Why Do You Love To Blog?

Why Do You Love To Blog

What are your other reasons why you love to blog besides this list?

  • It’s a stress reliever for us.
  • It calms our heart and mind.
  • We have the freedom to say whatever we want.
  • We discover more about ourselves.
  • We get to earn money.
  • Our voice is important to our readers.
  • We get to meet people from different walks of life.
  • We enjoy the privilege of event invitation and parties.
  • We get to talk to like minded people.
  • We not only motivate ourselves, but also our readers.
  • We learn something new.
  • We get the first news before it comes out.
  • Our family and friends get updates about us.
  • We enjoy the perks given to us as a blogger.
  • We grow together with our social media accounts.
  • We know what our readers expect from us.
  • Our influence is important to brands.
  • We are lucky to be working with brands.
  • We get to collaborate with others for a certain cause.
  • We love the VIP feeling that people and brands are giving to us.
  • We get to help others in their decision making.
  • We experience the cons first before others suffer from it through product reviews.
  • We get to share the blessings that we receive.
  • We reach a vast network of people worldwide.
  • There’s no limit on what we can do.
  • We get the chance to meet government officials, celebrities and famous people.
  • We become creative after experiencing writer’s block.
  • We get to listen and give advice to people.
  • Every blog post feels like success.
  • We enjoy our blog as an open diary.
  • We learned to be immune to criticism.
  • We learn different techniques in blogging that will and will not work for us.
  • We get to explore new things and share them.
  • We all eventually learn the mutual understanding between bloggers.
  • We learn to really stand for what we write.
  • What are your other reasons why you love to blog besides this list?

Please continue writing down your inspiring reasons below!

10 Ways on Where to Get Blogging Ideas and Inspirations


How to Gain More Followers, Likes and Engagement on Twitter

Twitter has an estimate of 1.5 billion registered users and we’re one of them who are aiming to get more interactions and higher influence for our blog or brand, but how do we really get followers? What are the things we can do to increase our engagement?

I am not a social media expert and I do not have a huge number of followers on Twitter, but I’d like to share the things that I did to somehow slowly increase the followers and engagement on my Twitter account. These are things that actually worked for me and I believe that if you try doing this you will slowly gain more engagements and grow your followers.

Gain Twitter 6

Gain Twitter 3

Gain Twitter 2


It may seem like it’s non-sense to spend your characters on hashtags instead of words, but the thing is, brands and other blogger search on Twitter using hashtags that are also relevant to them because they want to start engaging and be noticed by people who are of the same interest. I used hashtags more often and received several followers a week that proves how powerful hashtags can be.

I usually use the common hashtags that bloggers use (i.e #blogger #bloggerPH #bblogger #bbloggerPH) and sometimes I include general categories (i.e #lifestyle #wordpress #makeup #business #health)

Gain TwitterGain Twitter 4


Asking people to retweet, share or like your tweets can increase your followers, because if they react you get engagements. At first I wasn’t sure if someone will follow my request, but I was surprised when several people did it. You may also want to try tweeting engaging questions and ask for direct message reply or mention. Last but not the least, don’t be shy to use emoticons!

  • Do you have any advice on…?
  • What do you think to improve this…?
  • Will doing this… help that…?
  • What do you think about this…?
  • What do you suggest doing on this…?
  • How will you define this…?


Tweeting Hours

There is no perfect time to tweet applicable to all of us because it all depends on our audience. As for me, I don’t have a tweeting schedule and I tweet whenever I want. But I try to tweet at break time, after office and resting hours where people have time to relax and mandatory check their social media accounts.

Mondays are the busiest day of the week and less people have time to scroll over their social media accounts. This can be said similar to Fridays as people are getting ready to party. You then see tweets like “ Check out Tweriod if you want to know when your followers are online. This gives you a higher chance that they will be able to read your tweets and engage with you.


