing Place Floating Restaurant, a mixture of Bulalo and Shabu-Shabu ingredients. Didn’t know where they pulled that idea, but it delivered a good combination. My favorite restaurant there is Don Jose Domicile Restaurant. I fell in love with the interior design of the place and the food itself, plus the entertaining table attendants.

The Orchid Asian Grill and Restaurant:

                Dine & Take a Splash – Php 400.00

Mongolian Buffet + Clubhouse or Wave Pool Pass

Seafood Mongolian Buffet – Php 399.00


Tazza De Café:

                Unlimited Cake & Coffee – Php 249.00


The Forest Sports Bar:

Nachos Supreme – Php 219.00 (with 2 mocktails and 1-hour FREE use of Billiards)


The Don Jose Domicile Restaurant:

Salad All You Can – Php 219.00

Pasta All You Can – Php 299.00

Your choice of:  Penne Pasta                       Topped with your choice of sauce:

Spaghetti Pasta                                                 Red Sauce

Linguine Pasta                                                   White Sauce

Fettucine Pasta                                                 Oil-based Sauce

*Add Php 150 and pair with Chicken All You Can.


The One Fishing Place Floating Restaurant:


The One Fishing Place Floating Restaurant Menu

Kabayan Package – Php 499.00 (A taste of Filipino Cuisine)

Boodle Fight – Php 1,200.00 (Good for 5-6 persons)

Set A:

Inihaw na Liempo

Chicken BBQ

Pinaputok na Tilapia


Fruits in Season

Set B:

Pork BBQ

Inihaw na Bangus with Tomato and Onion

Fried Chicken Pinoy

Steamed Rice

Fruits in Season

Set C:

Lechon Kawali

Hawaian Chicken in BBQ Sauce

Fried Tilapia

Steamed Rice

Fruits in Season

All-Time Favorites – Php 1,200.00 (Good for 5-6 persons)

Set A:

Pork Liempo

Pansit Mixed


Sinigang na Baboy

Half Fried Chicken

Platter of Rice

Set B:

Canton Guisado


Inihaw na Bangus

Half Fried Chicken

Tinolang Manok

Platter of Rice

Set C:


Bihon Guisado

Fried Tilapia

Inihaw na Liempo

Platter of Rice

Before I forget, you get complimentary breakfast for two in your stay where you will be given food stubs as an entrance pass to their Tent Pavilion where they serve their breakfast buffet. Every morning I dive into their salad and drunk glasses of refreshing cucumber juice!



I roamed around The Green House where there was a little chance of visiting tourist as per what the farmers there said, so they were quite surprised when I arrived. In my curiosity I asked one of the farmers if the veggies that was being grown there are also the ones being supplied in the restaurants inside the resort and he said yes! I don’t know if I didn’t use my logical thinking there, but it was amazing for me to find out that the ingredients of the food that they were serving was freshly-picked from their own garden.

Final Thoughts:

The resort is not as perfect as it may seem, you may see dull spots that you might cringe but they offer a lot of activities. Their service crew, maintenance and front desk officers are very welcoming and accommodating. If they will rehabilitate the resort, I’d love to be the first to visit the place.

Reading Review Tips:

When it comes to reading reviews about things, it is best to have a little background about the time, date, age, civil status and even the nationality of the person who posted the review, so you can have a better idea of where they are coming from. Keep in mind that photo galleries on websites and social media accounts are enhanced to attract customers. Remember to level your expectations.

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Travel to Venice Grand Canal, Italy of the Philippines

We spent Valentine’s Day in a developing mall in McKinley Hills Taguig – the Venice Grand Canal of the Philippines by Megaworld Corporation. A lifestyle shopping mall that takes you to a whole new environment and will make you come back again and again.

They are still developing some parts of the place, but many restaurants and few shopping stores are ready to serve you. I can’t wait for them to finish the entire shopping mall because I’m so excited to come back and experience its full visual and walking pleasure.

Many said that the Venice Grand Canal looks romantic in the evening with lights stretched all over the place, but we went home before the sun completely rest and only got the chance to see the place in daylight. The next time we visit, I’ll make sure that I see how the place looks like in the evening. For now, I hope you enjoy the images that I personally took.


When I Visited Bookends

There has been a lot of book sale this year and with that we found Bookends. They started as an online store selling books and other stuffs. The name Bookends wasn’t their first business name, it was Ukay-Ukay then changed into the latter. Their branch in Mayon is at the second floor of Mercury drug store. The entrance is at the right side when facing Mercury drug store. You will see a stair leading you up to Bookends.

I hope you somehow enjoyed the short tour at Bookends Mayon.

The banner at right side will greet you after you climb up the stairs then these books will be seen at your left side.

You will see books from the moment you step inside Bookends and everywhere you look.

Bookends have wonderful staffs who smiles and entertained people like they’ve known them forever. If you visit the Bookends Mayon you will meet two lovely ladies who stack up and arranges the books everyday with enthusiasm.They still have books inside the boxes because they’re not yet done with the series of selection that they are working on. Which means more books to unravel!

I haven’t browsed over the books lined up on the floor so I sat down and tried to see what I can find.

You can stay and read because they have tables and chairs for visitors.

This book shelf here is the statement of the bookstore.

Bookends does book auctions from time to time but it doesn’t last long because the bidding ends fast and the books are sold out within 24 hours. Besides the auction they also do the Php20.00 book sale!

Ok, more books!

Bookends have 4 branches. They have 2 branches in Baguio, 1 in Laoag and 1 in Mayon Quezon City.

Bookends Community

Bookends Baguio

Bookends A. Docyogen

Bookends Easter

Bookends Mayon

Bookends Laoag

I personally go to National Book Store when I’m looking for something new to read but Bookends offer more affordable books than those books with similar value sold at National Book Store.