Travel to Venice Grand Canal, Italy of the Philippines

We spent Valentine’s Day in a developing mall in McKinley Hills Taguig – the Venice Grand Canal of the Philippines by Megaworld Corporation. A lifestyle shopping mall that takes you to a whole new environment and will make you come back again and again.

They are still developing some parts of the place, but many restaurants and few shopping stores are ready to serve you. I can’t wait for them to finish the entire shopping mall because I’m so excited to come back and experience its full visual and walking pleasure.

Many said that the Venice Grand Canal looks romantic in the evening with lights stretched all over the place, but we went home before the sun completely rest and only got the chance to see the place in daylight. The next time we visit, I’ll make sure that I see how the place looks like in the evening. For now, I hope you enjoy the images that I personally took.



When I Visited Bookends

There has been a lot of book sale this year and with that we found Bookends. They started as an online store selling books and other stuffs. The name Bookends wasn’t their first business name, it was Ukay-Ukay then changed into the latter. Their branch in Mayon is at the second floor of Mercury drug store. The entrance is at the right side when facing Mercury drug store. You will see a stair leading you up to Bookends.

I hope you somehow enjoyed the short tour at Bookends Mayon.

The banner at right side will greet you after you climb up the stairs then these books will be seen at your left side.

You will see books from the moment you step inside Bookends and everywhere you look.

Bookends have wonderful staffs who smiles and entertained people like they’ve known them forever. If you visit the Bookends Mayon you will meet two lovely ladies who stack up and arranges the books everyday with enthusiasm.They still have books inside the boxes because they’re not yet done with the series of selection that they are working on. Which means more books to unravel!

I haven’t browsed over the books lined up on the floor so I sat down and tried to see what I can find.

You can stay and read because they have tables and chairs for visitors.

This book shelf here is the statement of the bookstore.

Bookends does book auctions from time to time but it doesn’t last long because the bidding ends fast and the books are sold out within 24 hours. Besides the auction they also do the Php20.00 book sale!

Ok, more books!

Bookends have 4 branches. They have 2 branches in Baguio, 1 in Laoag and 1 in Mayon Quezon City.

Bookends Community

Bookends Baguio

Bookends A. Docyogen

Bookends Easter

Bookends Mayon

Bookends Laoag

I personally go to National Book Store when I’m looking for something new to read but Bookends offer more affordable books than those books with similar value sold at National Book Store.