Spam Tweets

You don’t need to tweet every move you make in every second of every day. You don’t want your followers to think that you’re simply spamming their Newsfeed just to be noticed. I had this experience with one of the bloggers that I was following before. She had many irrelevant tweets scheduled every minute until a time where my Newsfeed was filled only with her non-sense tweets. Ending, I unfollowed her.

You don’t need to beg for attention because they will follow you if they find you interesting. I don’t know if others feel the same way, but when I am following someone who tweets around 4 to 5 times a day and suddenly didn’t see any tweet from that person, I go check the account to see if I missed out something. If this happens to you, it also happens to your loyal followers.

 Gain Twitter 5

Promote Your Twitter Account

One of the helpful things that can increase your followers is promoting your twitter account to all of your social media channels. I’m not into availing Twitter’s paid promotions, but I’m not against it, I just opted to endorse my Twitter on groups and on my other social media accounts.

Make sure that your visitors can easily navigate from one of your accounts to your Twitter. You should also check if your Twitter handle is visible throughout your channels.


1513194_763239673695745_6444543293876536114_n1513194_763239673695745_6444543293876536114_n 1

Join Twitter Follow Exchange Threads

There are many groups on Facebook where you can join to exchange likes, pins, retweet, comments and follows in different categories.

One of these groups is Bloggers Community, where the moderators are very strict in implementing the rules and bloggers who violates receive warnings and automatically gets kicked out if violations don’t stop. This group is open to local and international bloggers who doesn’t have any problem in cooperating with fellow bloggers. Non-bloggers are strictly not allowed to join.

Please be sure that when you join blogger groups you oblige to the rules set by the creators and cooperate with the admin to create a harmonious community where everyone will benefit. Remember that as a member, your name and blog is on the line. You don’t want to be on the black list just because violating simple rules.

10 Ways on Where to Get Blogging Ideas and Inspiration

Got any strategy to share on how to gain more followers on Twitter? Please do comment it down below and share it with us. We’d be really glad to hear from you!


Blog Series: #YouBlogYou Volume One


  1. What inspired you to blog?

I keep a journal and I love to share what’s in my mind so I got inspired to blog. My blog is a blank canvas waiting for me to write something in it, that’s how I see my blog site.

  1. When did you start blogging?

I started blogging on July 2015, but my friends told me that I should have started my blog years ago, blogging anything and everything that I learn on the way.

  1. What’s the topic you enjoy blogging the most?

I enjoy blogging about beauty related topics but I also enjoy blogging about relationships. Soon I will enjoy posting about DIY stuffs too…

  1. How long does it usually take you to finish a blog post?

I must admit that it actually depends on my mood. I don’t know if any of you is just like me but I can create a blog post in just a few hours if a strong idea strikes, but normally it takes me a day to finish a blog because I also edit and incorporate images before posting it.

  1. If you were to name three (3) goals you want your blog to achieve next year, what would it be?
  • Have my own domain name.
  • Engage with more people.
  • To profit from my blog.
  1. Does your family know about your blogging career? Why or why not?

My family knows and are very supportive on my blogging world. I couldn’t thank them enough.

  1. Which blog or blogger inspires you the most?

I don’t really have a blogger who inspires me the most because all bloggers inspire me in their own different way. Cliche but every time I visit a blog, I learn and see something new from the blogger. The unique things they do is very interesting to the point I had to doubt my own blogging map, but I had to use it as motivation instead of self-doubt.

  1. What is the greatest achievement your blog has received? If you haven’t got any, what would be the achievement you’d want to receive?

The greatest achievement my blog has received this year is reaching more than 100 blog followers. I wasn’t confident that somebody will be reading my posts so I was very happy when I reached the number.

  1. What is your best viewed post? Share it with us by providing a hyperlink and a short description about it.

My best viewed post is iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita Review. It’s a skin care product that hydrates your dry and dull skin. It does the work it states on the label.

