You Complain


You complain of how harsh I talk, but you never told me to shut up.

You complain about how my strong personality will lead me to getting hurt, but you never stopped encouraging me to fight back.

You complain when the food I cooked sometimes lack taste, but you still eat whatever I serve on the table.

You complain every time I stare at you too long without saying anything, but you still insist on asking why.

You complain that I always sleep late, but you stay up with me as long as you can.

You complain when I forget to remove the trash inside my bag, but you throw it anyway.

You complain when you get no answer after asking me what I really want to eat, but you buy anything under my favorite food list.

You complain when I don’t take a bath the whole day, but you still cuddle up with me.

You complain when I leave my table messy, but you organize it from time to time.

You complain when I ask you to go away when I’m mad, but you never left until we’re okay.

You complain on scattered money you see in my area, but you put it inside my wallet anyway.

You complain on how stubborn I am, but you always help me on getting what I want.

You complain about how I look like a panda on my dark eye circles, but you still remind me of putting cucumbers on my eyes once a week.

You complain about my pile of unlaundered clothes, but you see to it I get it done every week no matter how lazy I am.

You complain when I tell you that you don’t understand me, but you still want to hear everything that I will say.

You complain how much I drink coffee, but you still make a glass for me.

You complain why I should feel bad about non sense things, but you never get tired of cheering me up.

You complain when my hair looks messy, but you still tell me that I look great.

You complain that we’re going to be late, but you never told me to rush when getting myself ready.

You complain every time I ask you if my makeup looks good, but you tell me I’m still pretty without it.

You complain with my unreasonable tantrums, but you still put up with it.

You complain how hard headed I can get sometimes, but you still tolerate me.

You complain when I’m quiet the whole day, but you try your best to know if there’s a reason behind my silence.

You complain when I wear something sexy outside, but you still say that everything looks good on me.

You complain when I hurt you, but you still endure it.

You complain that I don’t take care of myself, but you don’t get tired worrying about me.

You complain but you never raised your voice at me.

You complain but leaving me never passed your mind.

You complain but you never thought of not loving me anymore.

You complain but you’re still with me.

You complain but you love me the most.

You complain but you don’t really mean it.

I know…




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