  1. If you were to give out three (3) advises for newbie bloggers, what would it be?
  • Plan your blog post ahead and stick with it.
  • Never forget to be yourself when creating high quality content.
  • Own your blog like you’re wearing it when you walk outside.
  1. If you were to give out three (3) advises for yourself as a blogger, what would it be?
  • I need to learn more about how will I be noticeable in the world wide web.
  • I should at least try to push through with my ideas instead of worrying if it will work or not.
  • I have to try and make it to event invites sent to my email.
You Blog You

If you’ve done this blog series, don’t forget to add your link down below.

Ninjacks Wish List: BlueHost Hosting + Own Domain + StudioPress Theme for WordPress



An aspiring blogger like me who just started to join the blogging world this year would appreciate if I receive my blogging wish list before welcoming the new year. It’s going to be one of the best gifts that I will ever receive on Christmas day because it will be the foundation of my blogging journey and a memorable one. Who won’t get motivated when you’re perfectly packed in your journey right?

So the first one on my list is the Wintersong Pro Theme that caught my eyes while I was browsing over StudioPress’s album. Wondering why I love the theme? It’s because of the simplicity that it offers and if you will notice my blog doesn’t miss an image in every post, which makes me feel that the theme is a purified canvas waiting for my images to dive in. I love editing and sharing images, so in my opinion the black and white color combination that Wintersong has will make any images I incorporate in it pop without over powering my written words. I am not entirely satisfied with my current theme because there are parts of the layout where I want to do some tweaking, but I am not allowed to do so which is reasonable because WordPress is offering premium themes while I am using their free themes.



Wintersong theme does appear like a winter season while the text in it seems to be inspired by musical notes. Together they create a relaxing place on the screen of your gadgets. I haven’t been to any country that has four seasons to celebrate winter, but the Wintersong Pro Theme made me imagine a scene from a movie where people are pushing their sled and having fun ice skating just after viewing the full theme demo. You know how the road can seem so serene when it’s overflowing with snow? That’s how at ease the reader’s eyes will be when you sport this theme in your blog. Plus, the layout makes it easier for my visitors to navigate from page to page.

What’s more interesting is that you receive Genesis Framework that makes theme development less stressful for beginners with unlimited support and updates included in the theme. Isn’t that all great for a one-time purchase fee? I’m may not be a website developer, but I’ve tried some free website creators with drag and drop functionality that offers limited tools, with pop up ads lying everywhere your work area and what’s worst is when you can’t find what you placed on the canvas. If you’ve also gone through the same experience as I am, you surely know what I mean. So for me this is one of the impressive deals out there.

Another thing that I am aiming to have is my own blog domain name. Why is it very important to me? Because with a free domain I am limited in maximizing my blogging capability and opportunities. Furthermore, most of the serious brand campaign partnership out there require your own domain name if you want to take blogging to the next level. And there I am seeing many people use BlueHost for hosting and registering their own domain names which brought me to my last wish of having them as one of my blogging foundation. Wouldn’t it be nice to look a little professional even if you’re a newbie through owning a personalized domain name? Of course, yes! Might I forget the SEO plugins that will give me the traffic from unreachable places.

To wrap this wish list up, even a year equipped with the essential tools necessary to be noticeable and searchable in the internet world including the blogging industry will surely bring a huge difference in my life. In addition, this pays me time to fill up my curiosity and confusions. It will also enable me to further understand how contents are circulating within the web. So here we go! Sending my blogging wish list!

Alright, message successfully sent!


100 WordPress Blog Followers

100 WordPress Blog Follower

“I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.” –Joan Didion

I just want to write a short post to say, “Thank you very much for my followers and for my future followers!” The moment you land on my site to see what I’ve got to offer and afterwards deciding whether or not to click the follow button before leaving is overwhelming for me. This blogasphere is all new to me and I’m not completely confident about it, not yet, but it does help my mind create space for new thoughts to occupy ones I upload what’s in my system to my blog.  I just started writing on July and I admit that I’m one of those bloggers who needs to learn more to write better contents for their readers. I am not promising to blog everyday not because it is impossible, but because I find it easier to express myself on days when my inspiration level is pushing me to share something that recently amused me.

My blog is a reflection of who I am and who I want to be, therefore I will only share my honest point of view in everything which you will definitely notice within this site. My personality is also drawn in each blog post because I want my readers to connect with me rather than barely knowing each other. There is something about blogging that motivates me to extend my knowledge to my readers and I hope you continue to stick around in this journey I incorporated with my life. We all know that everyone wishes to be heard and apparently you are already listening to me just by reading this so thank you for taking the time.

10 Ways on Where to Get Blogging Ideas and Inspirations


1 Read Other’s Blog Post

You’re not reading works from other bloggers because you’re going to steal it from them, nor plagiarize it. You read their works to get new blog ideas and inspirations, not copy it. Other bloggers have the same goals with you, to create valuable content for their readers without losing their personality. Your favorite bloggers also have their own set of favorite bloggers who inspire them.

2. Listen to Music

The lyrics of a song have deeper meanings and if you are swayed by the energy of the song, it means that you’ve been reminded of something. From your thoughts and feelings create a blog post worth sharing and where people can relate. This kind of engagement will make your readers come back for more.

3. Watch Movies

Movies may be more of a fiction than reality, but it is filled with meaningful thoughts, lessons and wisdom. When I’m writing a blog post about love and relationship, I watch movie to get inspired by the scenes. It might take time but it does work on getting the imagination working non-stop until you finish your new blog post.

4. Notice Your Surrounding

Nature looks still, but if you are going to find the beauty and strength in it you’ll be able to blog something about it. Even a simple person walking outside can motivate you to write if you saw something worth bragging about the person. Find the benefits from amazing things you see outside.

5. Check the News

Being on top of the news about the categories that you write about will get you to writing more blog post because you learn something new, and then you create a topic about it in your own point of view. A blog post should always be timely as much as possible.

6. Look at Artworks

There are many different kinds of artworks being done by artists. The idea on where they built the artworks from may also be a source of your idea to create a blog post. You might not see written words on most artworks, but the visuals will help you understand the unspoken words.

7. Magazines

Have a break and flip the pages of your favorite magazine. The monthly magazine issues are summary of writers’ hard work. Magazine companies compete for more readers every time they release a new magazine. They try to introduce new trends and personalities. Get the niche of the month’s issue and blog about it.

8. Read Random Articles

Gain more knowledge, because the more you know the more you are able to write. There are pieces of random thoughts in those paragraphs that will inspire your new blog topic. You can also find ideas on Pinterest and Instagram.

9. Gossips and Rumors

Might it be a celebrity, new product or new restaurant, try to check it out and see why it is the talk of the town. It came from word of mouth endorsement meaning to say, it can pitch you a new blog post and more readers who’s researching about what they heard. This might be seasonal depending on what the rumors are about. It changes over time and you’re able to create more blog posts as it changes.

10. Ask Your Readers

You try to brain storm on blog ideas without noticing that you can have it from your readers. Ask your readers to tell you what they want to see on your blog. Ask them what they want you to try or write about. In this way you also get to know them even better and you open more engagement. Try ending with an open blog post for your audience to get involved with.


The list above is just several of the many things on where you can get ideas and inspiration on what to write. These ideas will help spark the sleeping thoughts inside your mind. All you have to do is to push your imagination, be creative and think outside the box. Don’t look only at the outside form of things around you take a few seconds to observe how it works wonders, then you can write more blog posts. If new inventions came from nothing, you can make something, out of nothing.

If you’re a person who generates numerous ideas and have many inspirations, would you please share some of your advice to us? I would love to know where other people get their creativity and what factors excite their imaginations to go beyond their own expectations.

My Way of Writing Blog Entries

We all have different ways on how we get our blog entries published. In this post I will be sharing what are the little things that help me in getting my blog post done. These are things that works for me and might not work for other people, because we all have different manners of getting things done. I just hope that you will find this helpful in some way.



Set the mood. I found that setting your environment is very important before doing all the writings. Other people bring their stuffs and go out to coffee shops or sit down on their balcony overlooking the city just to get their mood in writing. My environment would have a music continuously playing while I am writing or while listening to YouTube videos that I subscribe to before I get down to my entry. My day wouldn’t be complete without a cup of hot coffee in the morning, so while writing my blog I am sipping on my hot coffee every day. When you picture yourself being in a particular surrounding while writing, do not hesitate to go to that place. I believe you’ll write better when you are in a comfortable place.


Have an editorial calendar. I plan my contents as soon as possible and by doing so I create a calendar noting the days and the topics that I will be posting. I use Microsoft Excel and I change the cell’s color depending on to which I am writing for, my blog posts would be in color blue and a different color for someone else. There are topics that needs more research so I need to plan ahead of time. Then there are easy ones, you know what I mean by that right? I have days that I have many readers and days that are few. So I try to post on days that I have a higher chance of getting visitors compared to other days. The editorial calendar will also help you track down how many blogs you have already posted for a month.



Create a draft. Your draft doesn’t always need to be organized the moment you start writing it. I just write everything that comes into my mind that is related to the topic. I write phrases, words, several sentences and then I organize it. I do this mainly because I don’t want the ideas to disappear in my head. I find it easier to write more things when I expand the written ideas first. Doing this doesn’t pressure me on writing because your ideas will surely stem on a number of sentences that will create paragraphs and end up with your whole blog post.



Draft something else. I know that when writing you need to focus on the topic that you are writing, but I found that diverting into writing something else that suddenly comes into my mind and isn’t related to what I am writing about helps me to unwind and refocus on the topic with a lighter head. Sometimes an idea pops in my mind for the current topic that I am writing which came from the other one that I wrote. Have you tried reading your textbook in school because you have a report the next day and then when you’re done you feel like you want to read something else like magazine or do something that doesn’t concern your school works? That’s the relaxation that you will get by drafting something else unrelated to your current blog topic.


Take a break. It’s very easy to get caught up in writing especially when you’re very passionate about the topic. You get this feeling that you just want to write and get all the thoughts out until you get tired. Then you come to a sudden pause and feel restless. Your mind suddenly runs out of ideas and you sit still staring at your draft. These were the things that were happening to me before when I don’t take breaks. Then there was this one time that I got hungry so I had to stop what I was doing and go look for something to eat. Then I checked random photos on Instagram and my Twitter newsfeed while eating. After taking a break I had more idea when I sat back to write then I finished my blog post in an instant.


Think about the images. Almost all of the images that you are seeing on my blog entries, like the images in this post are reconstructed and all created by yours truly. I enjoyed blogging because I get to enjoy creating graphic images, taking pictures and writing altogether. When I’m already tired of working my brain with sentences and words, I divert to creating the images that I will incorporate with the entry. I just try not to get carried away in posting tons of images. If you don’t have knowledge on manipulating Photoshop software, there are many online picture editing apps or website that you can choose from.


Always take down notes. There are moments when you’re just lying on your bed or walking outside then an idea hits you, unfortunately you don’t have a note pad or something where you can jot down your idea. Then the time passed by and your idea that can be very useful has been forgotten and nowhere to be found. So I always try to make sure that I write down my idea as soon as possible before my mind gets blurry. Just make sure to write it down on a notebook, sticky note, on your phone or on floating desktop notes. This wasn’t something that I always do before but I made a habit out of it because it helps me think of possible contents to share. Sometimes you get ideas about another topic while writing your ongoing one. Don’t risk losing your ideas.


Yeah, I’ve got a lot of stuffs going on before I get my blog published. I even read it thrice before I publish it, you know, to get the confidence somehow flowing. So if you are also doing some or the exact things like me when writing your blog post, please do comment down below and let me know. If you have other ways or tips of how you get your blog posts done the easiest way, again, let me know so I can give it a try!